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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #12

WWF Superstats of Wrestling #12

May 28th, 1987

From the Boston Matthews Arena in Boston, Massachusetts

Attendance: 5,000 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


The show begins with WWF President, Jack Tunney addressing the audience on the disappointing news regarding Paul Orndorff. Tunney adds that the injury was so serious, that he doesn't know whether he would allow Orndorff to return to a WWF ring. Tunney finishes his topic regarding Orndorff, by saying that he wishes him a speedy recovery.

Tunney then switches his focus onto the 1987 King of the Ring tournament, which will be live on PPV, June 28th, 1987. Tunney mentions how this particular tournament can certainly change someone's career around, which is why it's an huge opportunity. Tunney adds that this year's King of the Ring tournament and going forward, will be different. Tunney adds that not only will the winner have the rights to call himself "king" but he'll also get a world title shot opportunity at this Summer's PPV, Summerslam.

Jack Tunney: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are now officially on the way to the King of the Ring tournamentt pay-per-view. Tonight, we kick-start that road with two big qualifying matches. With that aside, I want everyone to know that this year's King of the Ring tournament will be different than prior. This year, the winner of the tournament will not only earn the rights to call himself "king" but he will also earn the rights to face the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, at the hottest pay-per-view of the Summer, Summerslam!"

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

George Steele Vs. Hercules (C) (/w Bobby Heenan)

Tonight, Hercules would find himself defending the WWF World Television Championship against "The Animal" George Steele. Hercules had more of a fight against Steele than his match last week against Corporal Kirchner. Steele threw the offense at Hercules straight out of the gate, giving Hercules little to no time to retaliate. Fans in attendance began to cheer for Steele, as he showed a sign of hope on earning the victory and becoming the next WWF World Television Champion. However, George Steele's fire was soon put out as Hercules came back with a huge wave of momentum. The crowd instantly erupted in boos as Hercules would soon lock in the Full Nelson submission hold to retrieve his 6th title defence.

Winner: Hercules

Defence: #6

Match Time: 5:47

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to Submission.


The viewers are brought to the backstage area, where the WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation, alongside their manager, Jimmy Hart, are shown. Jimmy Hart brags about how his tag team duo of Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart are the foundation of the tag team division. He goes on to claim that there is no team here in the WWF, that is ready to compete against The Hart Foundation. Afterwards, Bret Hart takes to the microphone to further prove Jimmy's point but to also announce his participation in the 1987 King of the Ring tournament.

Bret Hart: "Many of you people may not like what Jimmy has to say, but you have to respect it. Day in and day out, we go out to compete, defend our tag team championships and at the end of the week, we're still standing tall. The tag team division is weak in my opinion and it's about time that I get a feel for some true competition. Which is why I'm announcing myself into the 1987 King of the Ring tournament. So for any of them tag teams out there that want a piece of Neidhart and I, use this time to advance your craft because The Hart Foundation will not be defending the tag team championships this month."

Normal, Tag Team Match

The Rock N' Roll Express Vs. Bob Orton Jr. & Magnificent Muraco

After some harsh words by The Hart Foundation, The Rock N' Roll Express was determined to showcase exactly what they bring to the tag team division. While Bob Orton and Magnificent Muraco on the other hand have been trying to resolve their issues among losing. The match was back and forth in the opening minutes, with no team breaking away with the momentum. The miscommunication between Orton and Muraco would soon play its part mid-way through the match.

Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton began to break away on the offensive end, as the fans began to cheer for the quickly rising tag team here in the WWF. Orton would soon walk out on his tag team partner near the end of the match, as Gibson and Morton executed their tag team finisher, the double dropkick. Gibson would then follow it up with the pin, giving the Rock N' Roll Express the win.

Winners: The Rock N' Roll Express

Match Time: 7:49

Finish: Double Dropkick by Gibson & Morton leads to the pin on Magnificent Muraco.


The audience is brought to the commentary set where Vince McMahon informs the viewers that he has breaking news to report. He says that he has just been informed that next week, Memphis' own, Jerry "The King" Lawler will be participating in the 1987 King of the Ring tournament next week. He adds that at this moment, his opponent has not been announced but that we can expect a big match next week.

Normal, Singles Match

Koko B. Ware Vs. Kamala (/w Kim Chee)

The commentary team informed viewers ahead of time that Koko B. Ware would be competing against "King" Harley Race in the 1st round of the King of the Ring tournament. They served this match as a warm up for Koko B. Ware, as he'd be facing a big challenge next week. In order to prepare for such a big challenge, Koko took it upon himself to take on yet another big challenge by facing Kamala here tonight. Kamala proved to be no easy task for Koko, as he dished out crushing blow after blow. Koko would soon rally behind the fans' support and fight back into it. Kamala soon got distracted by Koko's bird, which helped Koko execute the Bird Buster and follow it up with a pin, seizing the win.

Winner: Koko B. Ware

Match Time: 6:18

Finish: Bird Buster by Koko B. Ware leads to the Pin.


The Russian Alliance make their way to the ring, as "The Russian Warrior" Nikita Koloff is scheduled to face Dynamite Kid here in the 1st round of the King of the Ring tournament. The leader of the Russian Alliance, Ivan Koloff, expresses his desire of dominance here in the WWF. Koloff begins speaking about how they'll attack ayone and anything, in order to conquer the WWF.

Ivan Koloff: "Last Sunday was yet another victory for us. Last Sunday, we once again proved our dominance here in the World Wrestling Federation. We have once again proved to you silly Americans that we are not to be taken as a joke. In fact, you all should be taken as for a joke. You cheer for the ones who can't seem to get it done and boo the guys who do get the job done. Regardless of whether you cheer or boo us, one thing is for certain... We will conquer!"

The Russian Alliance raise their right arm in the sky and declare their dominance inside the ring. Gorilla Monsoon begins to question where is the Dynamite Kid, as Vince McMahon says they have camera crews looking backstage for him now. Monsoon's question soon gets answered as Davey Boy Smith begins to walk down the ramp, looking furious.

Davey Boy Smith enters the ring, showing no sign of being intimidated by the dominating faction. Smith says that he found his tag team partner backstage unconcious and that he blames The Russian Alliance for the vicious attack. Smith adds that the Dynamite Kid is now no longer able to compete tonight and that he's out here to face Nikita Koloff on his behalf. Ivan Koloff reminds Davey Boy Smith that Smith is scheduled to face The Iron Shiek here tonight, as part of the 1st Round King of the Ring tournament. Smith says it doesn't matter who he faces, he's going to bring the entire Russian Alliance down.

King of the Ring Qualifyng Round

Normal, Singles Match

Davey Boy Smith Vs. The Iron Shiek

From the opening bell, Davey Boy Smith was full of rage as he dished out various suplexes to the former WWF World champion, Iron Shiek. The rest of The Russian Alliance stood at ringside, as they watched their fellow member get crushed by Smith. The Iron Shiek had a few dirty tricks up his sleeve to get back into the match mid-way through, but it wasn't enough to overcome Smith's strength and rage. It wasn't too much longer until Smith delivered his finishing, Running Powerslam. He pinned Iron Shiek for the 1-2-3, as The Russian Alliance looked on in disappointment.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith

Match Time: 8:20

Finish: Running Powerslam by Smith leads to Pin.


After earning the win and advancing to the second round of the King of the Ring tournament, Smith quickly turns his focus on The Russian Alliance. Ivan Koloff instructs his men to surround the ring, as Smith looks on, prepared to take on the odds. The Iron Shiek, who is still in the ring, takes advantage of Smith, who is distracted by the other members of The Russian Alliance, by delivering a low blow. Ivan Koloff instructs his faction to enter the ring and beatdown Smith. They do as they are told but the attack doesn't last long...

Jake "The Snake" Roberts rushes down the ramp and enters the ring, attacking any of the alliance members he sees. The numbers quickly overcome Roberts' offense, as they begin to beat Roberts down as well. Things begin to get even when a suprise appearence comes to the rescue...

"Macho Man" Randy Savage is next to be shown running down the ramp as he hurries into the ring to help drive the offense against The Russian Alliance. Savage sends The Iron Shiek over the top ropes, Davey Boy Smith is now back on his feet and he helps Savage send Nikolai Volkoff over the top rope next. Nikita and Ivan Koloff begin to battle it out between Savage and Smith, but Roberts quickly joins in. All three men team together to send Nikita and Ivan over the top ropes. The Russian Alliance look on from the outside of the ring, looking to fight once more until Ivan Koloff instructs them to retreat.

The heat between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts quickly emerges again, as they get into each other's face. Davey Boy Smith steps in-between both of them and tells them to put the rivalry to the side, as they must look to ending The Russian Alliance. The heat tends to die down between both Savage and Roberts but the tension is still noticeably clear.


Gene Okerlund is backstage with the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, who is coming off of a tremendous victory over "King" Harley Race at Free For All. Okerlund asks Hogan whether he has finally put an end to Bobby Heenan's desire to eliminate Hulkamania. Hogan answers that Heenan's desire to see Hulkamania destroyed will forever exist, but ensures his fans that Heenan will never see that day. Hogan thanks his supporters and fans for believing him and that because of them, they are the reason why Hulkamania is unstoppable.

Hulk Hogan: "Let me tell you somethin' Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan is never going to quit on trying to destroy Hulkamania. He can throw whatever obstacle or challenge at me, he can even break my bones but he'll never break my pride, brother! I have to thank all of my supporters and fans, because without them, there would never be no Hulkamania. Without them Mean Gene, I wouldn't have been able to get back up and overcome the odds against King Kong Bundy. Without them, I wouldn't be here right now holding the WWF World Heavyweight championship. Because of all my Hulkamaniacs who have supported me throughout, Hulkamania will forever live on, brother!"

Gene Okerlund begins to ask Hulk Hogan another question until Hogan is suddenly attacked from behind. Bobby Heenan advises Okerlund to leave if he knows whats good for him. Hercules, Race and Bundy begin to dish out a tremendous amount of damage to Hogan's previously injured ribs. Heenan laughs at the sight of Hogan once Hercules locks Hogan into the Full Nelson. Heenan then informs Hogan that he's not finished until that WWF World Heavyweight championship comes to The Heenan Family.

Bobby Heenan: "Hogan, you may have gotten lucky over Harley Race this past Sunday but you can rest assure that we're far from over. That world heavyweight championship belongs to us and soon enough that championship will be in our possession. Hogan, you owe King Kong Bundy a rematch when your little friend, Paul Orndorff got in the way. We all saw what King Kong Bundy did to that traitor and he's going to do the exact same thing to you at King of the Ring! Hogan, you can continue to eat your vitamins and saying your prayers but I can assure you that come June 28th, they will do you no good. King Kong Bundy will in fact be the next WWF World Heavyweight Champion! HAHAHAHAHA!"

TV Rating: 1.37 (1,033,620 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Magnificent Muraco wasn't happy about taking the pinfall to Robert Gibson.

• The Iron Shiek wrestled against Davey Boy Smith high on drugs. It is unclear at this point what penalty he'll face but some backstage believe it will be light due to Shiek's involvement with The Russian Alliance.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #12

May 29th, 1987

From the MassMutual Center in Boston, Massachusetts

Attendance: 5,391

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

A recap video is played showcasing the results from last night's 1st Round King of the Ring Tournament matches. It shows that Dynamite Kid was scheduled to face Nikita Koloff in the semi-main event but was found unconscious shortly before the match. Gorilla Monsoon informs viewers that no word has yet been released on whether Nikita Koloff will advance to the next round. The other match featured Davey Boy Smith picking up the win over The Iron Shiek, to advance to the 2nd Round.(B-, 76)

After making an impact against both The Can-Am Connection and The Hart Foundation at last Sunday's PPV, Demolition looked to make more of an impact by easily defeating The Young Stallions in 5:08. (C-, 60)

After the match, The Can-Am Connection hurried to the ring and began to fight Demolition head on. Neither team picked up the advantage over each other, as they were quickly separated by WWF officials. (C, 65)

"Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr. Reveals to Gene Okerlund that he's officially splitting himself from Magnificent Muraco. Orton claims that Muraco did nothing but slow him down and that he believes better things now await him. Orton than reveals that he'll be taking on Jerry Lawler next week in the 1st Round of the King of the Ring tournament. (C, 64)

Bob Orton Jr. Earned himself a taste of victory by easily getting the win over Corporal Kirchner in 5:53 (C, 63)

WWF President Jack Tunney reveals that Nikita Koloff will advance to the 2nd Round of the King of the Ring tournament. Tunney expresses that the decision was thought over for extensive amount of time but came to the conclusion that no evidence was found to blame Nikita of the attack. Tunney then says that it will officially be Nikita Koloff taking on Davey Boy Smith in the 2nd Round at the King of the Ring PPV. (C+, 66)

In a match where both men looked to climb the ladder in earning a WWF Intercontinental title shot, Honky Tonk Man came out on top over Billy Jack Haynes in 7:24 (B-, 75)

A recap video is displayed to the audience recapping what went down on Superstars before going off the air. It shows The Heenan Family brutalizing Hulk Hogan and Heenan saying that on June 28th, Hulk Hogan will be facing off against King Kong Bundy, in a rematch that Bundy deserves. (B, 77)

Brutus Beefcake comes out with a pair of scissors and challenges his former partner, Greg Valentine to a match next week on Superstars. Valentine accepts the challenge and promises to humiliate Beefcake and show why he was the alpha male all along. (C, 64)

Tito Santana continued his high momentum by making the Canadian strongman, Dino Bravo, tap out in 9:21 (B-, 76)

After the match, Santana vows to soon get a victory over Ted DiBiase and that it will be in the KotR tournament, as long as DiBiase can hold his own. DiBiase soon interrupts with IRS by his side. DiBiase claims that if Santana wants any sort of revenge he would have to get through IRS first in the 1st Round. (B-, 75)

Before the show goes off the air, Gorilla Monsoon and Alfred Hayes, informs viewers that next week's King of the Ring tournament will feature Koko B. Ware versus "King" Harley Race. While also pointing out that Bob Orton will be taking on Jerry Lawler inside Lawler's hometown of Memphis, Tennesse. (B-, 71)

TV Rating: 0.49 (369,590 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Brutus Beefcake brought back his "Barber" gimmick and the general reaction is that it went very good. It was also noticeable how Johnny V backed up Greg Valentine and not Beefcake during their promo. This would without a doubt show that Beefcake is the face and that Valentine is the heel in this feud.

This Week’s News

Sunday, May 23rd

• Curt Hennig has reportedly walked out on AWA, after having frustrations about being used rarely. This is a big blow to AWA, as they had a very good star who is now no longer a part of their roster.

• Adrian Adonis made a big debut for JCP, as he came in and won the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship from Rocky King. The win happened on JCP's May Super card and Adonis earned his first reign with the title. Adonis seemed to have made a better move with JCP, as they look keen on pushing him.

Monday, May 24th

• WWF's Free for All PPV was a tremendous success at the Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The sold-out crowd of 50,000 people enjoyed the show despite the low match card, it featured some high profile matches. The feedback has been incredible and it is rumored that the WWF could bring back the PPV next year.

• Things are no longer looking good for Paul Orndorff after last night. Orndorff had reportedly been fighting for his job last night, as it was rumored that Vince McMahon kept a close eye on him because had his performance been low, he would have been fired. Reason being is due to Orndorff being sent home 4 time because he was too wasted on pain killers. Last night, Orndorff came through and performed well, but King Kong Bundy was too aggressive on Orndorff and has reportedly injured him. Reports have come in that Orndorff is suffering a damaged Achilles tendon. It's estimated that Orndorff won't be back until 2 months. Which means that Orndorff has basically lost yet again, another big push.

I'm back once again, everyone! I apologize for the 2 month hiatus, I have been going through a lot in recent time, which caused this project to be put on hold. I thank everyone for their patience and I hope to get back on track soon enough. As for the prediction scoreboard, I haven't figured out what I will do about the rewards as of this minute. I will have an update about that soon though. Thank you once again for your patience and I ensure you, this dynasty is far from dead.

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