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Thursday Night Thunder Results, May Week One, 2018 : Full Details

War Machine def. The Gold Standard
Thursday Night Thunder kicked off hot after the brand new opening video featuring "The Truth" by Sevendust ended! The Gold Standard(Jake Hager and Shelton Benjamin) faced off against War Machine(Hanson and Raymond Rowe) to kick off the show! Both teams seemed fairly even in this matchup, The Gold Standard showing that they were not at all afraid of the size difference. However War Machine was just too much for them, the powerhouse tag team wore the grapplers down and by the end of the match easily destroyed The Gold Standard! After a missed splash in the corner from Shelton Benjamin, War Machine quickly popped Benjamin into the air before connecting with Thor's Hammer, that aided pop-up powerslam maneuver! Jake Hager tried to break up the pin attempt, but Hanson played defense and was able to block him, giving Raymond enough time to secure the pinfall and win for War Machine!
Winner: War Machine(Hanson and Raymond Rowe)
Finish: Thor's Hammer followed by pinfall in ten minutes and forty-one seconds
Match Rating: 52 D+

Larry Sweeney's Declaration of Sweet N' Sour
Backstage we see a huge United States of America flag hanging up as the backdrop of the set. Walking out in front of the flag is none other than Larry Sweeney, decked out in a brand new stars and stripes suit. With a Red, White, and Blue boa around his neck, he clapped his hands and began to loudly start yelling into the camera. "Well you know something Mean Gene! When the big bad Brazilian comes marching into Sweet N Sour's country and takes Sweet N Sour's good ol' american championship dude, that is where Larry Sweeney cuts the line brother! Cezar Bononi your days are over jack! These twenty four-... These seventy-four-inch pythons and coming to reclaim that championship for America! Whatcha' gonna' do, Cezar, when Sweeneymania and the millions of Sweet N' Sour maniacs run wild on you!", Larry was out of breath in a comedic way. He snatched off his signature pair of sunglasses and looked directly into the camera again now. "Listen up daddyo, Slamboree is going to be the place that everybody remembers. Slamboree is going to be the event that everybody is talking about! Slamboree is going to be known as the event where Sweet N' Sour Inc brought back the United States Championship to the good ol' boys! I can't and I won't stand for the disrespect to the stars and stripes any longer! Consider this the Declaration of Sweet N' Sour! Don't you fear my american people tho', oh-no-no! Larry Sweeney baby promises you one thing! Larry Sweeney will Make America Sweet N' Sour Again! That gold is coming home where it belongs!", after making this "declaration of sweet n' sour", Larry saluted the camera as if he was in the military before walking off screen ending the interview.
Segment Length: Two minutes
Segment Rating: 61 C

The Machine Has Been Rebuilt
A video package plays now hyping up the return of The Machine Brian Cage. The package mainly highlighting his work in the gym, but for the last twenty or so seconds of the video it does show Brian in a gym training inside of a ring. He's mauling a few local talents, showing off his best offense for the quick vignette.
Segment Length: One minute
Segment Rating: 65 C

Dianna Dahlgren def. Lacey Von Erich
What better way to prove you belong than showing that you can hang with the second generation? Dianna Dahlgren has had quite the trouble in World Championship Wrestling thus far, but tonight as she faced Lacey Von Erich it seemed that her luck may actually be turning around. Lacey controlled the pace of this match, outclassing Dianna nearly every corner they turned. She was smothering Dianna in terms of experience and ring presence, but Dianna kept fighting back and showing no quit. Surprisingly enough, Dianna bolted off a nice comeback sequence but was cut off just at the last second by Lacey Von Erich. The second generation superstar lined up Dianna now for a running lariat out of the corner, charging the lesser experienced woman who was wobbly in the middle of the ring. Dianna somehow managed to duck the lariat and roll up Lacey in one swift movement! The crowd was shocked as the three count went down and the bell sounded, Dianna Dahlgren picked up the victory seemingly out of nowhere! The surprise rollup taking Lacey back and she wasn't able to kick out until a moment after the referee hit the mat for a three count!
Winner: Dianna Dahlgren
Finish: Quick Schoolboy Roll Up in eight minutes and thirty-three seconds
Match Rating: 36 D-

After the match Dianna Dahlgren was celebrating as she should, no one thought she even had a chance to escape tonight with victory! Lacey Von Erich came face to face with the woman in the middle of the ring, however, cutting off Dianna's celebration. The victor of the match extended her hand out, looking to show off sportsmanship. Typical Lacey would oblige and shake the hand of her opponent, but tonight? Tonight for some reason she shook her head and walked past Dianna, bumping into her shoulder before leaving the ring and heading to the back. Clearly, Lacey Von Erich was upset that this inexperienced newcomer was able to put her away for the three count.
Segment Length: One minute
Segment Rating: 63 C

Samoa Joe stakes a claim for Television Championship
Somewhere in the back we see The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe with a smile on his face. His towel around his neck and in his hand was a few pieces of paper, it looked like a contract of sorts. "It is official. It is official that Eric Bischoff has signed the death papers you see before me today. Ahem-ahem-ahem, let me read these for you. For on the second week of May, at the scene of Monday Night Nitro, this contract states that Samoa Joe will go one on one with Brett Matthews for the World Championship Wrestling Television Championship.", Joe put the contract down on an equipment box and signed his name on the dotted line before speaking up again. "Brett Matthews, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but come Monday Night Nitro your fairytale is over my friend. When I held the Television Championship, it meant something. When I held the Television Championship, it meant that whoever stepped across the ring from me was in serious danger. When you hold the Television Championship, people view you as the underdog and is that what a real champion should act like? You're making a mockery of the championship I made famous, and on Monday Nitro, I put that to an end. Get the bodybag ready, Long Island, Joe is gonna kill you.", after that huge announcement Samoa Joe walked off screen and now you have to wonder. Can Brett Matthews stand a chance against The Samoan Submission Machine, or will his fifteen minutes of fame finally come to a screeching halt come Nitro?
Segment Length: Three minutes
Segment Rating: 78 B

Rey Mysterio def. Rich Swann
Cruiserweight action came your way next as the legendary Rey Mysterio faced off against Mr. All Night Long Rich Swann. These two showed exactly what the cruiserweight division was all about, high octane offense from the very beginning. Rich was in control early in the match but the two were switching offense and defense up nearly every other minute. Neither man had a true advantage over the other until Rich caught Rey Mysterio with a spinning roundhouse kick that nearly took the master of the 619's head completely off. It looked as if Rich was about to make the upset against Rey, but as Rich Swann went for the Standing 450 Splash, Rey was able to put his knees up and followed that up by hitting a low dropkick to Rich's back which set him up perfectly on the middle rope. Wine me, dine me, 619 me! The move Rey Mysterio made famous connected and after a springboard splash Rey picked up the pinfall victory over Rich Swann in what was an excellent outing for both men.
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Finish: 619 followed by a pinfall in thirteen minutes and ten seconds
Match Rating: 61 C

After the match Rey Mysterio helped Rich Swann up to his feet and the legend showed much respect to Swann. Obviously Rey was impressed by the man he faced here tonight, and he showed it by raising Rich's hand up as well. Things, however, turned south after Rich exited the ring and headed to the back. Rey Mysterio continued to celebrate in the ring when suddenly from out of nowhere someone slid in behind him and snatched him off of the middle rope onto their shoulders, connecting with a huge backbreaker. The fast-moving blur stood up and we clearly could see now that it was Pentagon Dark. The backbreaker wasn't the only thing he had planned to do either, Pentagon quickly snatched Rey Mysterio up to his feet and pulled him up into the air before dropping him head first down into the mat, hitting a devastating Package Piledriver. Pentagon's attack was cold, calculated, and slow. He made sure to make every strike he hit the legend with count, and finally he pressed his boot against Rey's head and picked up Rey's arm. It was clear that Pentagon was looking to snap the man's arm in half but before he could six referees hit the ring pulling Pentagon away from Rey. His attack stopped there, knowing that he certainly sent a message here tonight, but this wasn't over for Pentagon, not at all.
Segment Length: Three minutes
Segment Rating: 71 C+

The Elite show no respect to Hiroshi Tanahashi
Last Monday Night on Nitro, Drew McIntyre shocked everyone when he appeared in the crowd and blindsided Hiroshi Tanahashi after his match. The Sinister Scotsman left The Ace laying after a brutal attack, but other than his alliance with Cody Rhodes no one quite understood why he did it. That was until we see Cody and Drew sitting inside what appears to be a limo, riding in suits and style. A glass of champagne in Cody's hand as he begins to speak. "Drew! You did it! That's the fire I like to see! That's the fire that's going to get you places in WCW! You took an opportunity... No. You made an opportunity for yourself and damn, what an opportunity it was am I right? You saw what it did for me, beating Hiroshi Tanahashi in New Japan Pro Wrestling. I'm the Ace now, me. I'm the Ace of Professional Wrestling, and my stock is at the top of the market! Now, I know what your thinking Drew, it's time for you to do the exact same thing. Which I know you can, so that's why I pulled a few strings. Made a few executive phone calls, and this Monday Night on Nitro we're going to see The Fold Hiroshi Tanahashi go one on one with the most dangerous big man in professional wrestling today, Drew McIntyre!", as Cody told Drew this the Sinister Scot just smiled. He was about to speak up now, but just as he was Cody cut him off and raised his glass. "A toast to the best duo in professional wrestling, a toast to The Elite!", the two tapped glasses together and Drew decided to leave it at that. His actions on Monday Night would do more than enough talking for him.
Segment Length: Three minutes
Segment Rating: 71 C+

Johnny Nitro def. Nicky Nemeth
In a battle for the future, a battle for the franchise it was Johnny Nitro taking on Nicky Nemeth. This one was semi-personal for Johnny, he felt personally at fault for the awful attack Nicky did weeks ago at an award show to The Icon Sting. Tonight Nitro looked to make up that beating, and but that was going to be no easy task. These two men were as equal as equal could get, they knew each other like the back of their hand. Anything Nicky went for, Johnny was able to dodge, anything Johnny went for Nicky was able to evade. The two traded off most of this match with no clear-cut winner either way. It was a heavily back and forth match that ended as Johnny Nitro was whipped into the corner by Nicky, but Johnny used that parkour ability to leap up onto the top rope and dive backward, catching Nicky Nemeth with a huge springboard knee to the face that took him out! Nitro's dangerous knees were famous at this point in the WCW lure so as he went for the pinfall, that was all she wrote and Johnny Nitro picked up the win here tonight on Thunder.
Winner: Johnny Nitro
Finish: Springboard Knee Strike followed by a pinfall in fourteen minutes and fifty-two seconds
Match Rating: 72 B-

When the match was over Johnny Nitro arrogantly let the celebration begin right then and there. Posing over Nicky Nemeth as The Nitro Girl Taya Valkyrie came down to the ring to celebrate with her man as well. The couple circled the ring, pausing at each side to let the fans take as many pictures of the celebration as they wanted, kissing each time they stopped. Nicky Nemeth, however, was slowly rising to his feet and as Johnny Nitro and Taya Valkyrie turned around we saw Nicky lunge forward. SUPERKICK! Johnny Nitro ducked but... Taya Valkyrie was leveled with the superkick! Nicky Nemeth was aiming for Johnny Nitro but Taya was caught in the crossfire! Realizing what he did, Nicky quickly ran out of the ring, Nitro dropping down to check on Taya and then his gaze turned to Nicky who was backpedaling up the ramp. "THIS ISN'T OVER, NEMETH! GOD DAMN IT THIS ISN'T OVER!", Nitro screamed off mic, and we end Thursday Night Thunder with Johnny Nitro checking on Taya Valkyrie who is seeing stars.
Segment Length: Three minutes
Segment Rating: 67 C+

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