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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #13 (06/04 & 06/05)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #13

June 4th, 1987

From the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennesse

Attendance: 2,000 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


Gene Okerlund starts off the show, in which he is backstage informing the audience that he has received word on both Dynamite Kid and the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. Okerlund informs viewers that Dynamite Kid suffered a concussion last week and that the attackers remain unknown still at this time. Afterwards, Okerlund informs the audience that Hulk Hogan has once again suffered an injury to his ribs after the brutal assault he suffered by The Heenan Family last week. Okerlund says that he'll keep everyone up to speed regarding these two injuries.

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Marty Jannetty Vs. Hercules (/w Bobby Heenan)

Marty Jannetty took it upon himself to take a shot at the WWF World Television Championship tonight, as Vince McMahon revealed that his tag team partner, Shawn Michaels, was out sick with the flu. Hercules continued his path of dominance but probably faced his biggest challenger to date against Jannetty. Jannetty threw everything he could at Hercules and looked as though he could pull off the upset here in this one but tonight it wasn't meant to be. Hercules quickly rebounded on the offense after Jannetty was distracted by Heenan. Seconds later, Jannetty found himself tapping out to Hercules' Full Nelson submission hold.

Winner: Hercules

Defence: #7

Match Time: 6:57

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to Submission.


Bobby Heenan quickly joined the ring and congratulated his client on another tremendous victory, as Hercules held his WWF World Television Championship up high in the air. After a few seconds of celebrating, the rest of The Heenan Family soon joined the ring. Bobby Heenan then took center stage to address Hercules' path of dominance and that it won't be long until Hercules cashes in the championship to challenge for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Bobby Heenan: "Ladies and gentleman, you are looking at a true man beast. Ever since Hercules seized the opportunity to become the WWF World Television Championship, he has marked himself a path of dominance never seen before. Everything is going as planned thus far and I'm filled with excitement! King Kong Bundy will soon be your new WWF World Heavyweight Champion and Hercules will soon conquer the WWF Intercontinental Championship, while Harley Race will remain your King of the Ring! Mark my words, The Heenan Family is here to stay FOREVER!"


The audience is brought backstage, where Greg Valentine is warming up for his upcoming match against his former partner, Brutus Beefcake. Gene Okerlund appear just a few seconds and tries to get a word with both men. Greg continues to warm up as Johnny V decides to take the time to hype up his client. Johnny V claims that the only reason why The Dream Team worked was because Greg put in all the work to make it work. Johnny adds that Brutus was too fascinated with cutting hair and attending barber shops, that he never had his mind set on winning championship gold.

Johnny V: "Greg Valentine is the reason why The Dream Team worked, you don't have to take my word for it Gene but it's the truth! Greg put in all the work to make it possible for them to win the WWF Tag Team Championships a year back, not Brutus Beefcake. Brutus always had his mind set on cutting hair and attending barber shops. Greg on the other hand is like myself, he only wants one thing... Gold around his waist. It's exactly why Greg has held the WWF Intercontinental championship for 285 day! Regardless, Tonight, Greg Valentine will embarrass his former tag team partner and afterwards, continue on his path to becoming the WWF World Heavyweight champion."

Normal, Singles Match

Brutus Beefcake Vs. Greg Valentine (/w Johnny V)

The battle between two former partner and tag team champions was on the horizon, as the fans looked really engaged throughout the match. Greg Valentine had the momentum going in his favor in the early going of the match but a fire would soon ignite inside Brutus Beefcake to fight back. The storytelling was really good in this one, as both men used their skills and experience to make this an entertaining bout.

Beefcake's offense was seemingly getting too hot for Valentine, as he quickly got out of the ring and began yelling about how this was a waste of his time. Valentine began walking up the ramp, as Johnny V would soon follow him shortly afterwards. The referee counted to 10 and then declared Brutus Beefcake the winner of the match.

Winner: Brutus Beefcake

Match Time: 6:37

Finish: Greg Valentine Intentional Count-Out leads to Beefcake earning the win by Count-Out.


The WWF President, Jack Tunney, appears at the top of the ramp and announces two more Qualifying Round King of the Ring tournament matches. He announces that the first match will be between Jake "The Snake" Roberts taking on Nikolai Volkoff of The Russian Alliance. Tunney than announces that the second match will be WWF World Tag Team Champion, Bret "The Hitman" Hart taking on former WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Bob Backlund!

King of the Ring Qualifying Round

Normal, Singles Match

Koko B. Ware Vs. "King" Harley Race (/w Bobby Heenan)

Koko B. Ware came into this one looking seemingly confident after a big win over Kamala last week. Now his focus was on dethroning the current king, Harley Race, which would be no easy task. Koko delivered several chops and even a dropkick to Race in the start of the match, which had Race off-guard. Race would retreat several times to the outside to recoup himself, while the fans cheered for Koko B. Ware's steady and consistent offense against the wrestling veteran. Race eventually found his mark in the match, using his experience inside the ring to his advantage and a few dirty tactics along the way. A false mistake on the behalf of Koko B. Ware led to Race delivering the Piledriver to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Harley Race

Match Time: 8:27

Finish: Piledriver by Race leads to the Pin.


We're backstage again with Gene Okerlund, who is alongside the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Okerlund acknowledges Steamboat's recent performances and says that Steamboat is really showcasing himself as being a fighting champion. Steamboat thanks Okerlund for the kind words and also thanks his fans for the amount of support he has received on his journey. Steamboat says he's looking to take on any challenge that comes his way, because he's going to be a prideful champion for his fans.

Ricky Steamboat: "Winning this championship and the way that I won it on the biggest stage of wrestling speaks on how big of an accomplishment this is to me. I've always taken pride in what I've accomplished and this is no different. Butch Reed gave me two big matches, in which he came very close to defeating the dragon, but this dragon's fire is too much to be put out. Whatever challenge awaits, I look forward to it. As your WWF Intercontinental Champion, I'll continue to be your fighting champion."

As Steamboat finishes his speech, he suddenly gets blasted from behind by Honky Tonk Man's guitar. HTM looks down at the fallen champion and says that he's not waiting anymore for his opportunity because starting tonight, he's going to take it. The camera closes in on one final shot of HTM before going back to the ring.

King of the Ring Qualifying Round

Normal, Singles Match

Bob Orton Jr. Vs. Jerry Lawler

The Memphis crowd greeted their hometown hero with an enormous amount of cheers as Jerry Lawler made his debut in the WWF. Sickened by the ovation that Lawler was receiving, Orton decided to go on and attack him before the match could even begin. Both men fought outside for a few minutes, which really had the crowd going as they entered the ring. Both men fought openly in this one, trying to get the advantage over one another.

The support that Lawler was receiving from the Memphis crowd really helped him drive the offense countless times, as Orton struggled to get back into the mix at times. Orton would sneak a low-blow when the referee wasn't looking and almost stole the victory. Lawler, however, wasn't bound to let that happen under his watch. He threw several strikes at Orton, as he rallied behind the sold-out crowd and soon executed the Piledriver to earn himself the pin to advance to the next round.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

Match Time: 13:18

Finish: Piledriver by Lawler leads to the Pin.


Jerry Lawler soaked in the cheers after winning the main event match in his hometown. The commentary team hyped Lawler and his next upcoming King of the Ring match against Harley Race at the King of the Ring PPV. Vince McMahon reminded the viewers to not miss next week's Superstars of Wrestling as it will be Jake Roberts facing Nikolai Volkoff and Bret Hart taking on the returning Bob Backlund. Lawler celebrated with the crowd for about a few more seconds until the show came to an end.

TV Rating: 1.37 (1,032,560 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• The reality of the story is that Shawn Michaels wasn't actually sick. Rumors are that Michaels showed up wasted and that he was in no condition to work tonight's scheduled match against Demolition, which led to plans being scrapped. Marty Jannetty versus Hercules was supposedly a last-minute thing, which didn't fare well as it was soon discovered that Marty Jannetty was high on drugs during the match. Jannetty has been fined for the incident, as for Michaels, nothing has been reported but some spectate that this could derail their push.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #13

June 5th, 1987

From the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennesse

Attendance: 2,000 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

Pre-Show: Sting Def. Tiger Chung Lee in 5:35 (D+, 52)

Pre-Show: Irwin R. Schyster Def. Scott Armstrong in 7:26 (D+, 52)

A recap video is played showcasing the results from last night's 1st Round King of the Ring Tournament matches. Harley Race came out victorious against Koko B. Ware to advance to the Quarter-Finals, while Jerry Lawler came out victorious in his hometown of Memphis against Bob Orton Jr. Race and Lawler will face each other one on one at the King of the Ring tournament in the Quarter-Final Round. (B-, 72)

In what was hyped as a #1 contender match for the WWF Women's Championship, Leilani Kai defeated Desiree Peterson in 4:45 to earn the right to face WWF Women's Champion, Velvet McIntyre next week on Wrestling Challenge. (D, 41)

Ted DiBiase and his business partner, IRS, taunt Tito Santana backstage. DiBiase says that Santana can try to pull all the stops he wants to ensure he becomes the King of the Tournament winner but that eventually, Santana will have to face him once again. DiBiase then brings up the fact that he has defeated Santana twice already and that it will be a third time if Santana manages to beat his partner, IRS. (C, 64)

During the match between Jim Duggan and Dino Bravo, the commentary team revealed that inthe final two matches of the 1st Round, it will be Tito Santana facing IRS. While Ted DiBiase will face Jim Duggan. Duggan earned himself some momentum by getting the win over Bravo in 6:21 after delivering a running clothline tackle. (C, 60)

The WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Hart Foundation are backstage in which Jesse Ventura interviews Bret Hart, who will be taking on former WWF World Champion, Bob Backlund in the 1st Round of the King of the Ring Tournament. Hart claims he's confident in his abilities and that he's ready to move up the ladder and that there is no better way to start than by beating a former world champion. (C+, 70)

Cactus Jack made his debut for the WWF by making easy work of Brad Rheingans in 5:42 after delivering a Piledriver. (D-, 40)

Demolition make their way to the ring and in the past few weeks, they have been seen without a mouthpiece. Tonight, changed that as Mr. Fuji made a surpise appearance and officially walked them to the ring, signaling him as their new manager. (B-, 73)

Demolition continued their path of domination by crushing The Islanders in 4:23 after Demolition Smash got the pin over Tama. (C-, 55)

With the new mouthpiece by their side, Rick Martel and Tom Zenk of the Can-Am Connection found this to be a good opportunity to challenge the team that had attacked them at WWF Free For All. Mr. Fuji didn't hesitate and quickly accepted the challenge on the behalf of Ax and Smash. (C, 63)

Honky Tonk Man talks to Jesse Ventura about why he attacked Ricky Steamboat and that was due to the fact that he was sick of the image of Steamboat as champion. HTM claims the title belongs to a real man, somebody like himself. HTM adds that he'll be Steamboat's biggest challenge. (B, 81)

Koko B. Ware looked to bounce back from his loss last night against Harley Race but he fell short to Honky Tonk Man in 9:55 when HTM delivered the Shake, Rattle and Roll to get the pin. (B-, 71)

After the match, Honky Tonk Man celebrates the win as he earns himself momentum going into his rivalry against Ricky Steamboat. (B, 78)

TV Rating: 0.49 (372,630 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• N/A

This Week’s News

Monday, June 1st

• The WWF let the contracts of Ken Resnick and Jimmy Jack Funk expire. While also releasing several superstars that management felt were a "hazard" to the backstage atmosphere. The list of employees who were let go is as followed; Danny Spivey, Noriyo Tateno, The Crusher and Michael Kirchner (Corporal Kirchner)

• A recent report was made today that featured the success of Hulk Hogan carrying the WWF throughout the months. Back in March this year, it was reported that attendance was up 14% whenever Hogan appeared and that the WWF was selling 55% more merchandise. As of the beginning of this month, attendance is up to 17% when Hogan appears and that merchandise sales are now at 60%. It should also be noted that since WrestleMania III, the WWF have been making more profit throughout each month.

Thursday, June 4th

• Roddy Piper appeared on a national TV show last night, in which he promoted both his new movie and the World Wrestling Federation. Piper did an excellent job in both representing the company and wrestling in general. Piper was also asked again whether we have seen the last of him inside a WWF ring, in which Piper responded that he's not 100% sure but admitted that he still has a big passion for the business.

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