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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #14 (06/11 & 06/12)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #14

June 11th, 1987

From the Jadwinn Gymnasium in Princeton, New Jersey

Attendance: 6,854 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


Vince McMahon welcomes viewers to the show, as we have a camera cut above the ring. The scene lasts for as little as 3 seconds when McMahon informs viewers that he has just received word that the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan is in the building. Viewers are then shown backstage in which Hogan is seen walking backstage with his injured ribs once again wrapped up. Gene Okerlund hurries to Hogan and questions why Hogan showed up when he should be resting up for his match against King Kong Bundy at the King of the Ring PPV. Hogan says that the Hulkster never rests and that with injured ribs or not, he doesn't back down from anyone.

Hulk Hogan: "Injured ribs or not Mean Gene, the Hulkster doesn't back down from a fight. I was told from my doctor to not attend tonight's show but I couldn't sit at home and watch The Heenan Family run havoc in front of my Hulkamaniacs, brother. Tonight, I'm bringing both Bobby The Weasel and his thugs down! Whatcha gonna do brother!?!?"

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Brutus Beefcake Vs. Hercules (/w Bobby Heenan)

Vince McMahon informed the audience on commentary that Beefcake earned his right to face Hercules after Greg Valentine got himself counted out in their match last week. Beefcake brought the fight to Hercules and looked solid on the offensive end but Hercules' strength stopped Beefcake from getting too far on the offense. Hercules delivered some crushing strikes and kicks to Beefcake and looked like he was on the verge of defeating Beefcake until Beefcake bounced back. Brutus began to deliver a fury of strikes and delivered well on the offensive end. Brutus would come very close to defeating Hercules and becoming the new world television champion until...

Greg Valentine came down the ramp with his manager, Johnny V. Brutus noticed both men walking down and kept his focus on his former tag team partner. It was only a matter of seconds until Hercules came from behind and locked in the vicious Full Nelson submission hold. Brutus attempted to fight out of the hold but just like all of it's victims, Beefcake had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Hercules

Defence: #8

Match Time: 5:40

Finish: Distraction by Valentine leads to Hercules locking in the Full Nelson on Beefcake to earn the Submission.


The audience is shown a pre-taped video ofa new face here in the WWF, who is inside of a basketball court with a basketball in his hands. He welcomes the fans and introduces himself.

Mr. Perfect: "Hello ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Perfect. You may be wondering why they call me Mr. Perfect, well allow me to demonstrate."

Mr. Perfect turned to face the hoop behind him before taking a shot with the ball in his hands. Perfect's shot was nothing but net, however Perfect wasn't quite done there. He retrieved another ball and took another shot, once again it was nothing but net. He took several more shots, with each and every one of them being nothing but net. Now showing off, Perfect turned his back towards the hoop and shot the ball over his head without even looking. The ball flew in the air, as the camera caught it flying and falling straight through the hoop for another shot made. Perfect showed a slight smirk as he heard the shot go in.

Mr. Perfect: "Absolutely perfect."

King of the Ring Qualifying Round

Normal, Singles Match

Bob Backlund Vs. Bret Hart (/w Jimmy Hart)

Tonight, Bob Backlund made his first WWF match in years and he looked ready to return to the promise land, which is to hold the WWF World title for a 2nd time. As for Bret Hart, he looked forward to this one as he feels he has so much to prove and that he knew a win over Backlund would help elevate his career. The match featured technical holds in the early moments, until both men began to use psychology to their advantage. Backlund looked great despite not having a match in several years and the performance of Bret was also great. Backlund attempted his finishing Cross Face Chicken Win submission hold but Hart was able to get out shortly afterwards, and soon executed his own submission finisher, the Sharpshooter. Backlund tried desperately to reach the ropes but he soon fell victim to tapping out.

Winner: Bret Hart

Bret Hart Advances To The Quarter Finals Of The King Of The Ring Tournament.

Match Time: 10:22

Finish: Sharpshooter by Hart Leads To Submission.

The commentary team hypes up the final two matches of the Qualifying Round, which were announced previously on last week's Wrestling Challenge. Next week, Tito Santana faces IRS and Ted DiBiase faces Jim Duggan one on one.


The audience is brought backstage, to where Randy Savage and Jake Roberts are shown backstage arguing over who should be the next #1 contender. Savage says that he should be the #1 contender since he was the one who saved Roberts and Smith's butt. Roberts makes the claim that he's number one contender because he was given a spot on the King of the Ring tournament, while Savage wasn't.

Davey Boy Smith shows up and splits Savage and Roberts apart. Smith tells them to argue about that stuff once they take down this Russian Alliance first. Smith assures them that he cannot continue to babysit them. Savage tells them both that he's not with either one of them and that he's only fighting for himself. Roberts decides to call Savage a selfish prick, which starts stuff once again between both of them. Smith tells them to calm down and that this kind of stuff is what is going to have them end up like his tag team partner. Savage tells Smith to fight his own battles before leaving, Roberts and Smith stare at one another without a word. Seconds pass, as Jake Roberts heads to the ring for his upcoming King of the Ring Qualifying match against Nikolai Volkoff.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match

Singles, Normal Match

Jake Roberts Vs. Nikolai Volkoff (/w Ivan Koloff)

Uncertain of what may happen tonight, Jake Roberts was at least determined to defeat Nikolai Volkoff and move one step closer to becoming the King of the Ring winner and #1 contender for the WWF World championship. Nikolai Volkoff came to the ring accompanied by the leader of the Russian Alliance, Ivan Koloff. Volkoff delivered his vicious strikes and was very aggressive on Roberts, it was as if his intent was to just punish Roberts instead of actually trying to win. Volkoff made very few pin attempts and followed most of Koloff's orders as he was delivering offensive move after offensive move. Roberts made a comeback mid-way through the match, delivering a sequence of strikes. Koloff would attempt to distract Roberts but it didn't do him any good. Roberts avoided a big takedown by Volkoff and soon finished him off with a DDT, to earn the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts Advances To The Qualifing Round of the King of the Ring.

Match Time: 10:03

Finish: DDT by Roberts leads to the Pin.


Ivan Koloff entered the ring and was soon about to hit Roberts with a heavy chain to the face but Roberts quickly dodged the attack and began to dish out strikes to the Russian leader.

Nikolai Volkoff stopped Roberts' offense on his leader and it didn't take long for the rest of the Russian Alliance to enter the ring. Nikita Koloff brought Roberts' down with a devastating chain strike to Roberts' forehead. Roberts was then unconscious, as the Russian Alliance began to beat him up inside the ring. Ivan Koloff ordered his men to pick Roberts up, as he would then spit in Roberts face and call him pathetic like the rest of these Americans.

Davey Boy Smith hurried to save Jake Roberts, despite the numbers being against him. Smith delivered a decent amount of offense against the Russian Alliance, quickly sending Nikolai Volkoff over the top ropes but Nikita would soon bring him down with a hard hitting clothline. The Russian Alliance began to stomp Smith down as the fans in the arena waited on Randy Savage to come out and make a heroic save but... he never appeared.

Ivan Koloff marked his stamp against both Smith and Roberts, as he stood in the middle of the ring with both men laid out flat in front of him. The Russian Alliance raised their right arm in the air as a symbol of their dominance as the commentary team called this scene sickening to watch.

Normal, Singles Match

Billy Jack Haynes Vs. King Kong Bundy (/w Bobby Heenan)

Billy Jack Haynes' history with The Heenan Family is not unknown with his feud back in March with Hercules and tonight, he had a chance to throw off the #1 contender for the WWF World championship, King Kong Bundy. However, Bundy completely demolished Haynes and delivered the Big Splash to pick up the easy pinfall victory.

Winner: King Kong Bundy

Match Time: 3:21

Finish: Big Splash by Bundy leads to the Pin.


King Kong Bundy continued his dominance over Haynes after the match and soon afterwards, the rest of the Heenan Family came to the ring. Fans knew that Hulk Hogan was in the building and that the reason why the rest of the Heenan Family showed up was to ensure Bundy was safe.

It didn't take long for "Real American" to begin playing, as the fans cheered loudly for their favorite superstar, their world champion, Hulk Hogan. Hogan made his way to the ring as fast as he could but the rib injury certainly was slowing him down slightly. Once in the ring, Hogan came face to face with King Kong Bundy, while Harley Race and Hercules stayed behind Bundy. Bobby Heenan began to speak on the fact that Hogan was stupid enough to think he could overcome their sheer power of strength.

It didn't take long for "Real American" to begin playing, as the fans cheered loudly for their favorite superstar, their world champion, Hulk Hogan. Hogan made his way to the ring as fast as he could but the rib injury certainly was slowing him down slightly. Once in the ring, Hogan came face to face with King Kong Bundy, while Harley Race and Hercules stayed behind Bundy. Bobby Heenan began to speak on the fact that Hogan was stupid enough to think he could overcome their sheer power of strength.

Bobby Heenan: "Hulk Hogan, look at you, coming out here and asking to be put on the shelf! Do you not realize what situation you are putting yourself in? I admire your courage to bring yourself out here against doctors' orders while it's also your courage that I cannot stand! You and your pathetic little Hulkamaniacs drive me nuts and I'm sick of it! I'm glad you're out here tonight, because my family is going to ensure you don't come back!"

Heenan had looked as though he was about to tell his men to beatdown Hogan but Hogan began to speak back. Hogan made it clear that he will not stop until he brings The Heenan Family down, once and for all. Hogan says that no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he's always going to get right back up because of all the support he gets from his Hulkamaniacs.

Hulk Hogan: "It doesn't matter how many times you knock me down, as I'm always going to get back up and become even stronger than I was before, brother! I told you already that you can't kill Hulkamania and even after your goons attacked me previously, I'm still up despite my broken ribs, brother! What makes me sick is how you and your goons run around thinking' you own all of this with your dominance but let me tell you somethin' Bobby "The Weasel" Heenan! I'm Hulk Hogan and I'm going to stop you and your goons from running around here like you're the ones in charge. I won't stop until I deliver a you know what to each and every one of your goons, believe that brother!"

Heenan talks about how Hogan's speech makes him so sick and then he orders his men to break Hogan down and to not stop until they are certain he won't comeback. Hogan fights back, doing the best he can to fight off the Heenan Family's strength but the broken ribs play a major part in Hogan falling to the ground. The Heenan Family deliver a large amount of punishment with each men delivering their own finisher, with Race's Piledriver to Hercules' Full Nelson. Afterwards, the #1 contender, King Kong Bundy delivers an Avalanche following 2 Body Splashes to Hogan. The commentary team talk about how Hogan's ribs must be crushed at this point, as they express their concern that Hogan may not be able to compete at King of the Ring. Bobby Heenan stands above the injured Hulk Hogan, as he lays on the mat holding his ribs in agony. WWF medical staff rush into the ring to put Hogan onto a stretcher, as Bobby Heenan and the rest of his family make their exit. The camera gets one final shot at Hogan on the stretcher, as his fans look on in disappointment. The commentary team talks about what a sick scene this was to close out the show.

TV Rating: 1.33 (1,000,560 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Ricky Steamboat was backstage teaching his protege, Kim Chee, how to work a microphone.

• Ricky Steamboat was also teaching his protege, Mick Foley (Cactus Jack), psychology skills.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #14

June 12th, 1987

From the Jadwinn Gymnasium in Princeton, New Jersey

Attendance: 6,854 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

Pre-Show: Bob Holly def. Tom Magee in 7:29 (E, 29)

Pre-Show: The Rougeau Brothers def. Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon in 8:05 (D+, 51)

The show begins with Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon discussing the participants who have made it into the Quarter-Final round of the King of the Ring tournament. The following are Nikita Koloff, who was granted a bye pass when his opponent was unable to compete. Davey Boy Smith who defeated The Iron Sheik to advance. Jerry Lawler, who achieved his win in his hometown of Memphis against Bob Orton Jr. Harley Race, who defeated Koko B. Ware to advance. Bret Hart, who pulled off a big win over the former WWF World champion, Bob Backlund. Jake Roberts, who defeated Nikolai Volkoff to advance. Monsoon reminds viewers that next week will be the final Qualifying matches before we head into the King of the Ring PPV. (B-, 71)

Leilani Kai received her championship match against Velvet McIntyre, that she earned last week but fell short. McIntyre defended in 6:17 after executing a McIntyre Roll to retain the WWF Women's Championship. (C, 61)

Jesse Ventura was backstage with the newly debuting star, who goes by the name, Cactus Jack. Ventura congratulates Jack on his debut win last week and asks what his intentions are now that he's a part of the WWF. Jack responds by claiming himself to be a man of pain and that his intentions are to inflict pain upon people. (C+, 66)

The Can-Am Connection issued a challenge to Demolition last week and tonight they got their match, but not the result that they had hoped for. Demolition continued their dominance once again by defeating the Can-Am Connection in 8:04 after Smash delivered a running clothline. (C+, 67)

Demolition's new manager, instructed his dominant tag team to continue delivering pain to Martel and Zenk but the attack wouldn't last long as the Rock N' Roll Express showed up and chased Demolition out of the ring. Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton then hurried to check on Martel and Zenk. (C, 65)

It's been awhile but Butch Reed made his return since losing to Steamboat at the Free For All PPV. Monsoon informed viewers that Reed had taken time off to relieve his thoughts and it paid off, as he dominated Brian Blair easily in 4:10. (C-, 56)

Jesse Ventura conducts an interview with the former WWF World champion and questions whether that match he had with Bret Hart was one and done. Backlund says that he's looking to add more gold to his resume and that he serves that as motivation to stay. (B+, 87)

Randy Savage faced The Iron Sheik in the main event, as Savage looked determined to face his own problems head on. Savage pulled off the big win in 6:56 after delivering a Flying Elbow Drop. (B-, 76)

Despite the win, Savage wasn't able to overcome the numbers of the Russian Alliance, as they delivered a beat down on him after the match. Due to Savage not helping Roberts and Smith last night, Savage was left on his own as he was dismantled by the Russian Alliance to close out the show. (A+, 97)

TV Rating: 0.51 (383,050 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon have great chemistry, as was shown from their pre-show match and could be seen as a team being developed going forward.

• Demolition Ax sustained a dislocated shoulder during his match against the Can-Am Connection. Rumor is that the injury should only keep him sidelined for 2 weeks.

• Hercules has made an open complaint about being pushed as an upper-mid-card act and that he feels he should be pushed as an main event star. Management seems to agree that Hercules has made big improvements since WrestleMania and have granted him the role.

• The Iron Sheik was clearly wasted in his match against Randy Savage and management were not too pleased about it per reports. It's being reported that Sheik has been fined and that management could be looking into replacing Sheik in the Russian Alliance group, as a way of punishment.

• Bob Backlund has taken Bob Holly under his wing, as he looks to teach his new protege the in and outs of the industry.

This Week’s News

Saturday, June 6th

• A few veterans of the industry are very high on 27 year old, Ben Bassarab, who has been trained by the legendary, Stu Hart. Bassarab is one of the few wrestlers WWF didn't pick up when they purchased Stampede.

Sunday, June 7th

• Kevin Sullivan has been widely rumored to become the next head booker of Jim Crockett Promotions and last night, the rumor became official. Sullivan has made a statement announcing that he plans to bring JCP to bigger heights and that he'll be looking to bring in more talent in the next coming months.

• Apparently, Scott Casey "Went Nuts" on WCWA head booker, Fritz Von Erich last night, which could spell the end of his run with the promotion. Insiders believe that the dispute was about Casey's push as a lower card talent and that he wasn't pleased with that. Rumors has it that Casey was dragged out of the headquarters by wrestlers as things began to get tense.

Monday, June 8th

• NJPW has announced Monday morning that they have released Umanosuke Ueda. This comes as a surprise due to Ueda and Masa Saito recently defeating Kimura & Fujinami for the IWGP Tag Team Championships. As of this time, the prestigious titles are now vacant.

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