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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #16 (06/25 & 06/26)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #16

June 25th, 1987

From the Binghamton Events Center in Binghamton, New York

Attendance: 7,500 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


The show kicks off with The Heenan Family heading to the ring, as Hercules prepares to defend his WWF World Television Championship against Koko B. Ware. Before Koko B. Ware makes his entrance to the ring, Bobby Heenan speaks in the middle of the ring about the WWF World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan. Heenan says that Hogan better be here to hand King Kong Bundy the championship or he risks a possible career-ending injury.

Bobby Heenan: "I heard about the news on Hulk Hogan coming here to New York tonight to address this Sunday's matchup against my unstoppable, King Kong Bundy. Though, who are we even kidding?! Hogan isn't here to talk about losing the championship to Bundy, in fact, Hogan is here to hand The Heenan Family the championship. I mean, let's face the facts here ladies and gentleman, Hogan is in no shape to compete against King Kong Bundy! He barely even defeated my giant at The Big Event and if it wasn't for that good for nothing, Paul Orndorff, Bundy would be here today as your world champion. Hogan, I know you're watching right now, so I'm going to say this the best that I can... Hand us the world championship or risk having your career end here tonight!"

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Koko B. Ware Vs. Hercules © (/w Bobby Heenan)

After the hot-start from the opening segment, the fans were hyped for this big title match between Koko B. Ware and Hercules. Koko had his past with The Heenan Family, as Race defeated him in the Qualifying round of the KotR tournament. As for Hercules, this was a new challenger looking to take his championship away. Hercules fought like the brute he is to ensure that the championship was not leaving his waist. The match was evenly balanced in the opening minutes but Hercules quickly took the ball and ran with it half-way through. It wouldn't be long until Koko B. Ware became trapped in Hercules' Full Nelson submission hold. Koko B. Ware tried his best to resist tapping out but after 30 seconds of the hold, he gave up, giving Hercules the submission win.

Winner: Hercules

Defence: #9

Match Time: 8:21

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to the Submission.


Hercules picked up his 9th defence during this title reign and is now only one win away from being able to cash in and face the WWF Intercontinental Champion.. Heenan celebrated in the ring for his client's success and began a rant on how Hercules will be the next #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental championship.

Bobby Heenan: "The Heenan Family was built on dominance, it is why I'm regarded as one of the best managers in this industry, it's because I know talent when I see it. Believe me or not, Hercules is your next #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental championship. Whether he faces Ricky Steamboat or the Honky Tonk Man, Hercules will demolish them! Next Week on Superstars of Wrestling, I want somebody to come out here and bring my client a challenge for him to seize his 10th title defence. It will not be long before The Heenan Family has it's taste of glory soon!"


Gene Okerlund is backstage in which he's interviewing "The Barber" Brutus Beefcake, moments before he faces Greg Valentine in a "Loser Leaves Town" match. Okerlund wonders what is going on in Brutus' mind before such a big match, that could possibly cost him his WWF career. Beefcake answers that the WWF is perhaps the biggest wrestling promotion to date but regardless of how big it is, there is no room for him and Greg Valentine to be in the same company. Beefcake says that tonight he's sending Valentine packing and with a new haircut.

Brutus Beefcake: "I'm going to be completely honest, a part of me is nervous for what's to come but I'm ready than never before. Greg Valentine cost me perhaps the biggest match to date for me and tonight, I'm going to cost him his career! A part of me didn't want to do it but I had to issue the challenge because if I hadn't, Valentine would have continued to get in my way. Tonight, he and I put it all on the table. When it is all said and done, Valentine will be packing his things and sporting a brand new haircut by yours truly, Brutus Beefcake!"

Loser Leaves Town

Normal, Singles Match

Brutus Beefcake Vs. Greg Valentine (/w Johnny V)

The final showdown between these two men was tonight, as the loser of this match would be forced to leave the WWF. Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine brawled as soon as the opening bell rung, with neither men getting the advantage in the early going. Johnny V urged his client to stay vicious and aggressive, as he was dominating Beefcake after their short brawl. Beefcake would soon counter one of Valentine's strikes and began to deliver several strikes of his own to the face of Valentine. Beefcake began picking up steam, as Johnny V began to panic. Johnny V soon got on the apron to distract Beefcake, which helped Valentine stop Beefcake's momentum. He continued the offense once more, doing his best to seal the victory.

However, Beefcake once more made a tremendous comeback, knocked Johnny V off the apron and delivered a high knee to the face of Valentine. The high knee did a significant amount of offense as Valentine was out for the count. Beefcake hurried to make the pin, the referee made the 3 count and soon declared Brutus Beefcake the winner of the match.

Winner: Brutus Beefcake

Greg Valentine Must Leave The World Wrestling Federation

Match Time: 8:17

Finish: High Knee by Beefcake leads to the Pin.


After the match was over, Valentine was still unconscious, while Johnny V was beginning to get back up after being sent to the outside mat. Brutus Beefcake decided to hold off the celebration, as he pulled out some scissors and looked more than ready to cut off Greg Valentine's hair. Johnny V hurried into the ring and threatened Beefcake to put down the scissors but Beefcake refused and looked to cut of Johnny V's hair. As Beefcake closed in on Johnny V, Johnny would hurry out of the ring and leave. Beefcake then focused his attention back on Valentine, who was beginning to wake up from the high knee. Beefcake began to cut Valentine's hair, which Valentine finally became aware of the clipping. He punched Beefcake in the face and ran out of the ring.

Beefcake stood in the ring with his pair of scissors, as the crowd began to cheer for him.


The WWF World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan made his way to the ring once the show came back from commercial break. Hogan had one of his Hulkamania shirts on, looking as though he was hiding the taped injured ribs. Once in the ring, Hogan made his intentions clear to all of his Hulkamaniacs that whether he was injured or not, he is going to go into this Sunday's King of the Ring pay-per-view and defending the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

Hulk Hogan: "Bobby The Weasel, you and your thugs got 3 days, only 3 days brother until Hulkamania emerges victorious once more against your cowardly acts. I've been told by my medical staff to drop the title and let my body heal but you know what?! That's not happening, brother! Hulkamania is never going to die and whether I have broken ribs or not, Hulkamania will continue to fight on! You claim to say that you and your crew are unstoppable, but that is where your wrong! You see the real unstoppable force in the WWF is all of my Hulkamaniacs. With them, they make Hulkamania unstoppable and come this Sunday, King Kong Bundy, you're going to know that first hand, brother!"

Bobby Heenan begins walking down the ramp along with the rest of the Heenan Family. Once inside the ring, Heenan calls Hogan foolish for thinking that he can defeat King Kong Bundy all by himself without any help. Heenan tells Hogan that he has one final chance to hand Bundy the WWF World Heavyweight championship or risk being put on the shelf for good. Hogan looks at his championship and then back at the Heenan Family. Hogan brings to extend the championship to Bundy, while the fans boo... Suddenly, Hogan takes a quick right handed punch to the face of Bundy, dazing him. Hercules and Harley Race quickly respond by fighting Hogan, but Hogan can't be stopped by them both. Hogan quickly sends Race and Hercules over the top ropes. Bundy and Hogan are head to head in the ring, as they begin to fight it out. Bundy rips Hogan's shirt off and the taped broken ribs become visible. Hogan continues to battle with Bundy until Hogan delivers a powerful clothline to Bundy, that sends him over the top ropes too. Heenan, dissatisfied by what he has seen tells his men to retreat and shouts to Hogan that his time as champion ends this Sunday.


The Russian Alliance make their way to the ring as they get ready for their 4 on 3 tag team match scheduled for the main event. Ivan Koloff informs the audience that his opponents tonight are not worth his time and that he will not be competing tonight. Ivan then informs the audience that neither will his cousin, Nikita Koloff be fighting tonight as he needs to save his energy for the King of the Ring tournament this Sunday. Ivan states that he's changing the rules and that Nikolai Volkoff and the newest member of the Russian Alliance, Vladimir Petrov, will be fighting alone.

Ivan Koloff: "The WWF President, Jack Tunney, believes he can tell us what to do, who to fight and when to fight. Sadly, he is mistaken. The Russian Alliance picks when they want to fight, who they want to fight and where they want to fight. That foolish American isn't in charge of us. Tonight, you Americans won't get to see Nikita and myself fight. I'm sure many of you thought we would get what was coming to us, hahahaha. Though, that would never happen! I'm the leader and I fight people who are worthy to share the ring with me. My cousin Nikita, isn't fighting tonight because he needs to save his massive strength for the tournament this Sunday. We decide the rules, nobody is above the Russian Alliance."

Normal, Tag Team Match

Jake Roberts & Davey Boy Smith Vs. The Russian Alliance (/w Ivan & Nikita Koloff)

With no Randy Savage in sight, Jake Roberts and Davey Boy Smith had to face Nikolai Volkoff and the newest member of the Russian Alliance, Vladimir Petrov. Volkoff and Roberts started things off with Roberts getting most of the offense in. Once Vladimir entered the ring, he let his strength do the talking as he quickly put the match in his team favor. Smith used his strength to match Vladimir and proved to show that he's going to one day be a big star in the WWF. Ivan didn't like the way things were looking once Roberts began to take the match to an end and instructed Nikita to hit Roberts with his chain. Nikita almost got the strike in until Roberts dodged the bullet. An all-out brawl broke loose inside the ring which led to the referee counting the match as a draw.

Winner: Draw

Match Time: 10:01

Finish: All-out brawl turns the match into a draw.


The all-out brawled continued with The Russian Alliance beginning to beatdown both Roberts and Smith but it wouldn't be long until rescue came their way...

Suddenly, Randy Savage headed to the ring but he didn't come alone, he brought Davey Boy Smith's tag team partner, Dynamite Kid along with him, who was injured by the Russian Alliance awhile back. The duo made a big impact once they entered the ring as they took the battle to the Russian Alliance. It wouldn't be long until both Jake Roberts and Davey Boy Smith joined back in to help drive the offense. The brawl continued with all 8 men battling it out. The commentators informed the audience that we were out of time and reminded everyone to not forget to tune into this Sunday's King of the Ring PPV.

TV Rating: 1.38 (1,038,890 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• N/A

WWF Wrestling Challenge #16

June 26th, 1987

From the Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York

Attendance: 6,241

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

Pre-Show: Bob Holly Def. Art Barr in 5:56 (E, 25)

Pre-Show: Velvet McIntyre Def. The Fabulous Moolah in 5:52 to retain the WWF Womens Championship (C-, 54)

Pre-Show: The British Bulldogs Def. Bob Orton Jr & Steven Regal in 7:28 (B-, 72)

Gene Okerlund opens up the show from the Event Center, in which he runs down the 8 participants in the 1987 King of the Ring Tournament. (C+, 69)

Tito Santana cuts a pre-taped promo talking about how he's been unsuccessful twice at beating Ted DiBiase but that this Sunday, he will make sure to walk out victorious. (B-, 74)

Newcomer, Linda Dallas made an ecstatic statement by defeating Ashley Cartier with a missile dropkick in 5:32 (E+, 35)

The Hart Foundation cut a backstage promo on how Jake Roberts needs to focus more on The Hitman rather than Nikita Koloff for this Sunday's tournament. Hart informs Roberts that he will emerge victorious and will go on to defeat the rest of the competition. (B+, 83)

Bobby Heenan and Harley Race talk about Race's historic run as the 1986 King of the Ring winner and that his reign as king will continue throughout the year of 1987. Race adds that he'll make Jerry Lawler bow down this Sunday. (B-, 74)

Cactus Jack continued his winning streak in the WWF by earning himself an easy win over S.D Jones in 5:06 (D+, 48)

The British Bulldogs talk about their desire for this Sunday's King of the Ring tournament. Smith claims that this Sunday, he will defeat Nikita Koloff, while Dynamite Kid ensures that he'll have his partner's back. (B, 81)

After the Can-Am Connection lost to Demolition, The Rock N' Roll Express made it their mission to stop Demolition's domination. They challenged Demolition to a match this Sunday, while the team did not come out, their manager, Mr. Fuji did. He accepted their challenge and promised them a world full of pain. (C, 59)

The Islanders picked themselves up a win over the new duo of Doug Furnas and Phil LaPhon in 5:50. (D+, 48)

Ted DiBiase talked about how he's not looking forward to defeating Tito Santana again but in fact, looking more forward to claiming his seat at the throne. (C+, 70)

Mr. Perfect demonstrates his perfection once again by doing several perfect dives to further prove his point. (C-, 55)

WWF Intercontinental champion, Ricky Steamboat earned himself some more momentum after defeating Jim Neidhart in 6:57. (C+, 70)

While Steamboat celebrates, Honky Tonk Man tries to sneak in an attack with his guitar to Steamboat but instead he misses. Steamboat tries to attack him but Honky Tonk Man quickly escapes, while Jimmy Hart says he'll see Steamboat this Sunday. (B-, 76)

To close out the show, Gene Okerlund wraps things up in the Event Center by summing up some of the other big matches this Sunday including, Hulk Hogan defending the WWF World title against King Kong Bundy, Ricky Steamboat defending the WWF Intercontinental title against Honky Tonk Man. Okerlund ensures fans that they are in for a big night and to not miss this Sunday's King of the Ring PPV. (B, 77)

TV Rating: 0.49 (371,720 Viewers)

Overall Show Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• N/A

This Week’s News

Monday, June 22nd

• Fans of Portland National Wrestling (PNW) can expect a surprise appearance on an upcoming show, as it has been confirmed that Dusty Rhodes, who works for Jim Crockett Promotions, will be "loaned out" for a one-off match. The deal has come about because promotions are a part of the National Wrestling Alliance, who brokered the deal.

Tuesday, June 23rd

• Congratulations are in order after Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage announced last night that Elizabeth is pregnant. The 26 year old is expected to start her maternity leave three months from now. As for Savage, no word yet has been announced on whether he'll be taking a leave of absence in the months to come.

• Recently, we at Pro Wrestling Illustrated ran a poll in our recent magazine, where fans could vote for who they thought was the "Most Entertaining Wrestler In The World". After thousands of votes, the results are finally in, the winner was today announced as the current WWF World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan.

Wednesday, June 24th

• Jackie Gleason, who brightened television's Golden Age with blowhard bus driver Ralph Kramden's half-baked schemes and threats to send wife Alice to the moon on "The Honeymooners," has passed away at the age of 71 from colon cancer.

Thursday, June 25th

• In another poll we held in our June edition of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, we asked fans who they thought was the "Best Colour Commentator In Wrestling" Many fans have responded and the results are in... WWF's Jesse Ventura wins the award for this month's poll.


WWF King of the Ring 1987 Match Card / Predictions

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: King Kong Bundy Vs. Hulk Hogan ©

KotR Finals: Smith/Koloff/Roberts/Hart Vs. Race/Lawler/Santana/DiBiase

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Honky Tonk Man Vs. Ricky Steamboat ©

KotR Semi-Finals: Roberts/Hart Vs. Santana/DiBiase

KotR Semi-Finals: Smith/Koloff Vs. Race/Lawler

KotR Quarter-Finals: Tito Santana Vs. Ted DiBiase

KotR Quarter-Finals: Jake Roberts Vs. Bret Hart

KotR Quarter-Finals: "King" Harley Race Vs. Jerry Lawler

KotR Quarter-Finals: Davey Boy Smith Vs. Nikita Koloff

#1 Contenders WWF World Tag Team: Demolition Vs. Rock n' Roll Express

Match of the Night:

How Many Championship Change Hands?

Wild Guess Question: Will Randy Savage show-up?
As noted awhile back, I'm putting the prediction rewards on hold, as I have already pre-written several shows up to Summerslam. However, predictions are still welcomed as I would like to know where everyone's head is at on the match card.

I have made a format that works great with me, which is posting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Not posting on weekends helps me not get burned out on this project and allow readers to catch up, if they are behind. As for PPVs, after the final show is posted, a 4-day timer will be set from the time of the post. Which gives readers not only time to catch up, but time to predict. So, I have it set in stone that the King of the Ring PPV will be posted Friday. I'll post both a 48 & 24 hour warning when the time comes. Thank you to all who has been reading, giving feedback and predicting.
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