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Default June 1987 Write-Up

June 1987 Write-Up

The Top 5 Promotions:


World Wrestling Federation

Size: National

Cash: $22,125,831

Figurehead: Hulk Hogan


WWF World Heavyweight: Hulk Hogan (1st Reign)

WWF Intercontinental: Ricky Steamboat (1st Reign)

WWF World Tag Team: The Hart Foundation (1st Reign) (Bret Hart 1, Jim Neidhart 1,)

WWF World Television: Hercules (1st Reign)

WWF Women’s: Velvet McIntyre (2nd Reign)

The Big Event: WWF King of the Ring 1987

Attendance: 30,000 (Sold-Out)

Main Event & MotN: Nikita Koloff Def. Jake Roberts to become the 1987 King of the Ring winner (B+, 86)

Overall Show Rating: A, 91

Other News

• New Signings: Bob Backlund, Curt Hennig, Linda Dallas, Art Barr, Luna Vachon, Bob Holly, Steven Regal, Phil La Fon, Boni Blackstone, Doug Furnas

• Departures: Jimmy Jack Funk, Ken Resnick, Noriyo Tateno, The Crusher, Michael Kirchner, Danny Spivey, The Iron Sheik

• Financial Status: $178,384 GAIN


New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Size: Cult

Cash: $5,679,052

Figurehead: Antonio Inoki


IWGP Heavyweight: Masa Saito (1st Reign)

IWGP Junior Heavyweight: Shiro Koshinaka (1st Reign)

IWGP Tag Team: Maeda & Takada (1st Reign) (Akira Maeda 2, Nobuhiko Takada 1)

The Big Event: NJPW Surrender No Option 1987

Attendance: 23,457

Main Event & MotN: Masa Saito & Umanosuke Ueda Def. Kengo Kimura & Tatsumi Fujinami for the IWGP Tag Team Championships

Overall Show Rating: A, 89

Other News

• New Signings: Yoshihiro Asai

• Departures: Umanosuke Ueda

• Financial Status: $392,078 GAIN


All Japan Pro-Wrestling

Size: Cult

Cash: $9,096,021

Figurehead: Riki Choshu


NWA International Heavyweight: Vacant

PWF World Heavyweight: Riki Choshu (1st Reign)

NWA United National: Genichiro Tenryu (2nd Reign)

NWA International Tag Team: Choshu & Yatshu (2nd Reign) (Riki Choshu 2, Yoshiaki Yatsu 2)

PWF World Tag Team: Footloose (1st Reign) (Toshiaki Kawada 1, Samson Fuyuki 1)

AJPW Junior Heavyweight: Masanobu Fuchi (1st Reign)

AJPW All-Asia Tag Team: Inoue & Ishikawa (2nd Reign) (Mighty Inoue 4, Takashi Ishikawa 5)

The Big Event: Summer Action Series 1987

Attendance: 16,500 (Sold-Out)

Main Event: Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu Def. The Road Warriors for the NWA International Tag Team Championships. (B, 82)

Match of the Night: Dory Funk Jr. Def. Kensuke Sasaki (B+, 85)

Overall Show Rating: B, 77

Other News

• New Signings: N/A

• Departures: Kazuo Sakurada

• Financial Status: $88,320 LOSS


Jim Crockett Promotions

Size: Cult

Cash: $5,803,587

Figurehead: Ric Flair


NWA World Heavyweight: Ric Flair (6th Reign)

NWA United States Heavyweight: Adrian Adonis (1st Reign)

NWA World Television: Tully Blanchard (3rd Reign)

NWA World Six-Man Tag Team: Vacant

NWA World Tag Team: Awesome Twosome (1st Reign) (Rick Rude 1, Manny Fernandez 2)

NWA United States Tag Team: Ron Garvin (1) & Barry Windham (1)

NWA World Junior Heavyweight: Vacant

NWA Women’s: Toni Rose (1st Reign)

The Big Event: NWA Eddie Graham Memorial 1987

Attendance: 18,210

Main Event: Adrian Adonis Def. Lex Luger to retain the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship (C, 65)

Match of the Night: Ric Flair Def. Big Bubba Rogers to retain NWA World Heavyweight (B, 79)

Overall Show Rating: C+, 68

Other News

New Signings: N/A

Departures: Linda Dallas

Financial Status: $191,583 GAIN


American Wrestling Association

Size: Cult

Cash: $2,193,940

Figurehead: None


AWA World Heavyweight: Nick Bockwinkel (6th Reign)

AWA World Tag Team: The Midnight Express (1st Reign) (Randy Rose 1, Dennis Condrey 1)

AWA World Women’s: Sherri Martel (3rd Reign)

AWA Light Heavyweight: Vacant

The Big Event: AWA June Supercard 1987

Attendance: 12,214

Main Event: Wahoo McDaniel & Jimmy Snuka Def. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers. (B, 78)

Match of the Night: Dick Slater Def. Larry Zbyszko (B, 82)

Overall Show Grade: C+, 66

Other News:

• New Signings: N/A

• Departures: N/A

• Financial Status: $146,097 LOSS

Other Industry News:

Deaths: N/A


• Red Bastien (Age 56)

• The Sheik (Age 61)

• Mick McManus (Age 67)

• Don Owen (Age 75)

• Salvador Lutteroth (Age 90)

• Angelo Poffo (Age 62)

• Donna Christenello (Age 45)

• Klaus Kauroff (Age 46)

Coming up this week... I'll have the mid-year awards being posted up Wednesday. Friday, I'll be posting July's Roster Breakdown & Championship History Update. Afterwards, next week, we'll get the ball rolling towards the hottest pay-per-view of the year, Summerslam!

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