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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #19 (07/16 & 07/17)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #19

July 16th, 1987

From the John E. Worthen Arena in Muncie, Indiana

Attendance: 11,500 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura


The show kicks off with Bobby Heenan searching for Paul Orndorff, after searching the halls, Orndorff appears. Heenan says that he apologizes for their downward spiral and that he’s willing to put the past behind them, so that they can work together to kill Hulkamania. Orndorff says that he too is willing to put the past behind them and that means leaving Bobby Heenan and doing what is best for himself.

Paul Orndorff:You’re exactly right Bobby, we should put the past behind us and since you’re a part of my past, you’re no longer needed in my career. My intentions when I was a member of your group, was to seize the WWF World Heavyweight championship, not kill Hulkamania. You never had me in the best of your interests, as you granted Bundy and Race title shots, forgetting about me. This Sunday, I have that chance to seize the gold and I got there without you’re help. This Sunday, I’ll win the WWF World championship, WITHOUT you’re help!

Orndorff begins to leave the scene, as Bobby Heenan’s expression shows that he cannot believe his services were denied.

Normal, Singles Match

Davey Boy Smith (/w Dynamite Kid) Vs. Nikolai Volkoff (/w Vladimir Petrov)

It was announced on this past Wrestling Challenge, that the British Bulldogs would be facing the Russian Alliance members, Nikolai Volkoff and Vladimir Petrov. Tonight, Smith and Volkoff brought the offense to each other and made this a physical and entertaining bout. Petrov tried to help Nikolai several times, but soon was stopped by Dynamite Kid. The two began to brawl outside the ring, as Smith delivered the Running Powerslam, to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith

Match Time: 6:37

Finish: Running Powerslam leads to Pin.


The audience were then brought to Randy Savage’s home, in which Savage promised fans that he wouldn’t let Nikita Koloff’s reign of terror continue. Savage says he knows exactly what he’s getting himself into and that he’s prepared to go to war against Nikita. Savage says that while he has seen guys like Jake Roberts, Davey Boy Smith and Roddy Piper fall to Nikita, he himself will not be making that list.

Randy Savage:Nikita Koloff, I hope you’re as ready as I am for this Sunday, pal! Because, at Bashed in the USA, you’re going to be in for the fight of your life, yeah! You’ve been making yourself quite a list of people who have fallen to your strength, but you can forget about adding my name! OOOHHHH YEAH! I feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins, the madness burning in my heart and Nikita, only this Sunday will you know what the TRUE MADNESS is all about! OOOHHHHH YEEEAAAHH!!

A recap video is shown of this past Wrestling Challenge, in which Mr. Perfect and the new WWF World Television Champion, Koko B. Ware had an altercation. Perfect made the claim that he feels as though he should have won the championship, while Koko B. Ware, made it clear that he could have himself a match right here tonight, on Superstars of Wrestling.

WWF World Television Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Mr. Perfect Vs. Koko B. Ware ©

Koko B. Ware kicked off his title reign, with a big challenge by facing off against Mr. Perfect. These two men looked great in this one, showcasing tremendous wrestling abilities and agility. The fans were on the edge of their seats, as they had no idea on who would emerge victorious. Mr. Perfect connected with a Perfect-Plex, in hopes of capturing the title but Koko kicked out right before 3. Koko B. Ware bounced back on the offensive side of things and soon delivered his own finishing maneuver, the Bird Buster. Koko B. Ware then went for the pin, as Perfect had his foot on the rope at 2, the referee didn’t notice and counted the pin, declaring Koko B. Ware the winner of the match by pinfall.

Winner: Koko B. Ware

Defence: #1

Match Time: 7:08

Finish: Despite Perfect’s foot on the rope, the Bird Buster gave Koko B. Ware the Pin.


After the match, Koko B. Ware celebrated inside the ring, as Mr. Perfect looked on, furious with the referee’s decision. Afterwards, Perfect went on and attacked Koko B. Ware from behind and delivered a Perfect-Plex. Perfect left Koko B. Ware laid out in the ring, as he stormed up the ramp, outraged that the referee didn’t notice his foot on the rope.


Backstage, as Paul Orndorff is shown doing push-ups, as he gets prepared for his big final match against the WWF World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan. The Russian Alliance soon show up, which prompts Orndorff to stand on his feet. Ivan Koloff says that Orndorff shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked by them, at least for now anyways. Ivan says that he’s here to recommend that Orndorff drops out of his match against Hogan this Sunday. Koloff adds that Nikita Koloff wants Hogan added to his list once he finishes things up with Randy Savage. Ivan then says that if Orndorff does walk out as champion this Sunday, he’ll wish he hadn’t.

Ivan Koloff:I’m sure you are well aware of who we are by now, yes? You had about a good month of recovering from injury, to see just exactly what we’re all about. Don’t be alarmed though, we’re not here to attack you, not yet anyways. We’re here to make sure you get the message, which is that you drop out of your match against Hulk Hogan. Nikita wants him on his hitlist next, as soon as he finishes up with Randy Savage. Do what is best for yourself and your career, because if you do end up victorious, you’ll end up being our next victim.

Without a word from Orndorff, the Russian Alliance begin to walk out of the room. Nikita faces Orndorff in the eyes, gives him a slight push, before heading out with the rest of the group.


The audience is greeted by Gene Okerlund backstage, where his guest tonight is Memphis’ very own, Jerry Lawler. Okerlund talks to Lawler about Harley Race accepting his challenge for this Sunday’s Bashed in the USA. Lawler says that he is glad that Race accepted, because now he’s going to showcase exactly why they call him the king down in Memphis, Tennesse. Lawler adds that he knows Race has had tremendous success outside the WWF but Lawler says that once they both step inside the ring, none of that is going to matter.

Jerry Lawler:Harley Race, this Sunday, it’s going to be a battle, some may even call it a war but however way you look at it, only one of us is walking out victorious. You seem to think that your success stories intimidate me, let me remind you that I too, have success stories under my belt. The fact of the matter is, that no matter how much success we have had in the past, come Sunday, none of that is going to matter. This Sunday, the only thing that’s going to matter is you, me and whoever walks out as victorious.

Normal, Singles Match

Jerry Lawler Vs. Dino Bravo

Jerry Lawler has had a great start in debuting for the WWF, while Dino Bravo has been struggling to find his rhythm in the company. While, Lawler certainly came into this match in hopes of boosting his momentum, Bravo was looking for anyway to stop Lawler in his tracks. The two battled it out in the ring, both looking determined to get the win. Lawler had a slip-up, which almost cost him the match half-way through. In the end though, Lawler managed to execute the Piledriver on Bravo and follow it up with the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

Match Time: 6:15

Finish: Piledriver by Lawler leads to Pin.


In his last interview of the night, before this Sunday’s PPV, Bashed in the USA, Gene Okerlund interviews the WWF World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan, on his upcoming match against long-time friend and rival, Paul Orndorff. Hogan says that Orndorff has heart, courage and determination, to come out and issue him a challenge last week, after the injury he suffered from the hands of King Kong Bundy. Hogan says that he’s looking really forward to closing the book with Orndorff and that this Sunday, the best man will win.

Hulk Hogan:I have to give it up for Paul Orndorff, brother! The man has heart, courage and determination, after everything he has been through, to come out last week and say he wants to finish the final chapter with Hulkamania. Orndorff and I go way back and just like Andre and I, it all went sour when he aligned himself with that weasel, Bobby Heenan. I give major props to Orndorff for seeing the light, dude. Now, he and I got a match this Sunday, where only the best man will leave victorious. Regardless of the outcome, whether it be Orndorff or myself, in the end of the day, Orndorff is going to be a winner, brother. Orndorff, all I got left to say before our big match is that I’m going to give it my all to defend this world championship, in front of all my Hulkamaniacs, dude. I respect you Orndorff, but this championship that I hold is my very pride and I’m going to do whatever it takes to hold this championship for as long as I can, brother!

Normal, 6-Man Tag Team Match

Ricky Steamboat & The Rock N’ Roll Express Vs. Hercules & The Hart Foundation

Since this was the go-home show of Superstars of Wrestling, the main event featured two big matches put into one, to give fans a preview of this Sunday’s match-ups. Steamboat and Hercules kicked things off to a hot start, that had the fans very much involved. Hercules was still the dominating force that he is, while Steamboat did give him quite a challenge. Soon, Bret Hart and Ricky Morton began facing off, with Hart showcasing his tremendous in-ring ability. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson did great work on Jim, to help take him out of the match later on.

The finish came down between the WWF Intercontinental champion, Ricky Steamboat and the challenger, Hercules. The Rock N’ Roll Express and the Hart Foundation took their battle on outside the ring, as they began going up the ramp. Steamboat tried to fight off Hercules’ massive strength but it was only a matter of seconds until Hercules locked in the Full Nelson submission hold. Steamboat tried his best to break out of the hold and almost did, until Hercules applied even more pressure to the hold. Soon, Steamboat began to pass out and the referee had no choice but to declare Hercules and The Hart Foundation, the winners of the match.

The show ends with Hercules standing above Ricky Steamboat, as the announce team question whether this will be the site that we see this Sunday. They plug the PPV once more before the show goes off the air.

Winners: Hercules and The Hart Foundation

Match Time: 10:13

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules on Steamboat leads to Submission.

TV Rating: 1.38 (1,038,190 Viewers)

Overall Show Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• We made a report awhile back in which Paul Orndorff was no longer going to receive another main event push after his substance abuse problems. However, things reportedly seem to be changing, as it seems Vince McMahon is giving Orndorff another chance. Rumor is that if Orndorff messes up when it matters the most this Sunday, he'll more than likely be suspended or in worse case, released. The WWF are prepared for this though, as they wouldn't just count on Orndorff. It is said that they have a plan "B" up their sleeve if worse comes to worse.

WWF Wrestling Challenge #19

July 17th, 1987

From the NIU Convocation Center in DeKalb, Illinois

Attendance: 9,802

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

Pre-Show: The Can-Am Connection picked up a win over The Natural Blonds in 6:37. (C-, 56)

Pre-Show: Dino Bravo earned the pinfall victory over Lanny Poffo in 4:37. (C-, 58)

The show begins with a video of Cactus Jack, who is inside a dark room. Jack says he loves to inflict pain and that this Sunday, he’s going to introduce Jim Duggan to an all-new kind of pain. (C+, 67)

Another video is played, this time featuring Jim Duggan, who says that he’s going to represent USA this Sunday and take down that psycho, Cactus Jack. HOOOOOOOOO! (C-, 58)

In a match that should give them some much needed momentum going into this Sunday’s tag title match, the Rock “n” Roll Express def. Tiger Chung Lee and “Iron” Mike Sharpe. (C+, 66)

A video package is played, in which Sting, who recently made his debut last week, tells the fans that he’s here to make a huge name for himself. The Stinger is here! (D, 46)

WWF Womens Championship: Linda Dallas got her title match and was on the verge of defeating the champion, Velvet McIntyre, until the referee called off the match, as McIntyre suffered an injury in the match. (C-, 54)

Another video promo was displayed, as both Brutus Beefcake and the Honky Tonk Man, talked about how they plan on walking out of this Sunday, victorious. (B, 77)

Jesse Ventura interviewed The Killer Bees, who praised their performance on Superstars, while the duo was quite pleased with the opportunity to go out and showcase what they can do. They suddenly get attacked by The Rougeau Brothers, who make a statement and turning heels in the process. (C, 62)

Nothing short of domination, King Kong Bundy earned an easy win over Art Barr. (C-, 55)

Paul Orndorff talked with Gene Okerlund, in which Orndorff claimed that this Sunday, could perhaps be the biggest match of his career and that he’s ready for it. (B, 80)

Butch Reed didn’t receive a warm welcome back, when he was defeated by Hulk Hogan on Superstars, but he certainly made sure to walk out victorious against Kamala. (C+, 70)

After the match, Slick announces that he has sold Butch Reed’s contract to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan for an undisclosed amount. Heenan greets Reed and promises to take him to the promise land, as the newest member of The Heenan Family. Reed, was completely shocked by Slick’s announcement but didn’t refuse Heenan’s services. (A, 89)

TV Rating: 0.50 (375,350 Viewers)

Overall Show Rating:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Paul Orndorff let it be known backstage after the show, that he really liked what Cactus Jack can do on the microphone. He mentioned that Jack should be given more mic time, to further showcase his abilities.

• Brutus Beefcake didn’t like Jim Duggan’s delivery on selling his match this Sunday. If word gets to Duggan, these two may not become a regular tag team, like management hopes to make them.

• Pat Patterson believes Vladimir Petrov doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the WWF, according to some reports, he was very displeased with Petrov’s performance on Superstars.

• Management were very pleased with tonight’s TV rating, as it marks the second highest rating the show has received all year long.

This Week’s News:

Saturday, July 11th

• Reports have come in that it seems Vladimir Petrov and Jacques Rougeau have some real backstage heat against one another. While the rumor isn't stated as a completely fact, some inside sources say that the two personally don't like each other.

• WWF has been bringing in several new faces as of late, but another one could be on the horizon. Leon White, a 30-year-old giant, who is on the rise in the independent scene and WWF are reportedly interested in his abilities and size. No word has been released on any contract negotiations at this time. All that is known is that, WWF are very keen on giving him a big push.

• One of World Class Championship Wrestling's most charismatic wrestler right now, Kerry Von Erich, has been sidelined for 2 months, following a floating knee cap.

Monday, July 13th

• 72-Year-old, Stu Hart has announced that he has officially decided to part ways with the business. He mentioned age being a big part of the reason being and that from here on out, he'll be enjoying the business as a fan.

Wednesday, July 15th

• WWF's Paul Boesch has officially retired today, at the age of 74.

Thursday, July 16

• Chuck Norris has announced that he's hanging up the boots. It's unclear whether Norris will stay around in the professional wrestling industry, but an answer is expected in the next coming weeks.


WWF Bashed in the U.S.A 1987 Match Card / Predictions

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Paul Orndorff Vs. Hulk Hogan ©


WWF Intercontinental Championship: Hercules Vs. Ricky Steamboat ©


WWF World Tag Team Championship: The Rock N' Roll Express Vs. The Hart Foundation ©


"The Macho Man" Randy Savage Vs. "The Russian King" Nikita Koloff


Jerry Lawler Vs. Harley Race


The British Bulldogs Vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Vladimir Petrov


Cactus Jack Vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan


"The Barber" Brutus Beefcake Vs. The Honky Tonk Man


Match of the Night?

How Many Championships Change Hands?

Wild Guess Question: "Superstar" Billy Graham makes his return to the WWF and he has a message to deliver. Will he deliver that message or will he be interrupted? If so, by who?:
The last PPV before we hit the road to the first WWF Summerslam! Looking forward to what you guys think will go down in this event. There will be plenty of time to get your predictions in, as the PPV itself will not be posted until next Friday.

The reason being is because I don't post for this dynasty on the weekends, especially since I started up my new WCW dynasty. And since I give 4 days to predict (not counting weekends) the show would hit Thursday but due to the format I have for shows being posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that is why the PPV won't be out until next week. Afterwards, it's full steam ahead to Summerslam!

Again, thanks to everyone checking out my work, giving feedback and making predictions!
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