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Default Raw #1322

Live from Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado!

A “Last Week on Raw” video package focussed on two things to kick-off the show, the two titles changes which took place. First, The Authors of Pain defeated The Deleters of Worlds to become the Raw Tag Team Champions, then they provided the assist for Jason Jordan to become Intercontinental Champion in the show’s Steel Cage main event.

Following an introduction from the commentators, would spoke of a “shift in the landscape of Raw” last week, Jason Jordan made his way to the ring. Walking down the ramp, the new Intercontinental Champion was joined by Akam & Rezar, The Authors of Pain.
Kicking off the show, Jason Jordan pointed to the three Championships that the trio held together, before opening with the following lines:

”You are looking at three extraordinary athletes...

You are looking at... three elite Champions!

WWE Universe… you are looking at Golden Alpha!”

Jason Jordan went on to talk about The Authors of Pain, saying that they aren’t simply two monsters, but in fact two of the most skilled competitors in the whole of the WWE. Jordan then talked about Akam as a “medal winning” Olympic-standard athlete, and Rezar as a “Heavyweight Champion” in the world of Kickboxing. Jordan said that he and The Authors of Pain have gold running through their veins, and the titles around their waists are proof of that. Having introduced “Golden Alpha”, it didn’t take long before Jason Jordan was cut off by the three members of The Shield.
Seth Rollins was understandably the most fired up of the three, and led the confrontation. Rollins didn’t focus on Jordan initially, instead asking why the two of them would do the bidding of Jordan. Unlike The Shield, Seth said there is a very clear weak link in the group. Refusing to refer to them as Golden Alpha, Seth Rollins said that he wanted Jason Jordan right now. Jordan laughed at Rollins, before shining up his Championship and rejecting the challenge. Rollins then got in Jordan’s face, causing Akam & Rezar to step up. Of course, their movements were matched by Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Sensing violence may be close, Drake Maverick came to the top of the ramp, looking to cool the situation.

Drake Maverick recommended that everyone calmed down, as they would be in action tonight. However, instead of making The Shield vs. Golden Alpha, Drake Maverick announced that tonight Jason Jordan and The Authors of Pain would face Seth Rollins and The Deleters of Worlds! It would also be announced that Ambrose & Reigns would be barred from ringside due to last week’s involvement.

Later in the evening, at something of a loose end, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns provided back-up to Chad Gable, catching Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers off guard. This meant that all three members of The Shield would be in six-man Tag Team action, with Reigns and Ambrose helping Chad Gable finally defeat Jinder Mahal.

Prior to the main event, Jason Jordan had looked to canvas the support of Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens, who appeared uninterested. After Jordan told The Authors of Pain this, they didn’t mind. This didn’t stop Jordan looking to get Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler on side. This also failed, with Drew & Dolph instead registering interest in the Raw Tag Team Championship. Jason Jordan even tried to call in a favour from Drake Maverick, with the Interim General Manager reminding him that he had already been rewarded for helping “save Raw from Kurt Angle”, and that any association with Stephanie McMahon was a one time thing.

When it came to the match, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn went back on their word, surprising even Jason Jordan.
Having just taken The Authors of Pain out, Seth Rollins was distracted by the appearance of Owens & Zayn. Despite making no contact with Seth Rollins, the presence of the duo brought out Ambrose and Reigns, who had been barred from ringside.
This caused the referee to take action, and in the distraction Jason Jordan was able to use one of the Tag Team titles to drop Matt Hardy. Once the referee regained focus, the damage had been done, and Jason Jordan was able to score a victory over Matt Hardy.

Golden Alpha bt. Seth Rollins & The Deleters of Worlds

After the match, the three members of The Shield regrouped, surrounding Jason Jordan in the middle of the ring. Before they could take action, The Authors of Pain returned to the ring, flanking Jason Jordan. The three of them appeared ready for the challenge and this resulted in Raw ending with a six-man stare down between Golden Alpha and The Shield.

Early in the show, Finn Balor was seen talking to his partner for the night, who was off screen. When the camera panned back, it became apparent that Balor’s opponent for the night would be Raw newcomer Randy Orton.
Despite Elias’ two biggest fans being Finn and Randy’s opponents for the night, “The Drifter” nowhere to be seen, informing the WWE Universe that he refused to perform. This was due to Randy Orton’s actions last week, where he hit Elias with two RKOs in the space of 24 hours. When it came to that match, Finn and Randy were able to pick up a convincing victory, shaking hands after the match as a sign of mutual respect.

Elsewhere, the rivalry between Bayley and Sasha Banks appeared close to finding a resolution, after Bayley once again attacked Sasha Banks.
This time Bayley’s involvement caused Natalya to be disqualified, and the second generation Superstar wasn’t happy. When the brawl looked to continue in the back, Drake Maverick decided enough was enough.
Confirming a match between the two at TLC, the Raw Interim General Manager announced that the match would be a Loser Leaves Raw match!

Also heating up this week was the rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman, as the former cut off the WWE Universal Champion as he addressed the WWE Universe.
Braun Strowman had been demanding answers from Drake Maverick, after the Interim General Manager promised that he would try and speak to Stephanie McMahon about the events surrounding Kurt Angle’s dismissal. However, Maverick was let off the hook, as Bobby Lashley’s arrival changed the Champion’s focus. Lashley told Braun that instead of looking at what goes on behind the curtain, he should focus on what Bobby is doing in the ring. This was followed by Bobby Lashley in action against Zack Ryder, who he defeated convincingly.

As Lashley stood tall, having shown impressive power, Braun Strowman returned to the ring. Because the match had been so short, Strowman suggested there was time to send someone down to face him. Strowman then defeated Mojo Rawley in a similarly decisive manner. Following the match, Braun Strowman raised his Championship in the air, with both himself and his TLC challenger proving their “alpha-male” statuses on Monday Night Raw!

Also on Raw...
  • Alexa Bliss and Mickie James picked up a victory over the team of Ember Moon and Nia Jax. When Ember Moon was pinned by Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax questioned her after the match. She asked Ember how she expects to become the Number One Contender, if she can’t pick up a victory against Alexa & Mickie. The challenge was clearly designed to bring more out of the young Raw Superstar.
  • While he didn’t agree with the methods they took last week, Bobby Roode was present with Dana Brooke as The Revival defeated Breezango. After the match, Roode was reluctant to join in with the celebrations, as Dana raised Dash & Dawson’s hands.

Quick Results
Alexa Bliss & Mickie James bt. Ember Moon & Nia Jax
Finn Balor & Randy Orton bt. Axel & Dallas

Bobby Lashley bt. Zack Ryder
Braun Strowman bt. Mojo Rawley
Chad Gable, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns bt. Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers

The Revival bt. Breezango
Sasha Banks bt. Natalya (DQ)
Golden Alpha bt. Seth Rollins & The Deleters of Worlds
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