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Default Raw #1325

Live from Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

The focus of the opening of the show was the attack from Baron Corbin to Braun Strowman last week. Coming completely out of nowhere, Baron Corbin would be put in a one on one match against the WWE Universal Champion, days before TLC!

Before the live show began, a pre-recorded promo from Bobby Lashley’s trainer Dan Lambert was shown, with the American Top Team founder confirming that there would be an ATT presence at Tables, Ladders & Chairs.
Dan Lambert also informed Braun Strowman that he is sending some American Top Team trainee to the Wells Fargo Center to give the WWE Universal Champion a taste of what is to come, after Strowman trashed their facility last week.

With the focus now in the ring, The Shield made their way out. The commentators promoted their TLC match with Jason Jordan, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (which was confirmed after The Authors of Pain’s Akam was declared unable to compete) this Sunday.
The Shield boys talked about the upcoming match, referring back to last year’s TLC when they were supposed to reunite. Roman Reigns said that between him getting ill, and Dean Ambrose’s injury, it seemed like The Shield reunion was cursed. Seth Rollins added that all three of them were focussed on their own business, but they felt like the fan’s at least deserved to see them in action at least one more time. Ambrose began to speak about the fact that it was this upcoming event and this match type that The Shield made their big debut in, but before he could talk about that, Baron Corbin came out to the ring.
Corbin talked about The Shield getting cosy with Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey, telling them to pass on a message to Braun Strowman. As Corbin vowed to take the WWE Universal Champion out before TLC, he was too cut off by Bobby Lashley.
As Lashley told Baron Corbin to get out of the ring, The Shield wondered how their moment had been hijacked completely. Roman Reigns got in Bobby Lashley’s face, but the number one contender didn’t back down. He then explained that he was in action to open Raw, and he’d appreciate it if he was given the space to continue “destroying” the competition.

Once the ring was cleared, Bobby Lashley scored a victory over Apollo Crews. As he stood tall, after a decisive victory, the commentators promoted TLC - and Raw’s main event between Baron Corbin and Lashley’s opponent Braun Strowman. Returning from the break, it was seen that the American Top Team trainees had arrived at the building, and had entered Bobby Lashley’s private locker room. It didn’t take long for Braun Strowman to respond to this, as he entered the office of Drake Maverick.
Braun Strowman’s message to the Interim General Manager was simple. He told Drake that if any of those American Top Team guys get involved in his match, then “it’s going to go down… tonight in Philly!”

Shown returning from his match with Bobby Lashley, a hurt Apollo Crews discovered No Way Jose and Titus O’Neil out cold. The culprits were no mystery, as Apollo Crews soon made eye contact with The Revival, who stood with Dana Brooke.

Looking back at last week, where Finn Balor saved Randy Orton from an attack from Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, the latter two competitors spoke about the footage that was shown. Reiterating their belief that Randy Orton has gotten lazy, they also took shots at Finn Balor, calling him a “competition winner” who looks like he’s just happy to be here.

Once the match began, Finn Balor proved that he was in the position he is based purely on merit, as he took the fight to the much larger Superstar across the ring from him. Of course, the success that Finn Balor was having was quickly shut down, as Dolph Ziggler got involved.
While this illegal involvement continued throughout the match, it was when Drew McIntyre seemed to be closing in on victory that Randy Orton made his way down to the ring.
Pulling Dolph Ziggler away off the apron, as he attempted to distract the referee, Randy Orton hit him with an RKO to the floor. This distracted Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton got onto the apron to get into it with him. Of course, Randy Orton couldn’t lay a hand on Drew McIntyre, but it doesn’t take much to fire up the Scottish Superstar. This distraction was enough for Finn Balor to take advantage, rolling Drew McIntyre up for the 1… 2… 3!

Finn Balor bt. Drew McIntyre

Having returned the favour from last week, Randy Orton entered the ring and stood beside Finn Balor. Leaving the ring, Drew McIntyre was furious. Scooping up Dolph Ziggler from the floor, McIntyre headed back up the ramp. Before they left, Finn Balor took a microphone, and (with a smile on his face) challenged Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to a tag team match!

Smackdown 1000 - Tomorrow Night!

Stephanie McMahon will be there… Will Braun, Ronda & The Shield make the jump?

Out of the promotional image for Smackdown 1000, Drake Maverick was shown in the office, speaking on the phone to Stephanie McMahon. Clearly, Maverick was being chastised for the speculation about some of Raw’s top stars being at Smackdown 1000 for more than just a celebration. With Drake Maverick still clearly flustered, Nia Jax made her way into the office.
Nia Jax questioned her lack of opponent for TLC, with Drake Maverick having to think fast. Looking at his iPad, Drake Maverick looked to the match up next, telling Nia Jax that the woman who gets the pin in the match up next, will face her on Sunday.

With the dynamic of the match changing at the last moment, Alexa Bliss was much more focussed. Having made her way to the ring looking laid back, the ring announcers confirmation that the person who scored the pinfall would face Nia Jax at TLC, brought something else out of Alexa Bliss. Initially expecting this match to be a chance for her to humiliate her opponents, Alexa’s priorities quickly changed.

Ember Moon was also fired up, but an attempt to take Mickie James out during the match saw her crash and burn. Now in a two on one situation, Natalya was taken down by Mickie with a Mick Kick. While Mickie could probably have won the match there, Alexa Bliss demanded that she be tagged in. Mickie James was torn, but after Bliss began to berate her, Mickie agreed to tag her partner in.

Natalya was down in the ring, and looking to seal the deal, Alexa Bliss set up for a Twisted Bliss. However, as Alexa Bliss left the corner, Mickie James tagged herself back in. Alexa Bliss connected with Natalya, but the referee wouldn’t count. Alexa Bliss was confused, until she looked at Mickie James. With a smile on her face, Mickie returned to the ring, as the referee forced Bliss to leave. Mickie James then pinned Natalya, with a huge grin on her face, picking up the victory.

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James bt. Ember Moon & Natalya

As Mickie James had her arm raised, Bliss couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Mickie James shrugged, laughing off Alexa’s reaction, as she left the ring. Backing up the ramp, Mickie James was enjoying stealing one from Alexa Bliss, but was stopped in her tracks by Nia Jax.
Turning round, Mickie James was clearly intimidated by the woman she will face at TLC. Nia Jax stared down the new number one contender, raising the Raw Women’s Championship above her head.

Heading to the back, Braun Strowman was seen directing the camera crew towards the locker room of Bobby Lashley.
Looking to pay the American Top Team trainees a visit, Braun Strowman banged on the door. When there was no answer, Braun Strowman was annoyed, but said that he was sure he’d see them later. Braun said that if they aren’t ready for a personal visit… then he’s happy to see them in the ring later tonight!

Returning from the break, Sasha Banks was interviewed about her match this Sunday against Bayley. Sasha Banks made it clear that she had total confidence in her chances against Bayley, saying that no matter what Bayley tries, Sasha Banks will be here on Raw next week.

Furthering the speculation about the future of Raw under Stephanie McMahon’s rule, footage was recapped of the “stand against” the treatment of Kurt Angle from last week. Ronda Rousey instigated the revolt against Stephanie McMahon and the “puppet GM” Drake Maverick, and was joined by several big name stars. Interviewed in the back, Ronda Rousey reaffirmed her position.
Ronda Rousey confirmed that she - along with other members of the Raw roster - would be at Smackdown 1000, and they wouldn’t just be there as spectators. Rousey added that as well as Stephanie McMahon, Shane is also going to be at Smackdown 1000, and she’s sure he’s going to be interested in what they have to say…

Rousey made it clear that if Stephanie McMahon doesn’t give the WWE Universe and the Raw Superstars the answers that they want to hear, then it’s going to be a tough few weeks for her, picking up the pieces of the brand that she is on the risk of destroying.

Returning to the ring, Elias spoke about Smackdown 1000, and the fact that he was still in negotiation for a performance at the show.
As a result, Elias was going to save his voice for the night. From there, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel took charge of riling up the crowd, looking to annoy them ahead of The Shield’s eventual entrance.
Coming out to save the WWE Universe from Elias and his support act, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came out and cleared the ring. Having successfully taken Elias’s group out, that was all the action that The Shield saw, ahead of Sunday’s TLC event. Before that however, Jinder Mahal made his way to the ring, ahead of his match with Seth Rollins. He demanded that Dean and Roman headed to the back, on the promise that The Singh Brothers would do the same.

Taking a proactive approach to the match, the aggressive Jinder Mahal looked to score a huge victory over the former Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins. While this allowed him to score some offence on his opponent, Jinder Mahal couldn’t finish Seth Rollins off. Going for a Khallas, Jinder Mahal was rolled up by Seth Rollins, but managed to kick out. However, Seth Rollins used his speed to get back to his feet quicker, taking advantage of the lumbering Mahal. As a result, he was able to hit Jinder Mahal with the Curb Stomp, picking up the victory.

Seth Rollins bt. Jinder Mahal

Following the match, Jason Jordan, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn appeared from seemingly out of nowhere, looking to catch Seth Rollins with a hit and run assault.
While the thrown together group seemed to have their plan well mapped out, they didn’t account for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns’ quick response.
As a result, the trio were forced to back up the ramp, with their only weapons being Kevin Owens’ words.

Cutting a promo on The Shield, Kevin Owens reiterated his belief that their success only came from their ability to outnumber their opponents. Owens counted out that it would be 3-on-3 at TLC, saying that the return of The Shield is going to be the most pathetic comeback since… their last one! Kevin Owens added that injuring Akam was the biggest mistake that The Shield ever made, because this Sunday is going to be the final nail in their coffin!

Returning to the third hour of Raw, Drake Maverick was joined in his office by Alexa Bliss. Alexa claimed that Mickie James was willing to hand over her shot at the Raw Women’s Championship over to her. Mickie James soon entered the room to deny it. As the two began to bicker, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Jason Jordan also entered the office. The trio wanted a warm-up match during the final hour of Raw, with Jason Jordan making the added request that Chad Gable be one of the opponents!

Not nearly as confident as Sasha Banks, Bayley also gave her thoughts ahead of the Loser Leaves Raw match that will take place at TLC.
Introducing a video package which she helped put together, some of Bayley’s best moments were shown, including her becoming the Raw Women’s Champion. Following the footage, an emotional Bayley spoke of her concern at having to potentially leave her “home brand”, but made it clear that she would fight until she could fight no more, in order to keep her place on the Raw roster.

While she did have a place on Raw, Bayley was in action against Ruby Riott. During the match, which saw Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan both get themselves involved, Sasha Banks came out - causing a DQ victory for Bayley.
Mocking her opponent, Sasha Banks explained that she wanted Bayley to taste victory one last time, before she is fired from Raw. Banks then hit Bayley with a Backstabber, before forcibly using her former friend’s hand to make her wave goodbye to the WWE Universe. Michael Cole said that if tonight was in fact Bayley’s last night on Raw, the humiliation of Banks’ treatment will stay with her forever.

Reacting to the attack of No Way Jose and Titus O’Neil earlier in the night, Apollo Crews confronted Bobby Roode about his association with The Revival and Dana Brooke. Roode explained that the assault had nothing to do with him, and their actions aren’t his problem. Apollo Crews didn’t buy this, telling Roode that it was about time he questioned who he was associating himself with.

Getting their wish of a warm-up match, the makeshift trio of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Jason Jordan were put against the even more thrown together Breezango and Chad Gable.
While Chad Gable saw this as his chance to finally get his hands on Jason Jordan, he didn’t, as the Intercontinental Champion avoided him completely. Making quick work of the opposition, the team who will face The Shield this Sunday picked up the win, as Sami Zayn pinned Tyler Breeze.

Smackdown 1000 - Tomorrow Night!

The Rock… comes homes!

Following heavy promotion for Smackdown 1000 tomorrow night, Baron Corbin made his entrance for the main event.
Standing in the ring waiting for Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin was ready to prove himself ahead of the WWE Universal Champion’s title defence against Bobby Lashley at TLC.
Braun Strowman spoke on his way to the ring, promising that he had something very special planned for Baron Corbin. Strowman said that he had been preparing for the chaos of the Tables Ladders and Chairs match all week, but said that he’d found a special corner of his mind for Baron Corbin. Before Braun Strowman could elaborate on what he meant, he was surrounded at ringside by the American Top Team trainees that had been sent by Dan Lambert.
Shortly after the six young athletes surrounded him, Bobby Lashley walked out from the back, smirking at the situation that Braun Strowman found himself in.
Stuck between a rock, a hard place and an even harder place, Braun Strowman knew what he had to do. Windmilling relentlessly, Braun Strowman fought his way to the top of the ramp, pushing his way past the American Top Team scrum that had formed.

When he reached Bobby Lashley, the two went nose to nose, only for their confrontation to be interrupted by Baron Corbin. Accusing Braun Strowman of ducking him was the stupidest thing Baron Corbin could have done, and the Universal Champion made his way back to the ring. With the American Top Team trainees having regrouped, Braun Strowman had to go through them once again, this time picking them off one at a time. Throwing the rookies around like ragdolls, Braun Strowman launched his attackers in every possible direction. The bizarre visual eventually resulted in Strowman reaching the ring, but his “match” with Corbin didn’t last very long.

Just moments after both men had entered the ring, Baron Corbin lunged at Braun Strowman, seemingly starting the match. Strowman quickly overpowered Baron Corbin, and within just a few seconds had him on his shoulder for the Running Powerslam. Pinning Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman picked up a victory which shocked and confused everybody, with the commentators unsure if that counted as an official match up.

Either way, Braun Strowman was far from done, not forgetting his “special plan” for Baron Corbin. Taking a bag from underneath the ring, Braun Strowman pulled a pair of scissors from it. Staring down towards Bobby Lashley at the top of the ramp, Braun Strowman cut the ponytail off Baron Corbin’s head, throwing the hair up above him. Baron Corbin tried to escape, but Braun Strowman held him in position, keeping his focus on Bobby Lashley.

Braun Strowman then pulled a pair of clippers from the bag, throwing it down next to Baron Corbin. Strowman told the man he had just defeated that if he wanted to be just like Bobby Lashley, he should feel free to shave his head, because that’s the only difference between what happened tonight, and what will happen at Tables, Ladder & Chairs! Braun Strowman then turned his attention back to Bobby Lashley, saying that at Tables, Ladders and Chairs on Sunday… “The Destroyer” iw going to find himself in the middle of a human-version of the demolition derby!

Quick Results:
Bobby Lashley bt. Apollo Crews
Finn Balor bt. Drew McIntyre

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James bt. Ember Moon & Natalya
Seth Rollins bt. Jinder Mahal

Bayley bt. Ruby Riott (DQ)
Jason Jordan, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn bt. Breezango & Chad Gable
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