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Default Raw #1326

Live from XL Center, Hartford, Connecticut!

Raw began with a “ Exclusive” from earlier today, featuring Stephanie McMahon in her office at the arena.
Issuing a statement less than 24 hours after the TLC event, Stephanie McMahon announced that Kurt Angle had been reinstated to his position as General Manager of Raw, due to “popular demand”. With a smile on her face, Stephanie McMahon said that the opinions of “her talent”, and more importantly “her fans”, was always key in any decision that she made when running Monday Night Raw.

Pulling away from a laptop screen in his office, Kurt Angle was watching the statement with a smile on his face. Ronda Rousey walked into the room, hugging Kurt Angle.
The two then spoke about Smackdown 1000 last week, with Ronda saying that Shane McMahon did them all a favour by showing Stephanie how to run a show. Kurt Angle remained tight lipped about his boss, but did refer to the announcement made on Smackdown 1000 regarding the formation of the Women’s Tag Team Championships match. Ronda Rousey was pleased that Kurt mentioned that, as she had somebody she wanted to introduce to the General Manager. Walking off-screen, Ronda Rousey re-entered the room, this time returning with her friend Shayna Baszler.
Shayna shook hands with Kurt Angle, saying that it was great to be at Raw. Kurt Angle was delighted to see the former NXT Women’s Champion, telling her that they needed to talk business right away!

Following the opening segment, a video package recapped various moments from TLC. While these were all looked at more deeply throughout the night, the package closed with Bayley sat in the middle of the ring, crying as she lost her place on the Raw roster.

Coming out to the live audience, Sasha Banks made her entrance, just 24 hours after condemning Bayley to an uncertain future.
Once she entered the ring, a smug Sasha Banks reveled in her victory. She claimed that it wasn’t her who ended Bayley’s Raw career, it was Bayley herself. Sasha continued to run down Bayley, saying that she got exactly what she deserved at TLC. Moving on, Banks said that it was time that she got what she deserved. That thing being, a shot at Nia Jax’s Raw Women’s Championship! This direct challenge brought out the woman who had defeated Mickie James, also under 24 hours ago.
Nia Jax confronted Sasha Banks, telling her that it wasn’t her that was the obstacle between them having a match for the title. Jax said that she would be more than happy to defend her Championship against Sasha Banks, just because she’d want to teach “The Boss” a little thing called respect. Nia added that instead of coming out complaining, Sasha should go and find the reinstated Kurt Angle and ask him what she needs to do to get a title shot.

Sasha Banks told Nia Jax that was exactly what she intended to do, but looked to blindside the Champion after pretending to head to the back. Nia Jax was ready for this, and put her title down to fight off Sasha Banks. Hitting Sasha Banks with a Samoan Drop as she tried to attack her, Nia Jax laid out the wannabe challenger, who rolled out of the ring. Fired up, Nia Jax looked to the audience to back her up. However, as Nia Jax looked to raise the atmosphere and heat up the crowd, she forgot about Sasha. Coming back from the outside of the ring, Sasha Banks picked up on Nia Jax’s lack of focus, grabbing the Championship from the canvas. Banks then ran into Nia Jax, hitting her as she turned around with the title itself. This collision to the side of Nia Jax’s head sent her crashing down on the mat, with Sasha Banks having toppled her much larger rival, albeit with the help of the Champion’s own title.

Returning from the commercial break, it was time for another visit to the office of Kurt Angle. As he settled back into familiar surroundings, the former Interim General Manager, Drake Maverick entered the office.

Offering Kurt Angle a handshake, Drake Maverick was quickly informed by the Raw General Manager that while it was nice to meet him, “I don’t think you’re needed around here anymore”. Drake Maverick continued the handshake longer than necessary, before telling Kurt Angle that he was going nowhere. He added that while it may be the case that Kurt Angle was once again the General Manager, Drake had been kept on as an “Advisor” to the GM, in order to “ensure that the flagship remains on course…”

While Kurt Angle was clearly a little annoyed by this, he had little time to look into it further, as Ember Moon stormed into his office.
Ember Moon explained to Kurt Angle that she had just watched what Sasha Banks did, and said that she wasn’t about to let Sasha Banks jump to the head of the line. This gave Kurt Angle an idea, and given that he was reinstated on pretty short notice, he still had spaces left for a couple of match. With Ember Moon and Sasha Banks both wanting to prove themselves, what better way could there be than them going one on one, and “settling it in the ring”! As the commentators soon noted, “Kurt Angle is back in business”.

The first match of the night saw Bobby Roode beat Titus O’Neil. After O’Neil helped Apollo Crews & No Way Jose score a victory over The Revival at TLC, it was clear this rivalry wasn’t over. In the chaos of this match, as an argument broke out between those at ringside, Bobby Roode hit a low blow to Titus O’Neil. Having kept his integrity, despite being aligned with The Revival and Dana Brooke, it appeared Bobby Roode was now all in with the group. After Bobby Roode pinned Titus O’Neil, The Revival joined him in the ring to raise his arms.

His demeanor changed almost entirely, Bobby Roode looked extremely smug as he stood tall with his allies.

Sending over to footage from earlier today, The Shield were seen entering the building together. With speculation rife all day, the commentators said that Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins would in the ring later for a huge announcement.

Having returned to the back after Bobby Roode had defeated Titus O’Neil by hitting a low blow, Dana Brooke led her associates in an interview.
Dana Brooke said that what everybody saw tonight was the real side of “The Glorious One”, the same side that saw him become a Champion all around the world. Brooke explained that Roode just needed somebody to unlock that, to spark The Revival!

As Roode stepped forward, Brooke went further, introducing “The Glorious Revival… of Robert Roode!”

Roode then cut a cocky promo, saying that with Dash, Dana and Dawson by his side, he feels more alive… more powerful… and more glorious than ever. He told the interviewer that Monday Night Raw is going to be taught a lesson in this “Glorious Revival”, and it’s simply that “it pays… to be Roode!”

With a loud, hearty laugh, Robert Roode led the group out of the interview area, having promised that a “Glorious Revival” was coming to Raw.

Making their way to the ring before the match, Ziggler & McIntyre had an axe to grind. This wasn’t surprising, given their constant issues with their position on the show, and Dolph Ziggler spoke out about the following match not being on the WWE Network’s TLC the previous night. This didn’t matter to fans, who were ready for the action to commence.

The commentators agreed that the match was worthy of being on a PPV, but explained that with the star studded roster of Smackdown and Raw, sometimes there isn’t space for everybody. When the match was underway, the setting didn’t make much difference, with both teams desperate to win. Obviously there could be only one, and when Dolph Ziggler found himself alone in the ring with Randy Orton, he was stuck with an RKO out of nowhere. As Ziggler slumped to the mat, it was clear the match was over.

Finn Balor & Randy Orton bt. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Frustrated by the defeat, which again came without him being pinned, Drew McIntyre looked down on his partner as he entered the ring. Extremely annoyed, as he was forced to watch Finn and Randy stand tall, Drew McIntyre shook his head at Dolph Ziggler, before leaving the ring. Heading up the ramp, Drew McIntyre walked out on his partner, clearly needing some space from the man who brought him back to Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw - October 22nd 2018 - Live on the USA Network!

Kicking off the second hour of the show, the Commissioner of Raw made her way to the ring. With a smile on her face, Stephanie McMahon was clearly trying to gain the favour of the WWE Universe, having been overshadowed by Shane McMahon’s popularity at Smackdown 1000.
Once in the ring, Stephanie McMahon addressed the fans, trying to play nice as she spoke (in somewhat of a patronising tone) about the “great job” that Kurt Angle had been doing tonight. While Kurt Angle was back in charge of Raw, Stephanie said that some decision had already been made prior to his reinstatement, and as a result they would still be enacted. That brought Stephanie McMahon to the announcement that she had come down to the ring to make.

Promoting Survivor Series as one of the biggest shows of the WWE calendar, Stephanie felt that the show needed a main event worthy of the occasion. As always, she knew that Raw was the brand to provide the blockbuster main event. On that note, Stephanie announced a Mixed Tag Team match, featuring the “Universal Champion” Braun Strowman and “The Baddest Woman on The Planet” Ronda Rousey. Who their opponents would be was not disclosed, with Stephanie promising more information in the weeks leading up to Survivor Series. Not happy with this lack of information, Ronda Rousey made her way to the ring.
Ronda Rousey demanded to know who her opponent would be at Survivor Series, saying that she knows that Stephanie McMahon wouldn’t have announced the match if she didn’t know already. Stephanie said that “plans can change”, and until then she isn’t willing to announce anything. However, in order to placate Rousey, Steph said that she was sure the ink would be dry by the end of the evening. If Ronda Rousey came out to the ring at the end of the night, then Stephanie McMahon said she would introduce her to the Female Superstar who would be across the ring from her at Survivor Series.

Heading back to the office of Kurt Angle (and his advisor Drake Maverick), the Raw General Manager was seemingly impressed with the announcement just made, and told Drake Maverick as much. However, as he looked to continue the conversation with Drake, Jason Jordan entered the room.
Kurt asked Jordan what he wanted, but the Intercontinental Champion was more interested in talking to the “Advisor” Drake Maverick. Having been through a physically demanding match the previous evening, Jason Jordan asked Drake to pull some strings and get him the night off. Quickly, Kurt Angle stamped his authority on the situation, saying that he was once again in charge of Raw, and that was very bad news for Jason Jordan.

Kurt Angle said that since that night at SummerSlam, only one person has wanted to get their hands on Jason Jordan as much as he had. Chad Gable. Kurt said that not only is Jason Jordan going to face Chad Gable one-on-one tonight, but since he didn’t defend his title at TLC, the match is going to be for the Intercontinental Championship. Jason Jordan refused to accept Kurt’s decision, but the Raw General Manager said “oh it’s true… it’s damn true!”

Returning to ringside, the commentators talked through stills of Bobby Lashley’s unsuccessful challenge for the WWE Universal Championship at TLC. This included the huge spot where a member of American Top Team was Chokeslammed through a Table from the top of a Ladder. When the match got underway, Heath Slater looked to encourage Rhyno, despite the huge challenge ahead. On the other side of the ring, Dan Lambert directed a Bobby Lashley who was clearly in the mood for destruction.

Completely one sided as far as the action went, Bobby Lashley made quick work of Rhyno, hitting him with a Spear after only a few minutes. Focussed and looking to rebuild, Lashley was always likely to win this one.

Bobby Lashley bt. Rhyno

After the match, Dan Lambert joined Bobby Lashley in the ring, encouraging him to inflict more damage to Rhyno. The vicious assault brought Heath Slater into the ring, but he suffered a very similar fate.
Bringing an even more ruthless and aggressive side out of Bobby Lashley, Dan Lambert barked orders at the dual-sports Superstar. “The Destroyer” left Heath Slater & Rhyno in the middle of the ring, stacking Staler on top of his partner with a Dominator.

Looking for a soundbite regarding the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, had approached Alexa Bliss and Mickie James for comment earlier in the day of the show.
Putting them together, despite their differences in the last week, got an insight into the current status of their friendship. While Alexa Bliss looked to professionally answer the question, speaking positively about the addition of a Women’s Tag Team division, Mickie James cut her off. As Alexa spoke about how great it would be to become the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Mickie told her “I don’t know if I can trust you, Alexa”. Mickie James then walked away, leaving Alexa Bliss a little bit embarrassed.

Back from a commercial break, Stephanie McMahon was seen in the back, talking to The Riott Squad. Approaching her, the General Manager Kurt Angle had a huge smile on his face. Stephanie told Ruby and co. that she’d talk to them later, as Kurt Angle held his phone up. Kurt Angle walked with Stephanie McMahon, telling her that he’s just confirmed a huge new signing to Monday Night Raw…

Both looking at the Raw Women’s Championship, this match was put over as having a significant impact on the naming of the next Number One Contender to Nia Jax’s title. If this was the case, it was Sasha Banks who took the positive step towards getting a shot, as she picked up a victory over Ember Moon. Each of the Superstars did have chance to win the match, but it ended up being a roll up which secured the victory for Sasha Banks. This came after Ember Moon had hit the turnbuckle hard, as Sasha Banks prevented an attempted Eclipse.

Sasha Banks bt. Ember Moon

As Sasha Banks stood tall in celebration after the match, it was put over that she was a good shout to be the next Number One Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship.

Returning for the final part of the second hour of Raw, a video package played that looked back at The Shield’s run together since they realigned last year. Featuring stills from last night’s TLC, the footage led into the entrance of The Shield. As the three men made their way down to the ring, the commentators put over the speculation that had been circling all day, looking forward to hearing from Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins.
Dressed as they had been last night, in their matching Shield attire, the three men each talked about what last night meant to them. Explaining that they felt that the fans deserved to see the reunion that they were promised at last year’s TLC, the trio said they were more than happy to take part in one of the most exciting matches in all of the WWE.

From here, the three members of The Shield took turns talking about what the group had meant to them, with the tone becoming fairly clearly early on. Eventually, Seth Rollins was the one to confirm that they would be once again hanging up the vests. Dean Ambrose explained that they had done what needed to be done, and they had restored order with the rest of the Raw roster. They’d left nobody in any doubt that they still run the place. Roman Reigns closed saying that The Shield were done… for now. He added that while at the moment the “Hounds of Justice” weren’t needed on Raw, if there was ever a time when they were needed… they were just one call away. As Reigns said this, the “Sierra… Hotel… India… Echo… Lima… Delta” of their theme music played, and the three men posed in the ring for what was potentially the last time ever.
WWE Raw - October 22nd 2018 - Live on the USA Network!

The third hour of Raw began with another look back at TLC. This time, exclusive footage showed the moment that a member of the American Top Team was stretchered out of the building and placed in an ambulance. As this happened, several other members of the team were looked at by medical personnel. To see what happened in full, viewers were encouraged to log on to the WWE network. Before they did that however, the WWE Universal Champion made his way to the ring.
After referencing the Survivor Series main event, Braun Strowman cut a promo, putting over the chaotic events of TLC. Strowman said that objects and bodies were flying everywhere… and that’s just how he likes it!

“The Monster Amongst Men” then went on to put over Bobby Lashley, despite the fact that he allowed his team to get involved. Braun Strowman said that Bobby Lashley hit him with “The Spear That Shook The Universe” two months ago, admitting that “The Destroyer” got his attention. Braun said that Bobby is one of the strongest and toughest Superstars he had ever faced. Despite that, Braun Strowman was still the Universal Champion. As Strowman raised his Championship to demonstrate this, the music of Baron Corbin played. Having been embarrassed by Strowman last week, Corbin displayed a new look.
With his hair in an awkward state, having had his ponytail cut by Braun Strowman last week, Baron Corbin was furious with the WWE Universal Champion. Corbin hold Braun Strowman as much, admitting that he had been humiliated by him last week. Vowing payback, Baron Corbin told Strowman he’d made a huge mistake. The Champion just laughed. Continuing to make fun of Baron Corbin’s look, Strowman took pleasure in mocking the man who attacked him two weeks ago, seemingly for no reason.

Corbin continued to grow frustrated, particularly as Strowman refused to take him seriously. As a result, Corbin was determined to grab Strowman attention, and did so by slapping him across the face. Braun Strowman took a moment to register this, and by the time he had, Corbin had left the ring and exited up the ramp.

Having been defeated by The Shield last night, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn kept a low profile throughout Raw, but were interviewed having requested time. They claimed during the interview that the real reason that The Shield quit is because they requested to face them again. After speaking to the interviewer, KO & Zayn went to go and talk to Stephanie McMahon.

However, as they reached Stephanie McMahon’s office, Roman Reigns was seen walking out of it. Reigns looked fired up and focussed, with Owens & Zayn shocked by Reigns seemingly having a private meeting with the Commissioner of Raw. They looked to camera, saying “did you just see that?”, apparently feeling they had just witnessed a scandalous moment.

While they were not joined by Elias, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel showed their devotion to him by wearing t-shirts of their favourite performer. Before the match, Bray Wyatt confronted the duo, saying that they were following a false prophet.
Bray said that he knew that the pair felt lost, and they were looking for purpose, but he warned them about their undying loyalty to Elias. Wyatt explained that he was speaking from experience…

The Deleters of Worlds went on to defeat Elias’ “support act”, but the events that followed the match turned things on their head. As Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt stood tall in the ring, Elias came down unnoticed.
Lunging on Bray Wyatt and grabbing him by the legs, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel allowed Elias to pull Matt Hardy out of the ring. Elias threw Matt Hardy into the railing at ringside, before dragging him up the ramp. Picking his instrument up, Elias placed Matt Hardy at the edge of the stage, hitting him with a Guitar Shot to the back. Matt Hardy dropped from the stage to the ground below, and it quickly became apparent that he was in a lot of trouble. EMTs rushed onto the scene, helping him to the back. While this was going on, the commentators talked about an incident that was taking place in the back.

Heading over to the Parking Lot, Braun Strowman appeared to be on the warpath. As he looked for Baron Corbin, shouting out in the large, empty lot, Strowman spotted the man who slapped him earlier in the night.
Unfortunately for the vengeful Universal Champion, Baron Corbin was on his Motorbike. Clearly ready to leave the building, a smug Baron Corbin told Braun Strowman “you can’t tip this over… Champ!” Corbin then laughed at Strowman, before riding out of the building. Even angrier, Braun Strowman could do nothing but watch… and maybe plan his next move against Baron Corbin.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Prior to the match, Chad Gable was interviewed about his chances. Gable said that while he was happy to finally get his hand on the traitor Jason Jordan, he had to focus on the fact he had a chance at the historic Intercontinental title. Gable said that he couldn’t let his emotions cost him the opportunity to become a Champion. This was followed by a video package, which relayed the relationship between American Alpha, who were former Smackdown Tag Team Champions before Jordan was brought to Raw.

When the match began, Jason Jordan looked to get under the skin of his old friend. Chad Gable tried to stay calm and focussed, but eventually Jordan’s natural ability to wind people up got the better of him. This caused Chad Gable to make mistakes, and eventually Jason Jordan was in control of the match. While a competitive match followed, Chad Gable was unable to get the better of his former partner. Despite giving everything to become the Intercontinental Champion, Gable could have no complaints when Jason hit the Jordan Slam (Angle Slam) for the victory.

Jason Jordan (c) bt. Chad Gable

Returning to the final part of Raw, the commentators recapped events from earlier in the night, and the announcement made by Stephanie McMahon that Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey would team up for the main event of Survivor Series. Ronda Rousey wasn’t happy that their opponents were being kept a secret, demanding to know who would be across the ring from her at the show. With Stephanie McMahon promising her an answer by the end of the evening, Ronda Rousey came down to the ring looking for just that.
Ronda Rousey’s message was quick and simple, she demanded that Stephanie McMahon bring out her opponent for Survivor Series… right now! While Rousey was made to wait a while, Stephanie McMahon did eventually make her way out to the top of the ramp. Stopping there, Stephanie McMahon was handed a microphone.
Stephanie McMahon told Ronda Rousey to lighten up, saying that they weren’t doing this to get under her skin, there were just a few things that needed to be finalised before they could make the announcement. Rousey was clearly getting impatient, and Stephanie (still trying to stay on side with the fans) tried to lighten the mood. Soon, she pointed to the back, seemingly introducing Ronda to the woman she would be facing at Survivor Series…


The Riott Squad came down to the ring, to the bemusement of just about everybody, including the commentators and Ronda Rousey herself. Riott however made it clear that she was ready to be Ronda’s opponent. Once the three women made it to the ring, Ronda Rousey looked at Stephanie, dismissively asking “this is the best you’ve got?”

Each taking a side of the ring, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan surrounded Ronda. While she could have taken any of the women on at any time, Ronda Rousey was fairly skeptical of taking on all three of The Riott Squad at once. When they entered the ring, and as Ronda prepared to try and take on the trio of Superstars, she received back up from the woman she introduced to Raw earlier.
As Shayna Baszler walked past Stephanie, she threw a look of contempt the Commissioner’s way, before joining Ronda Rousey in the ring. Together, the two best friends were able to clear the ring of The Riott Squad, making swift work of Ronda’s apparent Survivor Series opponent. Standing tall together, Shayna and Ronda stared down the regrouping Riott Squad, and Stephanie McMahon who had set them on Ronda.

Handing the microphone back to Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler encouraged her friend to fire back at Stephanie McMahon. While Ronda Rousey did this, Shayna herself hung back, standing behind her. It soon became apparent something wasn’t quite right. This became all the more clear as Ronda Rousey aggressively asked Stephanie McMahon “Really? Really?! This is the best you’ve got?!”

Ronda Rousey repeated this question towards Stephanie, but behind her the pieces began to fit together. While not the most shocking of twists, the commentators were surprised when Ronda Rousey’s rant towards Stephanie McMahon was cut off by an arm wrapped around her neck. Attacking her best friend from behind, Shayna Baszler began to choke out “The Baddest Woman on the Planet”. Ronda tried to wrestle free, but it was too late. Slowly but surely, the life drained out of Ronda Rousey’s body. For the first time in her WWE career, Rousey was dominated and laid out in the ring. Releasing the vice-like Rear Choke, an intense Shayna Baszler stood over Rousey, a snarl continuously etched on her face. As the former NXT Women’s Champion looked down on her victim, Stephanie McMahon gleefully announced:

”Ronda Rousey… your Survivor Series opponent… SHAYNA BASZLER!”

Quick Results
Bobby Roode bt. Titus O’Neil
Finn Balor & Randy Orton bt. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Bobby Lashley bt. Rhyno
Sasha Banks bt. Ember Moon

The Deleters of Worlds bt. Dallas & Axel
Jason Jordan (c) bt. Chad Gable [Intercontinental Championship Match
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