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Default Raw #1327

Live from Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, Maryland!

Raw opened with footage from earlier in the day. Taking place in the Parking Lot, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were shown getting out of a vehicle.
As they walked into the building, it was explained that Stephanie and Hunter were here to address the entire Raw roster. By the end of the night, one male from Superstar the Raw roster would be confirmed as Shayna Baszler’s partner to face Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

Coming out of that, a video package caught anybody who missed last week’s show up on Shayna Baszler’s attack of Ronda Rousey, after The Riott Squad were sent out as a decoy. Choking Ronda Rousey out in the middle of the ring, Shayna stood tall to end the show. Footage was also shown of Stephanie McMahon announcing the match, as she informed the WWE Universe that Survivor Series would be main evented by a Mixed Tag Team match featuring the team of Ronda Rousey and the Universal Champion, Braun Strowman.

After the commentators introduced the show, Shayna Baszler made her way to the ring. As she snatched a microphone from ringside, Corey Graves put over her achievements as a dominant force in NXT. He also spoke of her background in Mixed Martial Arts and her friendship with Ronda Rousey.
After showing a lack of respect to the WWE Universe, Baszler spoke to her “best friend” Ronda Rousey, saying that what happened last week wasn’t personal. It was business. Shayna Baszler said that she did come to Raw to hang out with Ronda, but she forgot to mention that she’d received a call from Triple H first. Triple H put her onto the Raw Commissioner, and Stephanie McMahon offered her the opportunity to main event Survivor Series. Baszler said that her arrival wasn’t just a message to Ronda Rousey, but a message to the entire Raw roster. Stephanie McMahon needed a legitimate challenge for Rousey, and she didn’t look to her own roster… she looked to Shayna Baszler!

While Shayna Baszler clearly had a lot more to say, it wasn’t long before Ronda Rousey’s music began to play. With a determined look on her face, Ronda Rousey clearly had revenge on her mind.
Despite her determination to get to “The Queen of Spade”, Ronda Rousey was no sooner walking down the ramp, than she was surrounded by a swarm of security. Clearly Ronda’s reaction had been preempted by management, and efforts were made to keep her away from Baszler. As Ronda Rousey tried to break free, she was held back, outnumbered heavily by security. In the ring, Shayna Baszler clearly enjoyed seeing Ronda struggle.

Ronda Rousey was led back up the ramp, with Shayna remaining in the ring as she left ringside. Shayna Baszler then said that she wasn’t going to fight Ronda Rousey until Survivor Series, but having heard them complain all week, she was ready for whichever of The Riott Squad were ready to face her…

When The Riott Squad entered the ring, it was decided that Liv Morgan would be the one to face Bazsler. As the other two left the ring, footage was shown from an interview with The Riott Squad last week. They were annoyed by the fact they’d be used as pawns by Stephanie McMahon and Shayna Baszler.

As far as the action went, the match was fairly one sided. Having warned Ruby and Sarah about getting involved, Baszler only had to focus on Liv Morgan during the contest. She was therefore able to dominate in her Raw debut, making Liv pass out from the Rear Naked Choke that had downed Ronda last week.

Shayna Baszler bt. Liv Morgan

After the match, Liv Morgan was rolled out of the ring. Standing tall, Shayna Baszler had impressed in her first appearance on the brand.

Heading directly to the back, Ronda Rousey was seen, still being detained by security. While she was no longer struggling, Ronda Rousey was clearly annoyed. This was made no better when Stephanie McMahon crossed her path.
Ronda Rousey appeared to be just as angry at Stephanie as she was at Shayna, but McMahon played innocent. Stephanie said that she had nothing to do with how Shayna introduced herself as Ronda’s opponent at Survivor Series, and she doesn’t want to see a repeat of anything like that. As a result, Stephanie McMahon said that she is adding a no contact clause between Ronda and Shayna… and Braun and his opponent in that Mixed Tag Team match.

Returning from the break, footage was shown of the issues between Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin. Developing after an unprovoked attack from “The Lone Wolf”, Braun Strowman humiliated his rival a few weeks back, as he cut short Corbin’s long hair with scissors. This video package was followed by an interview with Baron Corbin, who had recently arrived at the building. Commentators had informed viewers earlier in the night of a match between Corbin and Strowman, scheduled for the main event.
Removing his helmet, while still sat on his Motorcycle, Baron Corbin gave a stern look. Conducting the interview as if he would rather be anywhere other than talking to the interviewer, Corbin’s statement spoke in certain terms. He was going to beat the Universal Champion… no question about it.

From there, the show moved into the office of Kurt Angle. Pleased with how the show was going, and excited by what was scheduled, Kurt Angle was in a great mood. Having worked together for a week, it appeared that Drake Maverick and Kurt were getting on surprisingly well. As the two talked about the great episode of Raw they’d put together, Stephanie McMahon entered the room.
Also smiling, Stephanie said it was great to see her team working so well together, adding that she was pleased that everybody was embracing the new start they have all made. Stephanie then discussed the announcement later, where the final member of the Survivor Series main event would be confirmed.

Kurt Angle wanted to know who Shayna Baszler’s partner would be, but Stephanie had other things on her mind. Wanting to create a friendly rivalry between Drake Maverick and Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon informed the General Manager and his Advisor that they would each be charged with picking a team for Survivor Series. Kurt Angle and Drake Maverick seemed up for this, and Stephanie was delighted, saying that she knows that the two would have “great fun” putting this match together.

Footage shown from last week, putting over the change of attitude seen in Bobby Roode, who hit Titus O’Neil with a low-blow during their match. This was followed by Dana Brooke’s promo, which introduced “The Revival of…” Robert Roode.

When the match began, tensions were still high between the two men at ringside (O’Neil and Roode), and it didn’t take long before they spilled over.
When the two men, both dressed in suits, began to brawl at ringside, the four competitors came between them. While they tried to pull Roode and O’Neil apart, The Revival and Titus Worldwide lost focus on the match. As the brawl on the outside became out of control, the referee called for the bell.

No Winner

Ahead of his match with Elias later in the evening, Bray Wyatt cut a downbeat promo. Stood without his partner for the first time in a long time, Wyatt said that without the light of Matt Hardy… all that was left was the darkness of Bray Wyatt!

Prior to the contest, it was confirmed that despite the traditional match being announced just moments ago, Finn Balor was confirmed as the first member of Kurt Angle’s Survivor Series team. The commentators used this as a shown of Finn Balor’s loyalty to Kurt Angle, as well as the GM’s faith in Balor. When the match was underway, the two men went all out to put on the best possible match they could. Looking to steal the show, the two competitors went back and forth, highlighting the fact that they are two of the WWE’s most athletic Superstars. Eventually, Finn Balor came out on top, hitting Ziggler with the Coupe De Grace for the win.

Finn Balor bt. Dolph Ziggler

Despite the match being over, the action was far from being. As Finn Balor celebrated his victory, the commentators talked about his place in Team Kurt at Survivor Series. This discussion was cut off however, as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn jumped him from behind.
Laying into Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn took a microphone from ringside when he could no longer fight back. Owens then announced that he and Zayn were the first members of Team Drake. The commentators were unsure that the way they introduced themselves was in keeping with what was supposed to be a match based around “friendly competition”, but they were confirmed nonetheless.

Standing over Finn Balor, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn looked as though they weren’t done with the first ever Universal Champion. However, as they prepared their next move, Kurt Angle came to the top of the ramp.
Holding a microphone, Kurt Angle looked annoyed at Owens & Zayn, who asked him what he was going to do about it. Angle said that he wasn’t going to do anything, but he was glad that Team Drake have set the stall out early. He said that it meant that the rest of his team knew exactly what to expect. Kevin Owens replied that he didn’t care who was on Kurt’s team, but Angle was intent on introducing him anyway. Kurt Angle said that the second member of his team was desperate to meet Owens & Zayn. Pointing towards the back, Angle introduced the man joining Finn on Team Kurt… and the newest member of the Raw roster!

With the familiar theme song hitting, everybody (including Owens & Zayn) knew that to expect. Rey Mysterio ran down to the ring, with Owens & Zayn ready for the legendary Luchador. Despite this focus, the two members of Team Drake had forgotten about Finn Balor.

Taking Sami Zayn from behind, Finn Balor allowed Rey Mysterio to focus on Kevin Owens. Working together, the two members of Team Kurt were able to get the better of Owens & Zayn. Setting both men up on the second rope, Rey Mysterio went for a double 619, only for the two men to scramble out of the ring. As they backed off, Rey Mysterio stood tall, joined by his future partner Finn Balor.

Watching what was going on in the ring, Drake Maverick was concerned with by the team that Kurt Angle had began to construct. Looking to be the answer to his prayers, Jason Jordan entered the office.
With Kurt Angle not back yet, Jason Jordan looked to do a deal with Drake Maverick. He said that while it’s likely he will be in the main event of Survivor Series (as Shayna Baszler’s partner), he is hearing good things about The Authors of Pain. Jordan said that he would be able to talk to his Golden Alpha teammates, and fill two of the three remaining spots for Team Drake. Maverick seemed intrigued by this, until Jordan explained that all he wanted in return was for Drake to get him out of his match with Dean Ambrose tonight.

Jordan said that it wasn’t fair that he was being targeted by Kurt Angle for something that happened in the past. Promising nothing, Drake told Jordan that he would do what he could to get Angle to change the match. Despite the uncertainty of Drake, Jordan seemed relieved by this, confident that Maverick would come good for him.

Before the match, a video was shown. Ember Moon was interviewed, conveying her displeasure at not being the number one contender to the Raw Women’s Championship. Cutting off the interview, Natalya looked to encourage Ember, saying that while she may not be Raw Women’s Champion… there was always a chance she could become one of the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Unlike Alexa Bliss last week, Mickie James did join her partner at ringside. Ember Moon was also joined by Natalya. When the match began, the tension between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James was clear, and it affected the performance of Bliss. Having usually always got the better of Ember Moon, Alexa Bliss was defeated in this contest. This was after Mickie James refused Alexa’s call for help, which resulted in her being rolled up.

Ember Moon bt. Alexa Bliss

Ember Moon won the match, but the focus of the post-match was on Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. When the ring had cleared, Alexa and Mickie stayed in the ring, getting involved in a heated argument. Just before things could get physical, General Manager Kurt Angle made his way out from the back.

Angle told Mickie and Alexa that they needed to sort their out differences, and they needed to do it quickly. Alexa and Mickie wanted to know why Kurt was getting involved, and he had a simple answer. Angle told the two that next week, the Raw representative in the first ever WWE Women’s Championship match would be named… and Alexa Bliss and Mickie James would be competing for that place!

Returning from the break, Elias was sat in the ring. Joined as always by Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, “The Drifter” spoke about the final segment of the evening, where every member of the Raw roster would assemble at the top of the ramp.
Elias seemed certain that he would be the man put in the main event against Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. As Elias talked himself up, and ran down Braun Strowman, he was cut off by Bray Wyatt.

Usually more than ready to go word for word on the microphone, Bray Wyatt had little to say. Holding a microphone, Wyatt simply told Elias “I’m here…”, as he made his way to the ring. When the match began between Elias and Bray Wyatt, “The Eater of Worlds” took the fight to his opponent. However, as Bray Wyatt closed in on a convincing victory, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel got involved. As a result of this, Elias was able to pick up the win, hitting the distracted Wyatt with a “Drift Away”.
As Elias, Dallas & Axel celebrated up the ramp, the defeated Bray Wyatt grabbed a microphone. Downtrodden and alone, Bray Wyatt had a message for Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, telling them that they were following the wrong man… and heading down the darkest of paths.

Despite Jason Jordan’s best efforts, including a last minute visit to see Drake Maverick, this match went ahead. Just about the only saving grace for Jason Jordan was the fact that this wasn’t a Championship match. Jason Jordan would be even more pleased by this as the match went on, with Dean Ambrose controlling the vast majority of the match. Without The Authors of Pain watching his back, Jordan had to rely on his in-ring ability. In this match, that was not on the level of Dean Ambrose, who picked up a decisive victory. Hitting the Intercontinental Champion with a Dirty Deeds, Ambrose may have put himself in line for a shot at the title.

Dean Ambrose bt.Jason Jordan

Coming back for the final hour of Raw, the commentators sent over to the Locker Room, where Kurt Angle was addressing the male members of the Raw roster. Kurt Angle stood in front of the entire roster, who were seated in the locker room.
Kurt Angle said that he had been asked a lot since his return about the Raw Tag Team Championships, after they were vacated by The Authors of Pain when he was not in power. Angle promised the Raw Superstars that he would look into it, saying that he finally has an answer. Tying his announcement into the formation of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, Kurt Angle announced that the male Tag Team Division would also become dual-branded going forward. As a result, Kurt Angle was desperate for the Raw brand to win those Championship back. Looking to rally the roster behind him, with a positive message, Kurt Angle was cut off when Triple H entered the locker room.
Staring down the General Manager of Raw, Triple H made it clear that he wanted to talk to the Raw roster. Kurt took a step to the side, as Triple H addressed the Superstars. Unlike Kurt, Triple H spoke down to the roster, dictating to them that he expected them all to be at the top of the ramp, immediately following the conclusion of the main event between Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman.

Pretty much everybody kept their head down as Triple H spoke to them, with Seth Rollins being an exception. Having heard enough, the former Intercontinental Champion got out of his seat.
Walking past his former mentor, Seth Rollins was clearly annoyed with Triple H’s tone, feeling that the show was beyond his dictatorship. Triple H was just as angered by Seth’s disobedience, but said nothing as Rollins walked past him. Locking eyes with the WWE Executive, Seth Rollins shook his head, wanting nothing to do with whatever he and Stephanie had planned for the end of the night.

Returning to ringside, the commentators wondered who would be named as Shayna Baszler partner at the end of the night, with the two scheduled to face Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey in the Main Event of Survivor Series. Another rivalry that appeared to be heating up in time for Survivor Series was the next topic of discussion, introducing footage of Sasha Banks hitting Nia Jax with her own Championship last week. Sasha Banks made it clear, after she defeated Bayley at TLC, that she wanted to be the Number One Contender.

Before Sasha Banks could make her entrance however, the show once again went to the back, where Seth Rollins had caught up with Dean Ambrose (who had missed the roster meeting due to his match with Jason Jordan).
Seth Rollins had his suitcase with him, and Ambrose wondered where he was heading. Rollins told Ambrose about the meeting, saying that he’s damned if he’s going to stand on the ramp and be treated like a child by Steph and Hunter. Rollins told Ambrose he was out of here. Weighing up his option, Ambrose said that it didn’t sound like a good time to him either, and he too was leaving. As the two went back to get Ambrose’s stuff, they spoke to Roman Reigns.
Ambrose and Rollins told Reigns their plan, and expected that he would join them. Roman wasn’t on-board, saying that he wanted to hear what they have to say. Roman said that this is his yard, and he isn’t going to let anything untoward happen on his watch! Ambrose & Rollins respected his call, but were still determined not to be involved. On that note, they left the building before the show was over!

Making her entrance, Nia Jax came down to the ring, having promised to address the attack from Sasha Banks which took place last week.
Nia Jax said she wasn’t going to come out and demand answer from Sasha Banks, because she knows exactly what she wants. Jax added that as Raw Women’s Champion she has grown to expect challenges from anywhere… including behind. Nia Jax wasn’t out to talk, she was out here to take action. Jax demanded Sasha Banks joined her in the ring. It didn’t take long before Sasha Banks came out, but she was clearly tentative about approaching the Champion.
Nia Jax continued to encourage Sasha Banks to join her in the ring, and she did, albeit while keeping her distance. Nia Jax wanted Banks to come forward, and as the woman who attacked her approached, she pulled a piece of paper from her back pocket. Banks had expected violence, but was instead being handed what looked like a contract. Getting straight to the point, Nia Jax said “if you wanna fight me… for this [the Raw Women’s Championship]... then sign the contract!” Handing the piece of paper to Banks, Jax added “I’ll see you at Survivor Series!”

With that, Nia Jax left the ring, not looking for revenge on Sasha Banks. In the ring, Sasha was confused, and studied the piece of paper. It seemed that “The Boss” was going to get exactly what she wanted.

Back from the break, Randy Orton was interviewed about his reaction to the roster meeting earlier in the night. Randy Orton had little to say, making it clear that he wanted to be in action at Survivor Series, adding that he didn’t care how he got there, or who he ended up facing. He was asked if this stretched to teaming with Shayna Baszler in the main event, to go up against Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey. Orton’s answer was clear, he was willing “to do whatever it takes” for a prominent position on the Survivor Series card.

Back to the ring, Bobby Lashley was in action against Heath Slater. Having beaten Rhyno convincingly last week, Lashley picked up another dominant victory. Following the match, Lashley’s cornerman Dan Lambert had something to say.
Dan Lambert told Triple H that if he was looking for the man who can match… and topple the Universal Champion Braun Strowman, then Bobby Lashley is that man. Lambert added that there would be no “jungle gym crap” like there was at TLC during Survivor Series, and that means Bobby Lashley will be more than capable of “destroying” Braun Strowman.

Going into the next break, the commentators used Lambert’s talk to transition into a look back at what happened earlier in the night, where security stopped Ronda Rousey from getting her hands on Shayna Baszler. It was confirmed that Ronda Rousey was escorted from the building, and would not be present for the reveal of Baszler’s Survivor Series partner. When the show returned, it was time for the Universal Champion to make his entrance.
Cutting a promo, Braun Strowman talked about the Survivor Series main event, saying that he couldn’t wait to see who Triple H and Stephanie McMahon choose to face him. He also put over Ronda Rousey, saying that while there would be no contact between her and Shayna Baszler before Survivor Series, he couldn’t wait to see what she’d do when she was at his side at the Pay-Per-View. Before that however, Braun Strowman had to focus on Baron Corbin… the guy who doesn’t understand the phrase “quit while you’re behind!”

When Baron Corbin came to the ring, it was clear that he was desperate for revenge on Braun Strowman, who cut his hair last month. Corbin said that Strowman wouldn’t be able to make it to the end of the night, but of course this proved to be untrue. While the angry Baron Corbin laid into Braun Strowman, and gave an impressive display against the Universal Champion, he was not able to defeat the Champion. Once again proving himself to be a “Monster Amongst Men”, Braun Strowman overpowered his rival, and defeated him.

The match had taken a little bit out of Braun Strowman, but after he hit a Running Powerslam he was ready for whatever Stephanie McMahon and Triple H had planned.

Braun Strowman bt. Baron Corbin

Returning from the final commercial break of the evening, Braun Strowman was still stood in the ring. In the time that the show had been away, the rest of the Raw roster had convened at the top of the stage. As well as the Raw Superstars, Kurt Angle and his “advisor” Drake Maverick were present.

Notably, Roman Reigns was front and center, stood between Drake Maverick and Kurt Angle. Having vowed to “protect his yard”, Roman Reigns was clearly interested in what Stephanie McMahon and Triple H had to say. With Braun Strowman waiting in the ring, “The Power Couple” made their entrance.
Before walking down the ramp, Triple H turned to the roster, saying “one of you men… will be chosen tonight! Make sure you’re ready…”. The two of them then carried on, joining the WWE Universal Champion in the ring.

Stephanie McMahon extended her hand to Braun Strowman, and he accepted. When Triple H did the same, it was clear that there was still tension between the two. On top of that, the commentators spoke about their history - including last year’s Survivor Series. As they shook hands, the two engaged in an intense staredown. Stephanie McMahon took it upon herself to ease the tension, turning the focus to the announcement ahead.

The Commissioner of Raw recapped the reason why the Superstars were out, explaining that the Main Event of Survivor Series would feature Ronda Rousey and Braun Strowman teaming up to face the team of Shayna Baszler and… one of the men stood at the top of the ramp. Which brought them to the identity of Braun Strowman’s counterpart. The Universal Champion himself was clearly interested, turning his attention to the group at the top of the ramp.

From here Triple H took over, talking about the opportunity that the person who was named in the Main Event of Survivor Series would have. He said that the person had been chosen not only because they have stood out in the ring, but also because of their attitude. Triple H said that he can see a lot of himself in the man who is going to be named, but admitted that it’s somebody who might not always see eye to eye with authority. Triple H said that there was a plethora of talent stood at the top of the ramp, and any number of them could have been a worthy challenger to Braun Strowman. However, only one could be chosen…

Continuing on, Triple H said that pressure creates diamonds, and there is very few people in the WWE who have been through more than Braun’s opponent. Throughout the ups and the downs however, he has always fought to make “this empire… this Universe” better. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H had no hesitation in choosing this man, and they were both in agreement that they had made the right choice. With focus back on the ramp, the lights went down, and only one man remained illuminated. The man in the spotlight was Roman Reigns.
Surrounded by darkness, Roman Reigns looked around, realising that he was the only person under the spotlight. Corey Graves remarked “it looks like Roman Reigns is the opponent of choice!” Still confused, Roman Reigns didn’t really know how to react, pointing at himself, as if there had been some kind of mistake. At that moment, Stephanie McMahon looked to move things along, saying:

”Will the Chosen One, please step forward?”

As Roman Reigns seemingly geared up to step forward, and work out what was going on, he failed to realise that the man stood directly behind him had already made his move…
Stepping out of the darkness and into the spotlight, Drew McIntyre viciously clubbed Roman Reigns in the back, knocking him down to the ramp. When the light came back up, security appeared, creating a blockade between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns, and the rest of the roster. This allowed Drew McIntyre to grab Roman Reigns, forcefully throwing him into the railings that separate the Superstars from the WWE Universe. With Roman Reigns left in a heap by the ramp, Drew McIntyre flicked his hair back, turning his attention towards Braun Strowman.

The WWE Universal Champion remained in the ring, staring back at Drew McIntyre. With a look of intensity on his face, Drew McIntyre made it clear that he was the man who would stand across from Braun Strowman at Survivor Series. Corey Graves loved the reveal, saying that “Drew McIntyre is The Chosen One!”

Michael Cole then signed off the show, confirming that at Survivor Series it would be Ronda Rousey and Braun Strowman vs. Shayna Baszler… and Drew McIntyre!

Quick Results
Shayna Baszler bt. Liv Morgan
The Revival and Titus Worldwide went to a No Contest
Finn Balor bt. Dolph Ziggler

Ember Moon bt. Alexa Bliss
Elias bt. Bray Wyatt
Dean Ambrose bt. Jason Jordan

Bobby Lashley bt. Heath Slater
Braun Strowman bt. Baron Corbin
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