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Default Raw #1328

Live from Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK!

Following a look back at last week, where Drew McIntyre was revealed to be Shayna Baszler’s partner for the Survivor Series match against Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey, Roman Reigns was seen looking for Drew McIntyre. Having been attacked by Drew during the reveal last week, Reigns was desperate for revenge. After looking through the back, confronting Drake Maverick, Kurt Angle and various other individuals, Reigns decided to head to the ring.
Making his entrance, “The Big Dog” demanded that Drew McIntyre showed his face. Roman said that last week’s set up was at his expense, and since he knows that Triple H is too much of a coward to show his face, he wants Drew McIntyre to back up the talk. Instead of McIntyre coming to the ring, Roman Reigns was answered via live satellite footage. Stood with Drew McIntyre, outside a building with the WWE logo on it, was Triple H.
Triple H explained that Drew McIntyre had been busy all day, taking a private tour of the NXT UK Performance Center, which is still being worked on. Triple H then shook hands with Drew McIntyre, before walking off-screen. McIntyre would then address Roman Reigns, telling him that he is on his would be on his way to the building right away. After he said that, Drew was shown entering a limousine, which would bring him to Raw.

While Roman Reigns wasn’t happy to wait for Drew McIntyre, he realised he had little choice.

As a result, Roman Reigns headed straight to the Parking Lot, waiting for Drew McIntyre’s arrival. After being interviewed about his intentions, Roman Reigns made it clear that he would not leave the Parking Lot until Drew McIntyre arrived. Growing inpatient, Roman Reigns later broke that vow, in order to confront Dolph Ziggler. Unconvinced Drew was going to show up, he demanded Ziggler called his friend. When Dolph made the call, he said there was no answer. Roman Reigns then took Dolph’s phone, making the call himself. He got the same result. Drew McIntyre was however in use of his phone, as he sent a live video of himself in the back of the limousine. He explained that he had been stuck in traffic, but would be at Raw soon.

When he did arrive at Raw, it was the end of the second hour of the show. As the Limousine pulled up in the Parking Lot, Roman Reigns headed straight over to it, pulling open the door to get to Drew McIntyre. This however proved to be another set up, as Drew McIntyre instead got out of a car which pulled up behind the Limo. Roman Reigns had no idea what was about to happen, and was jumped from behind again. This time, the consequences were much more serious, as Drew McIntyre threw Roman Reigns head first through the window of the vehicle. Roman Reigns slumped forward, as medical personnel rushed onto the scene. When Roman Reigns was next seen, he was being loaded into an ambulance, his head covered in blood. Unbelievably, this wouldn’t be the last time Drew McIntyre was seen on the show.

The other competitors in the Survivor Series Main Event were also busy on Raw, with Ronda Rousey approaching Drake Maverick to request a match with Shayna Baszler. Seen as a way to circumvent the no contact clause, Ronda was disappointed when Drake Maverick informed her that Shayna was already in action. He did however offer Ronda a position as Guest Enforcer, tasked with ensuring the rest of The Riott Squad stayed out of Baszler’s business.

Ronda seemed less than enthused by this idea, but nonetheless fulfilled her duty. This allowed her front row access to Shayna Baszler’s dominant victory over Sarah Logan. After the match, Shayna invited Ronda into the ring, knowing she couldn’t lay a hand on her.
When Shayna’s smug look and cocky tone almost caused Ronda Rousey to break the no contract clause, Braun Strowman came down to the ring, hoping to help his partner see the bigger picture.
While Braun Strowman was able to calm Ronda Rousey down, he too would have his patience tested. Having dealt with Roman Reigns earlier, Drew McIntyre joined the three other members of the Survivor Series Main Event in the ring. “The Chosen One” showed zero remorse for the vile attack of Reigns, looking proud of himself as he walked down the ramp.
Just as arrogant and brash as Shayna Baszler, Drew McIntyre also knew that Braun Strowman couldn’t lay a hand on him. The same true the other way around, but McIntyre found a way to get inside Braun’s head anyway. Technically not touching Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre instead put his hands on the WWE Universal Championship, heavily patting his hand on the front plate. This clearly angered Braun Strowman, but there was nothing he could do. Happy with the clear frustration of their opponents, Drew McIntyre and Shayna Baszler left the ring, laughing together as they headed to the back. Confirming his annoyance, Braun Strowman later requested a match with Drew McIntyre next week. Instead he was informed that he would face Dolph Ziggler.

Tag Team action was also the focus of other parts of Raw, particularly surrounding the dual-branded Men and Women’s Tag Team Championships. After The Revival defeated Apollo Crews & No Way Jose to stake their claim, it was time to find out who would represent Raw in the first ever Women’s Tag Team Championships match at Survivor Series. Four teams entered the match, with Alexa Bliss & Mickie James beating out the teams of Alicia Fox & Dana Brooke, Ember Moon & Natalya and The Riott Squad.
Despite their differences in recent weeks, Mickie and Alexa were able to come together for the greater good. Putting over how important the Women’s Tag Team Championships were to them, the turbulent twosome celebrated together after the match.

Elsewhere in the Women’s Division, Nia Jax convincing defeated a local talent, before being approached by Sasha Banks following the match.
Returning the contract that Nia had handed Sasha last week, “The Boss” signed to make the match official in front of the Raw Women’s Champion. As well as signing the contract, Sasha Banks sealed the deal with a slap to the face, angering the woman she would challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at Survivor Series!

Called out by Bray Wyatt, Elias joined Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the ring, despite Bray’s request to speak to just the two of them.
Bray Wyatt questioned Dallas & Axel’s devotion to being Elias’ support act, telling them that they were following Elias into the abyss. Despite a convincing argument, Bray Wyatt was outnumbered, and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel remained “loyal”, beating him down. As Elias looked to swing his Guitar at Bray Wyatt, the lights went down. Having been out of action since Elias did the same to him, Matt Hardy’s laugh stopped Elias in his tracks.
Appearing only on the big screen, Matt Hardy spoke about the fact that his vessel was far from 100%. As a result, he couldn’t return to Raw just yet. Instead, he issued an open invitation for Elias to visit the Hardy Compound, adding that he was more than welcome to bring Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel along with him...

Announced fairly early in the show, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were placed in the main event of Raw UK. Summoned to the office of the General Manager, Owens & Zayn were informed that their opponents for the night would be Finn Balor and (having his first Raw match in over 4 and a half years) Rey Mysterio!

Trying everything they could to gain a victory over the two confirmed members of Team Kurt, Owens & Zayn looked to bend every possible rule in order to win the match. Looking to play spoiler in Rey Mysterio’s Raw return, the Team Drake members almost came away with the victory on a number of occasions.

Despite this, they couldn’t keep Finn Balor or Rey Mysterio down. This caused Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn to become desperate, resulting in them making mistakes and losing focus. When Sami Zayn, for instance, needlessly entered the ring illegally, he distracted Kevin Owens from the task at hand. As a result, Owens was taken down by Mysterio. On top of that, Finn Balor managed to neutralise Sami Zayn, leaving Rey a straightforward path to victory. Hitting Kevin Owens with a 6-1-9, Rey Mysterio tagged in Finn Balor. Handing the decisive moment to his partner, Rey looked to fire the crowd up ahead of Balor hitting the Coupe de Grace. Finn would then pin Owens, picking up the win for his team.

Finn Balor & Rey Mysterio bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Following the match, Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio celebrated in the ring, providing a feel good moment to mark the return of a former WWE Champion to Monday Night Raw.

Also on Raw...
  • Dean Ambrose (because he beat Jason Jordan last week) and Seth Rollins (still owed a rematch) both staked their claims to the Number One Contendership to the Intercontinental Championship. Instead, as a result of their refusal to appear in the final segment of Raw last week, Drake Maverick informed them that they wouldn’t get a shot. He also told them that next week, they would go one on one against each other! This didn’t mean that Jason Jordan was off the hook however, as his attempt to join Team Drake was blocked by Kurt Angle. The Raw General Manager informed his son that he couldn’t take part in the Survivor Series match, because he would be defending his Intercontinental Championship at the event...
  • Randy Orton continued his impressive winning streak, beating his old rival Jinder Mahal. After the match, he was asked about Survivor Series. Orton once again made his intention to be on the Survivor Series card clear, and stated he had no preference as to which team he would be on, as long as he was on the show.
  • Having posted on social media during his flight to the UK, Bobby Lashley’s open challenge was answered by Mark Andrews. The NXT UK roster member almost upset “The Destroyer”, but was eventually defeated by the dominant Bobby Lashley. Lashley was particularly brutal against the athletic Mark Andrews, who would have been proud of his performance in his Raw debut. The match ended following a Spear to Andrews, which appeared to almost break him in two!

Quick Results
The Revival (w/ Robert Roode) bt. Apollo Crews & No Way Jose (w/ Titus O’Neil)
Alexa Bliss & Mickie James bt. Fox & Dana, Ember Moon & Natalya and The Riott Squad (Morgan & Riott)

Randy Orton bt. Jinder Mahal
Shayna Baszler bt. Sarah Logan

Nia Jax bt. Davina Forth
Bobby Lashley bt. Mark Andrews
Finn Balor & Rey Mysterio bt. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
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