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Default Raw #1329

Live from Maverik Center, West Valley City, Utah!

After a look back at last week, where Drew McIntyre threw Roman Reigns head first through the window of a Limousine, the go-home show before Survivor Series kicked off with Drew McIntyre making his way to the ring.
Addressing what he did to Roman Reigns last week, Drew warned Braun Strowman of the fate that awaited him in the Main Event of Survivor Series. Braun Strowman didn’t take kindly to this, confronting Drew and challenging him to a fight there and then.
Drew McIntyre didn’t back down from Braun Strowman, instead stepping up to the Universal Champion. The two were however stopped from coming to blows by the Advisor to the General Manager, Drake Maverick. Maverick told Braun Strowman that he was already scheduled to be in a match tonight, as was Drew McIntyre. He then requested Braun leave the ring, as McIntyre’s match was up next.

As he always does, Chad Gable gave a good level of effort against his opponent, but on the night Drew was simply on another level. Completely focussed ahead of Sunday’s Survivor Series, McIntyre was dominant in victory, pinning Gable following a Claymore Kick.

Drew McIntyre bt. Chad Gable

Despite picking up the victory, Drew McIntyre wasn’t done with Chad Gable. Waiting for his opponent to return to his feet, McIntyre hit Chad Gable with another Claymore Kick, which knocked him out completely. Drew then took a microphone from ringside, telling Braun Strowman that he would see him following his main event match.

Going up against Braun Strowman in that main event would be Dolph Ziggler, the man who brought Drew McIntyre back to Monday Night Raw.
Despite this, questions were raised over their friendship when Drew McIntyre ignored Dolph Ziggler in the back. Dolph looked to get a word with Drew during an interview before the match, but was completely blanked by his (possibly former) tag team partner.

In action as well as Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman, Shayna Baszler defeated Ruby Riott. While it was a more difficult match for her to win, Baszler sent Ruby to sleep, as she had the other members of The Riott Squad. While she wouldn’t compete on Raw, Ronda Rousey still made an appearance, announcing that she would join Braun Strowman at ringside for the main event…

When it came time for that match, Braun Strowman was able to pick up a dominant victory over Dolph Ziggler. Immediately after the bell, as Ronda Rousey joined Braun Strowman in the ring, Drew McIntyre and Shayna Baszler made their way down the ramp.

When they entered the ring, the two teams went face to face, clearly desperate for Sunday to come around. While they were ready to come to blows, all four competitors managed to keep their composure. After Drew McIntyre had put his hands on the Universal Championship last week, Strowman looked to make a statement by raising the title in the air, high above Drew McIntyre’s head. However, as he did this, Drew McIntyre pulled on the strap of the title, causing it to drop to the mat. This angered Braun Strowman, who got right in the face of Drew McIntyre. Pleased to be under the Universal Champion’s skin, Drew McIntyre smirked at Strowman, taking full advantage of the no contact clause. Raw ended with Ronda Rousey looking to calm Braun down, while warning Drew McIntyre and Shayna Baszler of the storm that awaits them in the Survivor Series Main Event!

Speaking of tag team action at Survivor Series, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James showed some impressive teamwork as they scored a victory over Ember Moon and Natalya.
Cutting a promo, after Mickie James had handed her partner the decisive pinfall, Alexa Bliss talked about the history that would be made at Survivor Series. Showing an uncharacteristic respect for her opponents, Alexa talked up the individual abilities of Asuka and Charlotte, but said that they couldn’t match the understanding of her and Mickie. Bliss also said that she was the first woman to ever win both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships… stating her intention to take another “first ever” by becoming the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Also looking to compete in Championship action at Survivor Series, were Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. After discussing the injuries sustained to Roman Reigns last week, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins made a pact to support the other one regardless of who scored the victory on the night.
Prior to their match on Raw, Drake Maverick addressed the two, saying that despite Kurt Angle’s decision to make the match for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, a call had been made from on high, as a result of their decision to walk out on the show two weeks ago. Their match went ahead with the number one contenders stipulation, but with a referee that the two men would not have expected. Moments before Ambrose and Rollins went one on one, Jason Jordan was revealed as the Special Guest Referee.

Despite the prospect of facing one of them at Survivor Series, Jason Jordan had lots of fun in the match, looking to frustrate both competitors by being a purposely incompetent referee. While he was clearly enjoying this, Jordan didn’t think of the long-term effects. It didn’t take long for those consequences to be realised, as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins lost their patience with Jordan missing falls. Realising they had little to lose, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins abandoned the match, instead switching their focus to Jason Jordan. Turning to the referee and hitting him with a double kick to the gut, the two men’s actions ensured that the match couldn’t go on.

No Winner

With the match over, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins threw Jason Jordan to the outside. Having not allowed Jordan to come between them, Ambrose and Rollins were accepting of the fact that they had possibly thrown their chance away.
Coming out to confirm this, Drake Maverick condemned the actions of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, saying that laying hands on an official is a serious offence. While he would pass the issue on to the relevant authorities, his first call was to confirmed neither man would face Jason Jordan at Survivor Series.

Despite the attack from Ambrose and Rollins, Jason Jordan was delighted with this, thanking Drake Maverick for coming through for him. This joy didn’t last a very long time however, as Kurt Angle made his way out.
Kurt Angle said that Jason Jordan only had himself to blame for what happened, and reminded Drake Maverick that he may be an “advisor”, but Kurt Angle is the GM of Raw. Therefore, Kurt Angle overruled Drake Maverick, announcing that Jason Jordan would defend the Championship at Survivor Series… and he’d defend it against both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins - in a Triple Threat match!

On a completely different note, Matt Hardy’s invitation to Elias moved forward, as “The Drifter” appeared to cryptically accept the challenge.
Performing in the ring, Elias sang a song about new horizons. He said that the whole world has told him to stay away from the Hardy Compound, but “The Drifter” inside him can’t resist breaking new territory. Elias said that he had no idea what he was getting himself in for, but he was ready for whatever lay ahead…

Matt Hardy clearly already had his own idea of what laid ahead of Elias’, with footage from The Compound showing “The Woken Warrior” enlisting some familiar help to “Prepare The Battlefield”...

On a more grounded note, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks were each interviewed ahead of their match at Survivor Series, for the Raw Women’s Championship.
Sasha Banks made her feeling towards the Champion very clear, saying that in the 7 months that Nia Jax has held the title, she has done nothing of note. Banks said that he may have held the title for less than half of the time Nia has, but claimed that she did more in that time than Nia Jax has done since WrestleMania.

Coming back at Sasha Banks, Nia Jax suggested that her opponent was jealous that she had been pushed into the background, and had to betray her best friend to return to relevance. Having eavesdropped on the interview, Sasha Banks interrupted Renee’s next question, confronting Nia Jax. Renee Young tried to reason with Banks, who had already had her say, but was threatened by the Number One Contender. Sasha Banks was fired up, and made it clear that she would do whatever it took to become the Raw Women’s Champion at Survivor Series.

Not to be forgotten, the traditional Survivor Series match had the rest of its competitors confirmed during the night, as Kurt Angle and Drake Maverick introduced them to the WWE Universe. Adding to the confirmed Team Drake members Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Drake Maverick announced that he had selected Dolph Ziggler, Jinder Mahal and Bobby Lashley to make up his team. Kurt Angle was impressed with the selection, but not to be outdone, announced a Superstar line-up.
While convincing Randy Orton to join his team may have been consider the biggest coup of the team building process, Kurt Angle shocked Team Drake with the announcement of the final member. Appearing on the big screen, Roman Reigns confirmed that he would be at Survivor Series!
Having been forced to rest up at home, after the attack that left him hospitalised last week, Roman Reigns promised that he would come for Drew McIntyre when the time was right, but first he was ready to join Team Kurt at Survivor Series!

Despite Kurt Angle’s all-star team, pre-Survivor Series momentum swung in Maverick’s favour. Having been hurt on the outside, following a Spear from Lashley, Randy Orton suffered his first loss as a member of the Raw roster, after “The Destroyer” defeated him in a warm-up match.

Also on Raw…
  • Feeling shunned by Kurt Angle and Drake Maverick, Robert Roode cut a promo saying that his focus was now on The Revival becoming WWE Tag Team Champions at Survivor Series, as they face Rusev Day for the dual-branded titles. After Robert Roode picked up another victory over Titus O’Neil, the confident “Glorious Revival” stood tall.

Quick Results
Drew McIntyre bt. Chad Gable
Alexa Bliss & Mickie James bt. Ember Moon & Natalya

Bobby Lashley bt. Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins went to a No Contest

Shayna Baszler bt. Ruby Riott
Robert Roode bt. Titus O’Neil
Braun Strowman bt. Dolph Ziggler
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