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Default Looking at the competition and ourselves

Last update, I mentioned that NEO would be starting in Saskatchewan, Canada for a change. Since your surroundings will affect how you should manage your own promotion, itís a good idea to take a look at the country you are in to see who you are competing against.

My initial thought about the Canadian T-Verse? With companies like PWI and AWF reaching National status and companies across the US, Japan, and Mexico being big enough to garner PPV deals and written contracts, it's clear that the dark days of wrestling in the T-Verse are over. Too bad no one told anyone in Canada.

The biggest promotion in Canada at the start of the game is Great North Wrestling. Centered in Ontario, GNW has been in operation since 1996 and is on the verge of being considered a regional promotion. That's right, the biggest company in the entire company is small (as are all the other companies in Canada). That said, GNW is in a pretty decent spot all things considered. Like I said, they are close to becoming a regional promotion within their home region of Ontario and have around 20 popularity points in each of the other six Canadian regions. That kind of general overness, plus their investor friendly Traditional and Mainstream product, puts GNW in a good place financially.

The biggest threat to GNW is the oldest promotion in Canada, Calgary Championship Wrestling. Opened in 1986, CCW might also be the biggest threat to NEO as well as they are our next-door neighbor. The also tend to have the best shows in Canada. Not only do they get a small boost from only having Mainstream set to heavy, but more importantly they are able to grab additional talent thanks to being a part of the American Wrestling Council. Iím guessing the extra money doesnít hurt either.

Rounding out Canada are All Action Wrestling in Manitoba, Montreal Hardcore Revolution in Quebec, and Western Canada Championship Wrestling in British Columbia. All three promotions are relatively young to the wrestling world, with MHR being the oldest, opening in 2007. In contrast to the traditional minded GNW and CCW, the other three promotions choose to be an alternative in their own way. AAW caters to fans of high flyers, MHR hosts bloody hardcore matches, and WCCW offers AWF style sports entertainment as well as women's wrestling. Out of the three, I'd say that AAW will probably be the largest thorn in our side. Their proximity to ours could be a problem, most likely forcing us into a four company regional battle. Itís not as bad as the seven promotion battle in the Great Lakes, but potentially losing popularity is still potentially losing popularity.

Now that we've taken a quick look at the other promotions in the country, let's take a look at NEO.


Promotion Name: NEO Championship Wrestling
Home Region: Saskatchewan, Canada
Product Name: Traditional Grab Bag 2.0
Match Ratio (Event/TV): 80%/80%

Key Feature: Traditional
Heavy: Mainstream
Medium: Realism
Low: Comedy, Hardcore, Modern
Very Low: Cult, Lucha Libre, Pure

Match Intensity: 40%
Danger: 40%
Women's Wrestling: None
T&A Levels: None
Face / Heel Divide: Yes

Product Definition
... will mean that the wrestlers are rated equally on popularity and performance.
... will make the Hardcore skill less effective.
... will make the Aerial skill less effective.
... will mean that fans will expect all wrestlers to have a proper gimmick.
... will attract fans who will not respond well to subtle gimmicks
... will mean that fans will expect to have storylines to follow.
... will mean each show will need at least one match aimed as Story Telling.
... will attract fans who won't be keen on highly risky matches.
... will attract fans who will be put off by highly risky angles.
... is quite favorable towards getting sponsorships.
... will allow NEO to not be rocked by wrestling industry changes.
For NEO vets, you'll probably notice that I've swapped Realism and Modern this time around. This was due to me guessing that I would get Adam Sullivan as an owner. I've dabbled with RtGs in the past and noticed he would alter the product in a similar manner (realism up and modern down among other things). I thought I'd get an early start and just give him a product that he would have been more likely to approve. In any case, this product is relatively safe to run in the T-Verse as there are good amount of workers that fit this type of promotion and the swap doesn't hurt our ability to gain sponsorships.

Speaking of sponsorships, the last thing left to do is check what the wrestling industry and economy stats are at the start of the game. A lot of people ignore or forget about these stats, however they are extremely important to the wellbeing of your promotion as they govern the amount your popularity can increase with each show as well as how much money your company is going to receive each and every month.

For this game it looks like both of these scores are at an E+ and are both rising. Much like Adam Sullivan, this gets a big giant meh from me. It could be a lot worse, but at the same time it could be so much better. Then again both stats are rising, which means that I can be relatively sure that all of my events have the potential to gain 0.5% popularity and that I've not going to have to get too creative to ensure my balance is in the black by the time bankruptcy comes calling. All in all, not a bad start.
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