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Default Survivor Series 2018

[Kick-Off Show] The New Day & The Club bt. Jimmy Uso, The Bar & The Bludgeon Brothers

Live From STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, California

Following a video package to introduce the show, the commentators spoke about the history that would be made during the night. After a look at the international broadcast teams that were present for Survivor Series, the commentators spoke about the brand new female WWE Tag Team Championships, which were displayed on a stand at ringside. Opening up Survivor Series with a huge match, it was time to crown the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Kicking off Survivor Series, the first ever WWE Women's Tag Team title match was put over a historic moment in the history of the company. Representing both brands of the WWE main roster, the match was also put over as a battle of Smackdown vs. Raw. The more experienced team, it was clear that Alexa & Mickie had a strategy for success, with Bliss desperate to add this accolade to her list of “first evers”, a list which includes her being the first Woman to have held both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships. On the other side of the ring, Smackdown were simply represented by two of the best female competitors on the planet.

It was in this difference between the teams where the opportunities arose. While Asuka & Charlotte were better individuals, Mickie James and Alexa Bliss were able to use their understanding to become better than the sum of their parts. This led to both teams coming close on a number of occasions, with moves like a Moonsault and a Twisted Bliss being pulled out of the bag. When Charlotte looked to take this to the next level, she hit a Moonsault from the top rope, diving to the outside and taking out Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Asuka would then take advantage of this, pulling the legal Mickie James back into the ring. With the damage of the Moonsault still taking effect, Mickie James could do nothing to escape the Asuka Lock, and tapped out in the middle of the ring.

Asuka & Charlotte bt. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James; FIRST EVER WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Returning to the ring after the bell, Asuka and Charlotte embraced. While they were clearly delighted to become the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions, it was also evident that they were not overly close. Instead of a friendship or chemistry, the two had become Champions by being the two best individuals in the WWE, and their mutual respect was evidence of this.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

From the very beginning of the match, it was clear that Jason Jordan was about to get what has been coming to him since he took the Intercontinental Championship from Seth Rollins in controversial fashion. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins both had their focus on Jason Jordan, who tried (and failed) to get away from them. As the match went on, Jason Jordan became the punchbag of the former Shield members, and by the time the match appeared to be coming to an end, the Intercontinental Champion had been well and truly beaten down. Throwing Jordan to the outside, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were able to focus on each other, fighting until the best man won.

This continued to be the case, as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose came closer and closer to victory. One such instance saw Seth Rollins hit a Superplex, followed by a Falcon Arrow. While Dean Ambrose was able to kick out, Seth Rollins’ mind immediately went to Curb Stomp. However, before he could take advantage of his prone friend, a familiar theme song began to play…
Making their way down to the ring, The Authors of Pain made their return to the WWE, the first time they had been seen since they were forced to vacate the Tag Team Championships due to injury.

Spotting Akam & Rezar on their way to the ring, Seth Rollins looked to take a dive to the outside, stopping them in their tracks. This didn’t work as Rollins had been expecting, as he was caught by the two big men. Raising Seth Rollins above their heads, The Authors of Pain brutally dropped him onto the ramp, causing a painful connection with the Steel. Their attention then turned towards to the man in the ring.

Making his way to his feet, Dean Ambrose threw hands at the former Raw Tag Team Champions, but they soon outnumbered and overpowered him. With Dean having already been through a physical match, there was little he could do as The A.O.P hit him with a “Final Chapter”. Akam & Rezar stood over Dean Ambrose, as Jason Jordan began crawling back to the ring. Despite clearly being in a lot of pain, Jordan was able to slowly scrape his way towards the center of the ring. Given a helping hand by Rezar, who laid Jordan on top of Dean Ambrose, Jason Jordan managed to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Jason Jordan (c) bt. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

After being handed the Intercontinental Championship, Jason Jordan had a smile on his face, even as he nursed his injured ribs. Unable to get himself back to his feet, Jason Jordan was helped out of the ring by The Authors of Pain. Heading up the ramp, Akam & Rezar carried Jordan on their shoulders, as he escaped Survivor Series still holding the Intercontinental Championship.

Switching focus towards the Main Event, one side of that match stood by in the interview area.
Showing a level of comradery, Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey were clearly getting along ahead of the huge Main Event. In high spirits, they promoted the match, talking about their opponents. While Braun Strowman made light of Drew McIntyre being named as “The Chosen One” to face him, Ronda Rousey was less jovial about her rival. Ronda said that her friend Shayna Baszler has made a deal with the devil, adding that the moment “The Queen of Spades” shook hands with Stephanie McMahon, she ensured that her first Survivor Series would end with a Broken Arm!
Team Drake vs. Team Kurt; Survivor Series Match

Put together by their respective namesakes, the two teams in the match weren’t necessarily friendly with each other, and were instead brought together by their dislike of the opposition. From the beginning of the match, it became apparent that there was something wrong with Roman Reigns. Having decided to start the match, Roman Reigns was hit with a Belly-To Belly Suplex. When Reigns landed, it was clear the move affected him more than it usually would. The commentators wondered if Reigns was still feeling the effects of Drew McIntyre’s attack from two weeks ago. With Reigns needing time to sit out, Team Kurt were already at a disadvantage. This would only be made worse when Dolph Ziggler managed to eliminate Chad Gable, catching him off guard with a Zig Zag.

Chad Gable eliminated via pinfall; [Team Drake 5 - 4 Team Kurt]

As Team Kurt tried to even the keel, Roman Reigns came back into the match, but couldn’t shake the damage that had been done. When Jinder Mahal looked to take advantage of his disorientation, hitting Reigns with a Khallas on the ring apron, “The Big Dog” slumped to the ground below. Kevin Owens tried to pick him up and put him back in the ring, but Reigns was a dead weight. As a result, the referee left the ring to check on Reigns, and declared him unable to continue. While Reigns later tried to contest this, he was taken to the back by medical personnel.

Roman Reigns eliminated via referee stoppage; [Team Drake 5-3 Team Kurt]

The loss of such a big name shook Team Kurt, with just Finn Balor, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio left to face the entirety of Team Drake. Three almost became two very quickly, as Finn Balor came moments away from being eliminated. Hit with a Helluva Kick from Sami Zayn, Balor’s only saving grace was his proximity to the bottom rope, which he was able to reach with his right leg. From here, Team Kurt had to regroup. Knowing they’d now have to wrestle smart, the three looked to target Bobby Lashley, the biggest of their opponents. While Lashley managed to remain in the match, Jinder Mahal didn’t. Too quick for his opponent, Finn Balor got Jinder exactly where he wanted him, and hit a Coup De Grace to claw one back for Team Kurt.

Jinder Mahal eliminated via pinfall; [Team Drake 4-3 Team Kurt]

Looking to build on the momentum they had been building, Team Kurt targeted Dolph Ziggler next, and even though they did a good job of taking him down, he proved evasive. This allowed Team Drake to take control, with Finn Balor on the brunt of much of the punishment. Once again thinking outside of the box, Randy Orton tagged himself in blind, as Dolph Ziggler set up for the Superkick. When Dolph hit the move, he was angered by the referee stopping him from pinning Balor. The reason for this soon became clear to him, as he turned into an RKO from Randy Orton. With that move, the teams were back to square one.

Dolph Ziggler eliminated via pinfall; [Team Drake 3-3 Team Kurt]

Team Kurt were technically back on level terms, but the damage to Finn Balor made their task a difficult one. Despite this, they continued to take the match to Drake Maverick’s boys, with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn soon finding them in a sticky situation. Having tried to double team Rey Mysterio, Owens & Zayn found themselves hanging over the second rope. Hitting them both with a 6-1-9, Rey Mysterio hit a Splash to the legal Kevin Owens, eliminating him from the contest. Despite being inches from the pin, Sami Zayn lacked the awareness to break it up.

Kevin Owens eliminated via pinfall; [Team Drake 2-3 Team Kurt]

With Sami Zayn in the ring, Bobby Lashley decided that it was time for him to take charge. Annoyed at his eliminated partner, Bobby Lashley lifted Kevin Owens up from the canvas, launching him into Randy Orton. This sent Orton to the outside, crashing to the floor. Bobby Lashley then told Rey Mysterio to bring it on. While Rey Mysterio was initially too quick for Lashley, the big man eventually overpowered the former WWE Champion. However, instead of closing in on the veteran Superstar, Lashley threw him towards the corner, encouraging Balor to come back in.

When Finn Balor came back into the ring, Bobby Lashley took the fight to the former Universal Champion, taking advantage of the damage sustained earlier. Finn Balor put his all into eliminating Bobby Lashley, but when Randy Orton tried to get back into the ring, the disturbance this caused allowed Sami Zayn to distract him. When Balor turned back around, he was Speared by Lashley, ultimately resulting in his elimination.

Finn Balor eliminated via pinfall; [Team Drake 2-2 Team Kurt]

As Randy Orton came into the ring, Lashley stepped back, tagging Zayn in (encouraging him after his role in the elimination of Finn Balor). Allowing Lashley to recover, Sami Zayn held his own for a while, but was eventually found wanting as Randy and Rey exchanged tags. Hitting another 6-1-9, as Randy Orton returned the favour to Lashley by pulling him off the apron, Rey Mysterio was able to pin Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn eliminated via pinfall; [Team Drake 1-2 Team Kurt]

Bobby Lashley was now left to fight alone. Of everybody on the team, Bobby would have been Drake’s choice to go it alone, but nonetheless he would struggle against the experienced Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton. Despite this, he came out swinging, and gave an impressive account as he dealt with two Superstars alone. Coming close to hitting Rey with a Spear that would have evened things up once more, Lashley went shoulder first into the ringpost.

As he staggered back towards the middle of the ring, Lashley quickly found himself in the position Sami and Kevin had earlier. Hitting his third 6-1-9 of the night, Rey had tagged Orton in before the contact. Waiting in the ring, Randy Orton followed the move up with an RKO. Hit with two huge moves in quick succession, the final member of Team Drake had no response.

Bobby Lashley eliminated via pinfall

Team Kurt bt. Team Drake; Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio survive

Having been successful despite a number of tough moments, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio celebrated defeating Team Drake. Coming to the top of the ramp, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle applauded the “Survivors”, as they stood tall in the ring.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Despite having scored a huge upset victory over Becky Lynch to get the match, Mandy Rose came into the biggest match of her career has the heavy underdog. While Lynch has made no bones about her dislike of Superstars like Mandy Rose, she was aware going into the match that things could go wrong if she wasn’t focussed. Mandy Rose put in another solid effort, looking to repeat the shocking feat she achieved on Smackdown Live last week. During the match, Mandy Rose almost shocked the world again, rolling up Becky Lynch and gaining a nearfall. This was the wake-up call that Becky Lynch needed, and from that moment she got serious. Taking control of the match, it wasn’t long before Lynch made Rose tapout, locking in a Dis-Arm-Her to retain her title.

Becky Lynch (c) bt. Mandy Rose

WWE Men’s Tag Team Championships

The first cross-branded Tag Team Championship defence since the then vacant Raw Tag Team Championships were put on hiatus, The Revival were tasked with bringing the newly dual-branded WWE Tag Team Championships to Raw. Aided in their task to capture the titles, The Revival were joined by Dana Brooke, and their “Glorious Revival” associate Robert Roode. At one point in the match, as Dana Brooke looked to help her team, Lana also became involved.
This argument, which eventually became physical, distracted everybody at ringside (announcers included). The one man who did keep his eye on the ball, Robert Roode, was then seen handing something to Scott Dawson.
With Rusev as the legal man, Dawson waited patiently for him to turn around. When Scott Dawson went to hit Rusev, with what could now be seen as a set of Brass Knuckles, it became clear that Roode wasn’t the only one who had remained focussed on the match. Taking the proverbial bullet for his partner, Aiden English took the shot from Dawson, and was knocked out completely.

Now tasked with defeating one of the WWE’s most cohesive units single-handedly, Rusev used his friend’s pain to fuel him. Fighting back into the match, Rusev fed off the energy of the WWE Universe, “hulking up” to take The Revival down. After hitting a number of Machka Kicks to both men, Rusev was able to lock in the Accolade, successfully defending the Championships, and keeping both the Men’s and Women’s Tag Team titles on Smackdown Live!

Rusev Day (c) bt. The Revival

Team Bryan vs. Team Nakamura; Survivor Series Match

Prior to the star studded Survivor Series match between Team Bryan and Team Nakamura, a extensive look was taken at the rivalry between the two men, which saw an even more ruthless and sadistic side come out of Shinsuke Nakamura. The seed of Nakamura’s hatred towards Daniel Bryan appeared to be born out of a passing comment made by Bryan, just 48 hours after Shinsuke Nakamura had lost a match which prevented him from ever challenging for the WWE Championship. This comment, where Daniel Bryan claimed that the be all and end all for all WWE Superstars was to be a World Champion, clearly resonated with the former WWE Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. When Daniel Bryan returned from the attack that followed by Shinsuke Nakamura, he was ready for revenge. However, with Survivor Series just around the corner, Paige announced Team Bryan vs. Team Nakamura as one of the brand’s marquee matches.

Straight out of the gates, the match had a big feel, with Shinsuke Nakamura facing off with The Undertaker to start. After some posing and posturing, Nakamura tagged himself out, bringing in Alexander Wolfe. This allowed The Undertaker to use the Sanity member as a punching bag, before he brought in Kane. Kane enjoyed much the same spell of dominance that his brother had, with Wolfe scrambling to bring in the leader of Sanity, Eric Young. Eric Young would go toe to toe with Kane, before “The Big Red Machine” brought in Daniel Bryan. Referred to as a “mirror-universe” Daniel Bryan, Eric Young went back and forth with the former WrestleMania main eventer, until Shinsuke Nakamura tagged himself in.

Caught off guard by the covert tag, Daniel Bryan missed a step which proved costly. Raising questions as to whether he was 100% going into the match, Bryan was shockingly eliminated first from the match, falling to a Kinshasa from Shinsuke Nakamura.

Daniel Bryan eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 4-5 Team Nakamura]

Having laid down a huge marker, Shinsuke Nakamura and his team of “ungovernables” grew in confidence. Asking a member of the leaderless Team Bryan to “come on”, Shinsuke Nakamura looked delighted as John Cena stepped up to the plate. Eventually, Killian Dain was able to relieve some of the pressure on Nakamura, and impressed against Cena. However, as the Dain brought in his fellow Sanity member Wolfe, looking to take Cena out, things began to unravel. Fighting Killian Dain off, and managing to isolate Alexander Wolfe, John Cena was able to hit an Attitude Adjustment which eliminated one of Eric Young’s men.

Alexander Wolfe eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 4-4 Team Nakamura]

Another man in the match with his eye on Shinsuke Nakamura was Jeff Hardy, and with Daniel Bryan gone, he was the one trying to get at the WWE United States Champion. Yet to take his rematch, Jeff Hardy looked to score a momentum gathering pinfall over Nakamura, but probably hurt his team’s chances with his single-mindedness. One such example of his obsession saw him squander a chance to eliminate Andrade “Cien” Almas, by focussing on Shinsuke Nakamura on the apron. Taking a dive at the US Champ, who purposely distracted him, Hardy fell straight into the trap. Hitting himself hard off the ring apron, Jeff Hardy was prone. When he was returned to the ring, it was straight forward for Almas, who hit a Backstabber to compound the injury. This allowed him to control Hardy, and hit a Hammerlock DDT for the elimination.

Jeff Hardy eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 3-4 Team Nakamura]

Once again down a number, Team Bryan’s task was made no easier by the clear tension that remained between The Undertaker and John Cena. In a bizarre turn of events, Kane found himself in the role of peacemaker, a role which almost saw him taken out of the match. Luckily for Kane, his brother was on hand, telling John Cena to stay back as he looked to pull the team out of trouble. Eventually, The Brothers of Destruction were able to take Eric Young out, hitting the leader of Sanity out with a Double Chokeslam.

Eric Young eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 3-3 Team Nakamura]

Now down to 3-3, Shinsuke Nakamura and Andrade “Cien” Almas entered the ring together. Standing across from Kane & The Undertaker, the two former NXT Champions were ready for action. Before things kicked off, Killian Dain entered the ring, backing up his teammates. Of course, John Cena was all too happy to even things up. With all six remaining competitors in the ring, chaos ensued, with a huge brawl causing the match to break down for a period of time. It was during this time that something of an upset was achieved, with Killian Dane managing to eliminate Kane, following a Splash from the second rope. Going unnoticed by the other competitors amongst the heated brawling, Kane had been eliminated.

Kane eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 2-3 Team Nakamura]

Having restored their advantage, Team Nakamura had a spare man left over, with Killian Dain using this to help them get full control of the match. Having bundled The Undertaker through the ringside barricade, Killian Dain came seconds away from eliminating both Brothers of Destruction. When Cena and The Undertaker made it back to the ring, they realised they had to work together. Putting personal issues aside, John Cena and The Undertaker managed to come back into the match. Using the window of time after John Cena hit Killian Dain with an AA onto the Steel Steps, Team Bryan’s remaining members managed to eliminate Andrade “Cien” Almas, with The Undertaker hitting him with a Last Ride from the corner to send him out of the match.

Andrade “Cien” Almas eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 2-2 Team Nakamura]

Shinsuke Nakamura looked around, realising pretty quickly that he was all alone. Heading to the outside, to help Killian Dain back up, Nakamura was met by The Undertaker, the man the commentators felt may be the only WWE Superstar better at mind games than Shinsuke. Remaining on the outside, as Killian Dain was sent in to deal with John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura appeared to be watching the match slip away, powerless to do anything. This was seemingly confirmed as Team Bryan took the advantage for the first time in the match, another Attitude Adjustment to Killian Dain enough to take him out of the match.

Killian Dain eliminated via pinfall; [Team Bryan 2-1 Team Nakamura]

Nakamura was now completely alone, no back up whatsoever as he faced two of the most iconic figures in the history of the WWE. While Corey Graves said that matches like this were the reason Shinsuke came to the WWE in the first place, it was clear that “The Artist” would rather be anywhere else in the world. He did attempt a comeback, but there was little doubt about the outcome of the match. Mirroring the Survivor Series match earlier in the night, Shinsuke Nakamura was taken out by back to back finishing moves. After John Cena hit the AA to Nakamura, he extended a hand to The Undertaker, seemingly putting their issues aside. Telling his partner to “finish him off”, John Cena watched on as The Undertaker hit a Tombstone Piledriver to Nakamura in the middle of the ring. There was no getting up from that, and despite his early elimination, Daniel Bryan’s team were victorious.

Shinsuke Nakamura eliminated via pinfall

Team Bryan bt. Team Nakamura; John Cena and The Undertaker survive

Following the match, John Cena returned to the ring, joining his fellow Team Bryan member The Undertaker. Despite their history of personal issues, John Cena and The Undertaker clearly had a lot of respect for each other, having came together to fight off Almas, Dain and Nakamura. Standing tall in the ring, two of the WWE’s most recognisable Superstars had been victorious once more.

Following the star studded match that preceded, the commentators switched focus to the Main Event of Survivor Series. Having heard from Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey earlier, it was time for a look at Drew McIntyre and Shayna Baszler’s preparation. Interviewed in their Locker Room, the two Superstars chosen by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H weren’t in the mood for pleasantries.
Instead, Drew McIntyre and Shayna Baszler made it clear that their only focus tonight was winning the Main Event. It didn’t matter what they had to do, or whether it was friend or foe they had to beat, the only focus of McIntyre and Baszler was to end the night as victors, having their arms raised in the middle of the ring.

Raw Women’s Championship

Becoming personal early on in the rivalry, Nia Jax looked to strip the match back in the build up, telling Sasha Banks to “shut her mouth, and sign the contract” if she wanted a shot at the Raw Women’s Champion. When the ink was dry, things heated up once more, with Sasha Banks making a series of personal comments about the Raw Women’s Champion. Her claim that Nia Jax was a poor Champion, despite holding the title since WrestleMania, was set to be put to the test.

Sasha Banks definitely took Nia Jax to her limits, breaking her down expertly. Having sent Bayley out of Raw last month, Sasha Banks looked to make headlines for the second PPV in a row, and almost did, coming close to a submission victory via a Banks Statement. Unfortunately for anybody who wanted to see a title change hands, Nia Jax powered out of the Banks Statement. Sasha held on to Jax even as the Champion made it to her feet, but was dumped to the outside to create seperation. Upon her return to the ring, Sasha Banks was clearly in a lot of pain, and following a Samoan Drop and a Leg Drop, Nia Jax retained her title once more.

Nia Jax (c) bt. Sasha Banks

Prior to Smackdown’s Main Event for Survivor Series, The Miz spoke about his chances of leaving as WWE Champion.
The Miz said that the difference between him and the other Superstars in the match, was the fact that he works with his head, while they allow their emotions to rule them. He knew that all he had to do was to get between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, and he could shock the WWE Universe and become the WWE Champion.

WWE Championship Match

As with the other Triple Threat on the card earlier, a common enemy was present in the match for AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Unlike Jason Jordan, The Miz had noone to call upon for help, and had to use his brain to figure out his path to the WWE Championship. This involved The Miz taking breaks wherever he could, hoping that Samoa Joe and AJ Styles could beat the hell out of each other, allowing him to steal the victory. Perhaps a negative approach to a WWE Championship match, it was undoubtedly The Miz’s best option if he wanted to win the title. The tension around a potential Miz win was pivotal to the match, with “The A Lister” showing up at the most opportune times, looking to catch his opponents off guard. A master of this kind of approach, The Miz came close on a number of occasions.

When The Miz wasn’t involved, the match was as the WWE Universe have come to expect. Hard-hitting and fast-paced, the back and forth action saw the momentum of the match alternate in the favour of both men. While either man could justifiably have walked away with the WWE Championship, it seemed like AJ Styles was closing in on victory. Hitting Samoa Joe with a Phenomenal Forearm would have finished off just about any other WWE Championship match, but The Miz’s involvement prevented this. Grabbing Styles as soon as he hit the move, The Miz dropped AJ with a Skull Crushing Finale. Torn as to who to pin first, The Miz covered AJ Styles. Samoa Joe managed to break up the count at the last second, and would then drag The Miz back to his feet. Rolling towards the ropes, AJ Styles took time to recover.

AJ Styles couldn’t take too long on the sidelines however, as Samoa Joe looked to lock in the Coquina Clutch on The Miz. Sensing no other way of escaping, The Miz kicked Samoa Joe between the legs. He then went around the back of Joe, looking to hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale. As The Miz set up for the move, AJ Styles came flying across the ring, looking to take both men out with another Phenomenal Forearm. However, before Styles connected, Samoa Joe ducked out of the way. The move instead just connected with The Miz, who was knocked out on impact.

Stalking AJ Styles, Samoa Joe went for the Coquina Clutch, knowing that there was no chance that The Miz could break the hold. Styles managed to get to the corner, but this only played into Joe’s hands. Putting Styles up on the top turnbuckle, Joe was able to hit the former WWE Champion with a Muscle Buster. Dropping Styles onto The Miz, Samoa Joe ensured maximum impact on both challengers. The move caused AJ Styles to roll out of the ring, and left a winded Miz scrambling to get back to his feet. The Miz would never make it back to his feet, as Joe could smell blood in the water. Locking in the Coquina Clutch in the middle of the empty ring, Samoa Joe quickly sent The Miz to sleep, retaining the WWE Championship.

Samoa Joe (c) bt. AJ Styles and The Miz

Mixed Tag Team Match

Promoted via a video package before the match, footage was shown of how Braun Strowman and Ronda Rousey’s opponents were revealed for Survivor Series. First was Shayna Baszler, who saved Ronda Rousey from an attack from the apparent opponent Ruby Riott (with The Riott Squad). It turned out that the trio were merely patsies, allowing Shayna Baszler to reveal herself while Ronda’s guard was down. Braun’s counterpart was revealed in a more grandiose way, as the male members of the Raw roster were gathered on the stage. A spotlight fell onto Roman Reigns, who appeared to be Stephanie and Triple H’s “Chosen One” to take part in the Main Event of Survivor Series. However, before Reigns could step forward, he was jumped from behind by the true “Chosen One”, Drew McIntyre. The next week, McIntyre further asserted his dominance, throwing Roman Reigns through the window of a Limousine. His focus was then with Braun Strowman, who just like Ronda was desperate to get his hands on his opposite number. The two would be forced to wait however, as a “No Contact Clause” was added to the match (which Drew McIntyre took full advantage of). Following the entrances for the Main Event, it became clear that Braun and Ronda couldn’t wait to get their hands on their opponents. Before the bell, Drew McIntyre once again laid his hands on Braun Strowman’s Universal Championship. This caused a ruckus in the ring, delaying the start of the match

When the action was officially underway, Ronda Rousey was desperate to get her hands on Shayna Baszler, and Braun Strowman was happy to let her. Having been unable to get revenge on Baszler since the attack last month, where she was knocked out for the first time in her WWE career, Ronda couldn’t wait for the action to start. Shayna looked to approach the match tentatively, but was almost immediately caught up in a fist fight. Ronda’s enthusiasm allowed her to start well, but the cold and calculated Baszler was eventually able to turn things around. Giving Ronda the most difficult challenge for her run so far, Baszler clearly knew everything there was to know about the former MMA Champion.

Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman also had issues to iron out, and the Universal Champion was ready for one of the few men in the WWE who wouldn’t back down from a fight with him. Happy to trade blows with Strowman, Drew McIntyre impressed as he looked to break the Universal Champion down.

Very much a “showcase” match, the exhibition nature of the contest didn’t cause it to lose any of the competitiveness, with McIntyre, Baszler and Rousey all aware of what a win could do for their Championship ambitions. Taking their eyes off the ball however, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler became less interested in winning the match, and increasingly focussed on causing damage to their opponent. This resulted in the biggest moment of the night for the two of them, as Shayna Baszler caught Ronda Rousey in a Rear Naked Choke on the outside. With Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman legal, the two had fought around the ringside area, while the male competitors had been in the ring.

Looking to escape the Choke, Ronda Rousey dragged herself towards the German announcer’s table, pulling both her weight and Shayna’s onto it. Rousey then looked to power out of the hold, returning to her feet with Shayna on her back. Baszler refused to release her grip, and Ronda had only one option. Jumping backwards, Ronda Rousey sent herself, and the former NXT Women’s Champion, crashing backwards through the next announcer’s table across. Destroying the table, both Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler were completely out of contention.

With focus switching back to the ring, both Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre were seen to be returning to their feet, having fallen to the ring following a giant Superplex that took place just before Rousey climbed onto the table. On seperate sides of the ring, both Strowman and McIntyre had been distracted by the huge moment they had just witnessed between Baszler and Rousey. On the near side to where the incident took place, Strowman’s momentary glance towards the wreckage could have proved costly. Taking a split second less, and thinking a step ahead of Strowman, Drew McIntyre was ready to spring into action. As Braun Strowman pulled himself up by the ropes, he turned back towards the center of the ring. Almost instantly, Drew McIntyre ran into him, connecting a vicious Claymore Kick to the jaw.

Coming completely out of nowhere, the move clearly caught the Universal Champion off guard, and Strowman fell to the canvas, arms and legs laid flat across the ring. Hastily covering his opponent, Drew McIntyre was able to score an incredible upset, pinning the current WWE Universal Champion!

Drew McIntyre & Shayna Baszler bt. Braun Strowman & Ronda Rousey

Following the match, medical personnel surrounded Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey on the outside. While this was the first time Rousey had been on the losing side since she came to the WWE, the major story was the victory of Drew McIntyre. Keeping his emotions in check, a stern Drew McIntyre stood tall in the middle of the ring, as the referee raised his hand in the air. Once the commentators had chance to process the shocking moment that would end Survivor Series, Michael Cole noted that Drew McIntyre has become the first person to pin Braun Strowman since Brock Lesnar did last year at No Mercy.

Survivor Series closed with a look at the carnage around ringside, before a final shot of the victorious Drew McIntyre ended the broadcast...

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