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Default Raw #1331

Live from Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan!

First to address the WWE Universe on this week’s Raw, Ronda Rousey looked to kick off the action by calling out Shayna Baszler. Instead of being answered by “The Queen of Spades”, Ronda Rousey was met by Ember Moon.
Furious about Shayna Baszler’s involvement in her Raw Women’s Championship match last week, Ember Moon told Ronda Rousey that “with a due respect”, she was going to be the first one to get her hands on Shayna Baszler. Ronda Rousey said that she understood that Ember Moon had earned her path towards the Raw Women’s Championship, but the issues between Ronda and Shayna were personal. With the two at something on a impasse, Nia Jax came out to try and find a solution.
Telling both Ember Moon and Ronda Rousey that she was well aware of both of their issues with Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax promised that she’d speak to Kurt about the situation. When this discussion did take place, Kurt Angle’s answer was to make a Number One Contendership match between Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler. While this wouldn’t have appeased Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle seemed confident that he could keep her from getting involved.
Earlier in the night, Shayna Baszler had commented on being “Public Enemy #1”, saying that with all of the division fighting to get their hands on her, she holds all the cards!
Over on the male side of the roster, the WWE Universal Champion was the one doing the chasing, challenging Drew McIntyre following their intense brawl last week.
Drew McIntyre did respond to Braun Strowman, but kept his distance from the Universal Champion. McIntyre explained that since he pinned Strowman at Survivor Series, he had no reason to get in the ring with him unless it was for the WWE Universal Championship. As a result, Drew McIntyre remained at the top of the ramp, making it clear that the two men would only competed if the title was on the line. McIntyre’s decision not to walk down the ramp came back to bite him, with Roman Reigns jumping him from the side as he turned to leave.
Spearing Drew McIntyre from the side, Roman Reigns sent McIntyre flying across the top of the stage. Staying on top of the man who threw him through a glass window when Raw was in the UK, Roman Reigns laid into Drew McIntyre relentlessly, refusing to let up. Having been blindsided by “The Big Dog”, Drew McIntyre was given no chance to defend himself, as the now medically cleared Roman Reigns exacted his revenge. When McIntyre had been beaten to a degree that was deemed sufficient, Roman Reigns returned to his feet, turning his attention to Braun Strowman. Having watched the brutal attack unfold, Braun Strowman was well aware of the fire inside Roman Reigns, and his desire to become the Universal Champion.

Later in the evening, an angry Drew McIntyre once again confronted Kurt Angle. Furious that Roman Reigns was getting in the way of his Universal Championship shot, McIntyre wanted action from Angle. Kurt Angle did have a solution for Drew McIntyre, but not one that impressed him. Making a match next week, Kurt Angle told Drew McIntyre that if he beat Roman Reigns one on one, he’d get his shot at Braun Strowman for the Universal title.
Going one on one with Baron Corbin, Rey Mysterio picked another impressive victory, pinning “The Lone Wolf” following a 6-1-9.
After the match, a bitter Baron Corbin attacked Rey Mysterio from behind, laying into him in a fit of rage. Taking Rey Mysterio to the outside, Corbin picked up the small Superstar, putting him on his shoulder. Corbin then ran towards the Steel Ring Post, slamming Rey shoulder first into it. Mysterio fell to the floor, having been lawndarted into the post, and Corbin left up the ramp.
Publicly apologising to Kevin Owens for his reaction to defeat last week, Sami Zayn joined his best friend at ringside as he took his turn in facing Randy Orton. Continuing the success he has enjoy since joining the Raw roster, Orton picked up a victory over Owens. As Orton stood tall after the match, he made it clear that he still wanted revenge over Lashley for the attack last week. Bobby Lashley did come to the top of the ramp, but went no further despite Orton’s call out.

While Bobby Lashley did nothing but look down towards Randy Orton in the ring, the distraction he caused allowed Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn to regroup.
Jumping Orton from behind, Owens & Zayn took their frustration at losing to him in back to back weeks out on “The Viper”. As the two men continued to attacked Orton, Finn Balor made his way out from the back.
Steaming past Lashley, as he sprinted down the ramp, Finn Balor made the save, clearing the ring of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. Balor then checked on his Survivor Series teammate, checking that the damage done by Owens & Zayn wasn’t too severe.
As well as all the action in the arena, Raw also featured a series of segments that took place out of the building, with Elias, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel opening the show. Seen walking through a dark field, Elias carried his Guitar with him as he searched out the “Hardy Compound”. Having been issued with an invitation to fight Bray Wyatt at the Compound by Matt Hardy, Elias eventually arrived at the gates.
Ready to “Walk With The Woken”, Elias was the only one of the three men who seemed prepared for what awaited him on the other side. Clearly afraid of what they were walking into, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel suggested to Elias that they call off the visit. Elias however, had no intention of leaving.

Confirmed to be at “The Hardy Compound”, Elias’ battle with Bray Wyatt would only be shown at the end of the evening. Before that, the encounter was heavily promoted, with a tour of the compound (which featured appearances from Reby, Senor Benjamin and Hardy’s children) hyping Elias’ Walk With The Woken. Matt Hardy showed the WWE Universe the various monuments of his Compound, putting over the vast possibilities available to both competitors. References were also made to “The Ultimate Deletion”, which took place earlier in the year, and saw Bray Wyatt enter “The Compound” looking to destroy Matt Hardy. However, after being defeated by Hardy, Wyatt joined him as a “Woken Warrior” upon his emergence from The Lake of Reincarnation.

Returning to The Compound when all other business had been dealt with, it was time for Elias to “Walk With The Woken…”
Going face to face in the Hardy ring, Bray Wyatt and Elias began with some general brawling around the ring. While Matt Hardy could not yet be seen, his laugh could be heard, creating an unsettling atmosphere for Elias. When the brawl left the ring, things took a turn for the stranger, with Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel bemused by what they were seeing. As the two Superstars fought throughout The Hardy Compound, Bray Wyatt got the better of Elias. Looking to cause damage to “The Drifter”, Bray Wyatt was only stopped from doing so as Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel became involved. Dallas & Axel were able to dragged Elias away from danger, and through a door, only to realised they had walked into the path of Matt Hardy, who was sat on his trusty “Mower of Lawns”.
Matt Hardy drove the Mower towards the trio, but they managed to move out of the way at the last moment, causing Hardy to crash into the wall. Bray Wyatt soon joined everybody else, but was outnumbered as Dallas & Axel furthered their involvement. Getting off the Mower of Lawns, Matt Hardy helped Bray Wyatt fight back. Given total creative license, the match / segment continued with Matt Hardy drawing upon more and more unusual items from around The Compound.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy eventually found themselves more than a match for the three men, especially with the environment playing to their advantage. The madness would eventually have to come to an end, and it did, as Elias and Bray Wyatt reached the Lake of Reincarnation. Elias seemed to get the better of Bray Wyatt, finding his Guitar and swinging it at his opponent. However, before he could cover Wyatt, Elias found himself transfixed on the Lake of Reincarnation. Popping up behind Elias, in horror-movie fashion, Bray waited for “The Drifter” to turn around. Hitting him with a Sister Abigail, Bray Wyatt was able to win the battle against Elias.

Following the “match”, Bray Wyatt made clear his intention to throw Elias into the Lake of Reincarnation. Before he made it to the Lake however, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel jumped in the way, looking to save Elias. While they did manage to free Elias, their actions put them in the line of fire. As they backed away from Wyatt their path was cut off by Matt Hardy, who alerted them to his presence with his signature laugh. Having had long-term issues with Elias’ biggest fans, The Deleters of Worlds turned their focus towards Dallas & Axel, eventually throwing them into the “Lake of Reincarnation”. With a huge splash of water, the two men would not be seen again. However, when Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy turned around to do the same to Elias, “The Drifter” had managed to escape...
Also on Raw...
  • Building on Golden Alpha’s victory last week, The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide. Following the match, Jason Jordan reiterated the challenge of A.O.P to Rusev Day, saying that Akam & Rezar were ready to take the WWE Men’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Looking to take The Revival to the next level, after they finally put their rivalry with Titus Worldwide behind them, Robert Roode asked Kurt Angle what was next for the group. Kurt Angle put Dash & Dawson in a match against a fired up Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, which they would ultimately lose. Earlier in the night, Dana Brooke called a meeting with her “Glorious Revival” associates, revealing her intention to go it alone. This desire to focus on her in-ring career was met with respect by Roode & The Revival, before she went on to lose to Natalya in singles competition. After the match, Dana extended a hand of respect towards Natalya, which she accepted.
  • Ruby Riott picked up a win over Mickie James, assisted by The Riott Squad. Following the match, the trio humiliated the veteran Superstar, adding insult to injury. Shown to be watch the incident going down in the back, Alexa Bliss remained unmoved, refusing to help her long-time friend.

Quick Results
The Authors of Pain bt. Titus Worldwide’s Apollo Crews & No Way Jose
Natalya bt. Dana Brooke.
Rey Mysterio bt. Baron Corbin

Randy Orton bt. Kevin Owens

Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins bt. The Revival
Ruby Riott bt. Mickie James
Bray Wyatt bt. Elias [#WalkWithTheWoken @ The Hardy Compound]
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