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Per my initial strategy/kayfabe background, we are scheduled to run eight more shows over the next two months. To keep my costs low, I plan on keeping the first five shows self-contained to the round robin matches. Iím going to keep my options open for the last three shows in March.

The only thing thatís written in stone is the last show will have the title match as the main event. I have an overall idea for the main events in mind, but I like to be flexible as the game can throw obstacles in my way as well give me additional good things like chemistry notes.

Note: It looks like not a lot of people are familiar with the roster, if not the T-Verse in general. With this being the case, Iíve added a more in-depth preview of the roster as well as the round robin structure and schedule.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests going forward. There is going to come a point where my Foolish Commentary is going to start to get light. I've thought about adding a couple of small tutorials/insights on how I produce and maintain my diary, but even then there are only so many things to talk about.


2016 NEO Generational Title Tournament

Tournament Rules
1. Each wrestler will fight one another in singles competition over the course of five events.
2. Winning the match nets a wrestler 3 points.
3. A draw gain both wrestlers 1 point.
4. A disqualification will penalize a wrestler 1 point. The opponent will gain 3 points for the win. A double disqualification will give both wrestlers a negative point.
5. The two wrestlers with the highest number of points will face off for the title.
6. If two wrestlers are tied for second, then the tie-breaker will be the result of their match. If their match was a draw, then both wrestlers will advance.

Tournament Schedule

Tournament Participants

Name: Chris King
Age: 21 / Experience: 1 year
Home Base: New England, USA
Size: Toned Middleweight
Wrestling Style: Technician

Gimmick: Old School Face (Face)
Signature Moves: The Crown of Saints (package piledriver)

Bio: "Chris King has been bred for this business. King is a third generation star of the King Wrestling Family. The Kings made themselves famous wrestling in Chicago and were located there, never moving to any other area. Now, Chris King is looking to make a name for himself else where. King has decided to distance himself from Chicago and he is now wrestling in Boston. He still respects his Chicago upbringings with his nickname ""The Second City Saint."" No one knows what the future holds for King, but they all know that bright things are ahead.

Despite their similar surnames, Chris has nothing to do with Jerry and Brian King over in Los Angeles."

Name: Jim Heatly
Age: 18 / Experience: 0 years
Home Base: Great Lakes, USA
Size: Average Middleweight
Wrestling Style: Regular Wrestler

Gimmick: Cocky Youth (Heel)
Signature Moves: ???

Bio: n/a

Name: Jon Diamani
Age: 20 / Experience: 0 years
Home Base: Mid South, USA
Size: Toned Lightweight
Wrestling Style: Japanese Junior

Gimmick: Fanís Own (Face)
Signature Moves: Knee to the Temple (knee to the temple)

Bio: "The biggest thing holding Jon Diamani back is probably his stature, at only 5'10"" and 180 lbs, he's easily on the lighter side of things. Nevertheless, the biggest thing making Jon Diamani stand apart from the whitemeat babyfaces the world over is a giant afro (oft molded into dreads or twists) - and not exactly being 'whitemeat'. A charismatic workhorse is the best way to describe him, he's taken everything that sets him apart, that is his melting pot of African/Canadian/French culture and has harnessed it into making his character stand out, not to mention an addiction for Pop Culture references.

He's never been the best at anything in the ring, but that's never stopped him from trying to be the best at everything in the ring (and can lead him to going over the top in matches and losing sense of psychology), and perhaps that desire will set him apart in his quest to Be A Star."

Name: Lincoln Nash
Age: 23 / Experience: 3 years
Home Base: South East, USA
Size: Muscular Middleweight
Wrestling Style: Brawler

Gimmick: Ladies Man (Face)
Signature Moves: Gangsta Chaos (pounce)

Bio: "Billed from the 'mean streets of South Central LA', Lincoln Nash wasn't exactly born into the life he portrays. The only son of the owner of the nationwide chain of Nash Carpets & Upholstery, many expected him to join the family business and live his life selling soft furnishings. Lincon did indeed take a job with the company at the age of sixteen, but only so he could secretly pay his way through the Chaos Wrestling Academy.

After four years Nash graduated with honours and has already made a splash on the indy circuit. Although there are many workers out there who already use the stereotypical 'gangsta' gimmick Nash is pretty damn good at it and many feel he could easily lead a stable of bigger thugs should the opportunity present itself."

Name: Lobo
Age: 24 / Experience: 5 years
Home Base: South West, USA
Size: Muscular Light Heavyweight
Wrestling Style: Puroresu Style

Gimmick: Lone Wolf (Heel)
Signature Moves: Wolfís Call (vertical drop brainbuster)

Bio: "A powerful wrestler hailing from Puerto Vallarto, Mexico, Vicente Soto eschews the flashy high flying approach of lucha and instead displays a more realistic style based on vicious striking and power moves. A poor fit for a lucha company, and unwilling to compete in death matches, Soto would spend his first few years in the business working under his real name on independent shows across Mexico.

Soto's career would turn around in 2013 when he met Ernesto Alvarez, aka Dark Wolf II, at an independent show in Mexico City. Suggesting that he would have better luck outside Mexico, Alvarez helped him get some work in Japan where he began using the name Lobo as both a tribute to his friend and a reference to his loner demeanor. Heading to the US for the BAS2 competition, Lobo didn't land a spot in the AWF, but got the attention of Cesar Kaslow who offered him a contract to the newly reopened Club."

Name: Ryan Strong
Age: 34 / Experience: 14 years
Home Base: Eastern Australia, AUS
Size: Muscular Middleweight
Wrestling Style: Brawler

Gimmick: Bitter Veteran (Heel)
Signature Moves: Strong Style Collision (running single leg dropkick)

Bio: "When he debuted back in 2001, many thought Ryan Strong would go on to be a huge star. Unfortunately, despite a good look, and decent ring skills, Strong's career came crashing down around him thanks to a drug addiction that ended up splashed across not only wrestling press but also the wider media, who used the events to further smear the industry.

After spending the better part of three years in jail for a drug-related crime, Strong returned to the sport in 2009 clean but virtually black-balled in the United States. After a tour of Europe, Strong began to find his feet once again and was fortunate to be hired to Australian toughman promotion D.I.N.G.O. in 2011 where he seems to have finally laid his demons to rest."

NEO Generational Title Tournament, Night One

NEO GTT Round Robin
Chris King vs. Ryan Strong

NEO GTT Round Robin
Jim Heatly vs. Jon Diamani

NEO GTT Round Robin
Lincoln Nash vs. Lobo
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