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Default Raw #1337

Live from The SNHU Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire!

Raw opened with a video package, looking back at last week’s episode. As the build to the Royal Rumble continued, Braun Strowman had to come to terms with the fact he wouldn’t be in the Royal Rumble match, and wouldn’t get a rematch at the event either. Strowman didn’t take it well, and continued his “out of control” behaviour, demanding that Kurt Angle get him a match with Brock Lesnar! Once again the bearer of bad news, Kurt Angle told Braun Strowman that match would not happen - certainly not at the Royal Rumble!

The commentators wondered how Braun Strowman would react this week, putting over how unpredictable he had been since losing the WWE Universal Championship. Corey Graves went as far as to call Braun Strowman a “poor sportsman” and “dangerously unprofessional” in reference to his recent actions. Moving on from that talk, the show moved on as Golden Alpha made their way to the ring.
Addressing the WWE Universe, Jason Jordan talked about the three men in the ring, once again putting them over as three “Olympic level” athletes. He added that they’d proved exactly how dominant they were last week, and as far as Jordan was concerned, Golden Alpha were the greatest three man group in WWE history. His proof of this was footage from last week’s episode, as Golden Alpha sabotaged the Intercontinental Championship match.

The footage showed Jason Jordan’s distraction of the referee, which allowed The Authors of Pain to take Rey Mysterio out. Following the match, the three men laid Randy Orton out in the middle of the ring. Returning to the ring, Jordan continued to boast about the group’s dominance, before being cut off by the music of Braun Strowman.
Knowing the mood “The Monster Amongst Men” had been in recently, Jason Jordan quickly stepped behind The Authors of Pain. Akam & Rezar stood firm as Braun Strowman entered the ring. Taking a microphone of his own, Braun Strowman said he could not handle listening to Jason Jordan’s crap for one second longer, adding “not this… and not now!”

Braun Strowman clearly wanted to get his hands on Jason Jordan, but The Authors of Pain stood between the two. Strowman told Akam & Rezar they could either step aside, or he could kick their asses! The Authors of Pain stepped up to Braun, and it appeared that a huge brawl was about to take place. Just before anything happened, Kurt Angle came to the top of the ramp.
Looking to calm the uncontrollable monster down, Kurt Angle told Braun Strowman that now wasn’t the time for him to start brawling, because he had a match later in the evening. Showing he still had some respect for Kurt, Braun Strowman listened to the General Manager, asking him “what you got for me... boss?” Kurt Angle told Braun Strowman that he was sure he’d be happy with the match, informing Braun Strowman that he would face The Authors of Pain tonight. Braun Strowman was more than happy to face both men alone, but Jason Jordan told him he stood no chance. Kurt Angle cut the cocky Jason Jordan off, because he hadn’t finished. Braun Strowman wouldn’t be facing Akam & Rezar alone, and his partner would be someone Jordan knows very well… the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio!

This didn’t affect Jordan’s confidence, as he suggested that the three of them were more than capable of dealing with “one and a half men”. Kurt Angle said they would see about that, but informed Jordan that he should be more focussed on his match for the night, against Randy Orton. As if Jordan wasn’t annoyed about this enough, Kurt Angle informed him that the match would take place… right now!

Returning from the break, it was revealed that The Authors of Pain had been sent to the back, with Randy Orton able to get his revenge on Jason Jordan, one on one. That was largely the focus of the match, after Jordan cost Orton his shot at the Intercontinental Championship last week. On occasion, the temper of “The Viper” got the better of him, and Jordan did manage to make a competition of the match. Ultimately, the pissed off Randy Orton was too much for the former Intercontinental Champion, and an RKO saw Jordan fall to another defeat.

Randy Orton bt. Jason Jordan

Following his victory, Randy Orton took a microphone from ringside. Commenting on Ronda Rousey announcing herself in the Royal Rumble last week, Orton said that if it’s that easy, then he’s announcing himself as a competitor in the 2019 Royal Rumble match!

Heading into the General Manager’s office, Kurt Angle was shown talking to Drew McIntyre. The WWE Universal Champion spoke last week about wanting to represent the Raw brand, and Angle heard that. As a result, Kurt Angle wanted him to do the just that tonight, in a match against Royal Rumble hopeful, Finn Balor. Drew McIntyre was more than happy to “sharpen his sword”, against a former Universal Champion.
Looking back at last week, the commentators discussed footage of Alexa Bliss’ decision to come down to the ring and run off The Riott Squad. Having stayed out of the issues with The Riott Squad and the rest of the roster, Alexa Bliss reached her breaking point, possibly after Liv Morgan referred to herself as “The Real Goddess” of Raw. Later in the night, Alexa Bliss was scheduled to address what happened the previous week.

Prior to the match, Jinder Mahal recapped his feelings about Titus Worldwide, calling No Way Jose out for his “cowardly suckerpunch” last week. Mahal said that he wouldn’t be caught off guard again. Jinder Mahal continued to rant, until he was cut off by Titus Worldwide.

When the match got underway, Jinder Mahal looked to overpower No Way Jose, and was angered when Jose was more interested in having fun. Jinder wasn’t enjoying this however, and when his frustrations for the better of him, he called The Singh Brothers to enter the ring. As soon as they did this, Akira & Apollo entered the ring too, fighting them off.
Furious at his sidekicks’ incompetence, Jinder Mahal took his eye off the ball. This allowed No Way Jose hit him with a Fastball Punch, which saw him pick up a victory over the former WWE Champion!

No Way Jose bt. Jinder Mahal

Heading over to the interview area, Mickie James and Natalya stood together.
While Natalya was skeptical of Alexa Bliss’ intentions, she said that standing next to Mickie James was proof that she was willing to give anybody a second chance. Mickie was more optimistic, saying that he was sure Alexa Bliss had seen the light, and would join them in opposing The Riott Squad. As Mickie James continued, sending a warning to Morgan, Riott & Logan, the two women were jumped from behind by the group.
The Riott Squad left Mickie James and Natalya out in the back, walking away from the interview area before anybody could intervene. With Alexa Bliss addressing the WWE Universe up next, her two most likely allies had been taken out.
Returning to the ring, Alexa Bliss made her way down the ramp. As she did, the commentators discussed her reluctance get involved with The Riott Squad, speculating as to what pushed her over the edge last week.
Above everything else, Alexa Bliss looked to make it clear that she was no “knight in shining armour”, and she didn’t want the WWE Universe thinking she’d gone soft. Bliss said that last week wasn’t about being a hero, and it certainly wasn’t about Mickie James and Natalya. Last week was about respect for Alexa Bliss, and particularly about shutting up that second rate rip-off Liv Morgan!

Alexa Bliss continued to run down The Riott Squad, and unsurprisingly this drew out of three person team.
With a microphone of her own, Liv Morgan told Alexa Bliss that if she wanted to run her mouth, she should have made sure she had some back-up. The Riott Squad then surrounded Alexa Bliss, ready to take her out in the same way they had Mickie James and Natalya. However, before they could enter the ring, The Bellas Twins’ music played.
Making the save, The Bella Twins joined Alexa Bliss in the ring, and The Riott Squad backed down. Heading back up the ramp, The Riott Squad watched on as the Number One Contenders to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships posed for the fans. Alexa Bliss didn’t look particularly impressed with their involvement.
WWE Raw - January 14th 2019 - Live on USA Network!

Returning for the second hour of Raw, The Bella Twins and Alexa Bliss were in Kurt Angle’s office. The Bella Twins were in high spirits, and they were all too happy to hear that Kurt Angle was putting them in a match against Sarah Logan & Ruby Riott next week. The Bellas then left the room, with Alexa Bliss looking much less impressed with Kurt than The Bellas. Her trademark “mean” face on, Alexa Bliss told Kurt that she doesn’t need anybody… and told him he’d better not get any ideas! Walking out of the room, Kurt smiled as Alexa told him “nothing has changed… I’m still The Goddess!”

Before the match began, Seth Rollins cut a promo, talking about how he was feeling even better after last week’s victory over Jason Jordan, and he was ready for the Royal Rumble. Baron Corbin cut his opponent off, telling Seth Rollins that he’d be feeling a whole lot worse again after their match. That may have been the case, with Baron Corbin’s physical style of offence taking a lot out of Seth Rollins during the match. Despite that, he was able to overcome “The Lone Wolf”, beating him following a Curb Stomp.

Seth Rollins bt. Baron Corbin

Celebrating his victory, Seth Rollins stood tall in the ring. Looking to be back at 100%, the commentators put over Seth Rollins’ chances in the Royal Rumble. Climbing to the second rope, Seth Rollins looked to fire the crowd up, but was pushed from the second rope, to the outside of the ring by Baron Corbin. Standing tall in the ring, despite defeat, Corbin felt he had proved something by throwing Rollins out of the ring, over the top rope and to the outside.

Discussing last week in the back, where they backed Finn Balor up after he was confronted by Golden Alpha, Owens & Zayn approached Balor in the Locker Room.
Making it clear that last week was more about The Authors of Pain than helping Finn Balor, Owens & Zayn looked to distance themselves from backing Finn Balor up. Balor was relieved by this, saying they had him worried last week. Balor added that he didn’t need any backup, and as long as they stayed out of his way, he didn’t care what Owens & Zayn got up to.

Before the match, footage was shown from, of an interview with The Riott Squad and Sasha Banks. Somewhat strange bedfellows, the four women revealed their plan to work together at the Royal Rumble, to eliminate Ronda Rousey. They also said that while they were at it, Nia Jax was also in their crosshairs. This resulted in a match being set up between Banks and Nia. Expecting backup from The Riott Squad, Sasha Banks was made aware that she wasn’t quite as important to them as she thought. Calling to the back for help, Sasha Banks found herself in trouble, and the reliance on interference (that never came), resulted in her falling to Jax’s Samoa Drop. Standing tall after her win, Nia Jax was clearly one of the favourites going into the Royal Rumble.

Nia Jax bt. Sasha Banks

After the break, Baron Corbin was seen approaching Dean Ambrose in the back. Purposely goading Ambrose, about what he did to Seth Rollins earlier and suggesting that Dean should have been there for his friend, Baron Corbin got the reaction he wanted. Flipping out, Dean Ambrose began brawling with Baron Corbin in the back, the incident ending with security looking to pull the two men apart.

His second match since becoming the Universal Champion, Drew McIntyre faced another difficult challenge as he went one on one with another man who has held that title. Interestingly, it was noted that since his return to the WWE, Drew McIntyre had only been pinned by two men, with Finn Balor being one of them. Knowing he could beat McIntyre, Finn Balor took the match to the Champion, with the commentators putting over what they considered a pay-per-view Main Event worthy match. The two sides went back and forth, and there were brief moments when it appeared Finn Balor might be able to score a huge victory. Unfortunately for him, a missed Coup De Grace all but killed his chances. Tweaking his knee, Finn Balor was notably struggling throughout the rest of the match. As a result, Drew McIntyre took control, defeating him with a Future Shock DDT.

Drew McIntyre bt. Finn Balor

Standing tall in the ring, Drew McIntyre held the WWE Universal Championship high above his head, as he stood over another “victim” of his dominance on Raw. One man who hadn’t been beaten by Drew McIntyre in singles competition was Roman Reigns, and “The Big Dog” chose this moment to confront McIntyre.
Roman Reigns talked about Drew McIntyre not defending the title at the Royal Rumble, suggesting that if he was half the Champion he claimed to be last week, he’d have demanded a defence. But Roman Reigns is in the Royal Rumble, so he doesn’t have to worry about how he’ll get his shot at McIntyre. Reigns said that his path to WrestleMania is clear, but he doesn’t see why McIntyre should get the week off. As a result, he challenged Drew McIntyre to face him one on one, next week on Raw!

Pointing to the man he had just defeated, Drew McIntyre shook his head at Roman Reigns, and left the ring. As Reigns stood tall, the commentators disagreed about whether McIntyre should have to face him next week. They did however agree that the match would be must see!

WWE Raw - January 14th 2019 - Live on USA Network!

Making his entrance at the beginning of the final hour of Raw, Bobby Lashley was ready for one on one action with Dean Ambrose. However, when Ambrose’s music played, he was nowhere to be seen. Lashley was annoyed by this, throwing his hands up in the ring.
Cutting to the back, Kurt Angle was seen looking for Dean Ambrose.
When he eventually found him, he saw that Dean Ambrose wanted more of Baron Corbin, and was on the lookout for him.
Before Ambrose could find Corbin, the General Manager stopped him in his tracks. Reminding Dean that he had a match, that was scheduled for right now, Ambrose had completely forgot about it, and told Kurt that it was his “bad”. Yelling out to empty corridor, Ambrose told Corbin he’d be back from him soon, he just had something he need to take care of…

Having not long since been involved in a brawl with Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose’s mind clearly wasn’t 100% on the match with Bobby Lashley. While he managed to use his brawling style to take Lashley back in the early goings, the much stronger competitor wasn’t about to be overwhelmed by Dean Ambrose. What followed was a fairly even match, which had probably been won before the contest began. More focussed than his opponent, Lashley was able to pick Ambrose apart, eventually pinning him following a Spear!

Bobby Lashley bt. Dean Ambrose

After the match, as Lashley stood tall, Baron Corbin came to the top of the ramp. “The Lone Wolf” had a microphone in his hand.
Laughing at the “loser” Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin said that he was just like his buddy Seth Rollins. Both of them took their eyes off the ball, and both of them would lose out to him at the Royal Rumble!

Returning from the break, Shayna Baszler was shown at the door of the Women’s Locker Room. Bursting through it, Shayna Baszler was clearly intent on intimidating the rest of the Raw Superstars.
Shayna Baszler spoke to her fellow competitors, asking them that since Ronda Rousey wasn't there, which one of them wanted to be brave. Which of them wanted to take a shot at the Champion. As Shayna Baszler continued to walk through the Locker Room, everybody avoided eye contact. When Shayna Baszler walked past somebody she didn’t recognise, she stopped in her tracks. Looking at the terrfied youngster, Baszler demanded to know her name. The woman told Shayna she was called “Lizzy Lovato”, and she was here trying out. Saying nothing, Shayna Baszler thought for a moment, before saying “you’ll do…”. Baszler then grabbed the young hopeful by the hair, dragging her out of the Locker Room.
Shayna Baszler was then seen bringing Lizzy out from the back, and putting her in the ring. Shayna called for a referee to come to the ring, before explaining why she was doing what she was doing. Baszler said that she was showing that whether it’s Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax or Ronda Rousey… she can do what she does, to any woman in the world. Baszler quickly proved this, destroying Lizzy Lovato with her usual dominant sequence. The match ended with a Rear Naked Choke.

Refusing to release the hold until a few moments after the bell had rung, Shayna Baszler was clearly looking to send a message to the Raw roster that she has dominated. Looking down on the rookie, Baszler continued to bully the young tryout. She then turned to the WWE Universe, saying that it doesn’t matter who wins the Royal Rumble, because she is unstoppable! Shayna then looked ready to do more damage to Lizzy Lovato, but was stopped in her tracks by the music of Ember Moon. Having laid low since losing to Shayna Baszler in a Number One Contenders match last month, Ember Moon made her return to Raw!
Running at the Raw Women’s Champion at speed, Ember Moon caught Shayna Baszler cold, and avoided an attempted right hook from the Champion. Bouncing off the ropes, Ember Moon came back at Baszler, knocking her off her feet with a Crossbody. Hyped up by her return to Raw, Ember Moon looked to climb to the top rope, sending a message to Shayna Baszler.

While every other time Ember Moon had tried to hit the move to Baszler she’d been caught (and swiftly choked out), the returning Superstar was feeding off the energy of the WWE Universe. Connecting with the move, Ember Moon managed to take Shayna Baszler down, the Eclipse sending Baszler crashing to the mat. Finally putting Shayna Baszler down, Ember Moon became the first woman to get the upper hand on Shayna since her Raw debut.

Standing tall in the ring, Ember Moon’s reemergence put her amongst the favourites to win the Royal Rumble, and the first person to put a question mark over the Raw Women’s Championship reign of Shayna Baszler.
Ahead of the Main Event, a skit took place in the back. Having been abandoned and turned on by his former “fans” Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, Elias was looking for backup. When he approached Robert Roode and The Revival, Elias was looking to strike up a partnership. However, when Robert Roode requested Elias play some music, and then proceeded to sing completely out of tune, Elias thought better of working with them…
Making his entrance before the Main Event, Braun Strowman had something to say before the match began. Standing next to his partner Rey Mysterio, Braun Strowman said that even if Brock Lesnar doesn’t watch Raw, he knows that Paul Heyman does. Since he can’t get into contact with Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman is the next best thing. Calling Heyman out to appear on Raw next week, Strowman said that right now his focus was on teaming with Rey Mysterio… and teaching the AOP a lesson!

While they may not have been nearly as experienced together as Akam & Rezar, as two much more accomplished singles competitors, Braun Strowman and Rey Mysterio were able to hang with the former Raw Tag Team Champions. Bringing two polar opposite styles to the match, Braun and Rey worked well together, and clearly enjoyed teaming up. The team cohesion of The Authors of Pain did play a part in the match, and when the contest settled in a regular rhythm, Akam & Rezar successfully isolated Rey Mysterio. This resulted in a spell of dominance for The Authors of Pain, as Braun Strowman encouraged Rey to reach the corner.

When Braun Strowman came into the match, everything changed. Throwing The Authors of Pain around the ring like they were regular guys, Strowman clearly had a lot of frustration built up inside of him. Only a couple of minutes after entering the ring, Braun Strowman looked to finish Akam off with a Running Powerslam. Pulling him out of the move, Rezar saved Akam from the move, but incurred the wrath of Braun Strowman. Strowman hit Rezar with a Clothesline that sent him out of the ring, before following him to the outside. Looking up the ramp, Braun Strowman had an idea, and no longer seemed to care about the match. His intention was to take Rezar up to the announcer’s table, and put him through it. As the referee started to count, Akam was forced to do something as Strowman took his partner towards the stage. Grabbing a Steel Chair, Akam hit Braun Strowman from behind, resulting in a DQ.

Braun Strowman & Rey Mysterio bt. The Authors of Pain (DQ)

When the bell rang, Akam hit Braun Strowman with another Steel Chair shot to the ribs, putting him down after swinging viciously at the back of the “Monster Amongst Men”. Looking to help his partner, Rey Mysterio rushed to his aid, but was also hit with the Steel Chair.

Akam then brought Rezar back around, and the two focussed on taking out Rey Mysterio. Bringing him back into the ring, The Authors of Pain planned on taking Rey Mysterio out, but were thwarted by a resurgent Braun Strowman. Returning to the ring, Strowman took Akam out with a Clothesline, before no selling a shot to the face from Rezar. Braun Strowman then manhandled the larger member of AOP, lifting him up and dropping him down with a Running Powerslam. Akam now came back at the former Universal Champion, but Strowman threw him over the top rope.

Strowman’s attention then turned back to the stage, as he dragged Akam behind him towards the top of it. Once he reached the announcer’s table, Braun Strowman cleared everything off it, and told the intimidated commentators to get out of the way. They promptly followed his orders, aware of what Strowman was capable of. Graves remarked that Strowman was a “psychopath”, who couldn’t be stopped. That was certainly the case as he lifted Akam onto his shoulder, Power Slamming him through the commentary table. Braun Strowman then stood tall at the top of the ramp, having made another huge impact on Raw. Ending the show, it was put over that the future of Braun Strowman was currently unclear, but also that wherever he lands, the person he comes up against - whether it’s Brock Lesnar or somebody else - were facing a “Monster”, the likes of which the WWE had never seen before!

Quick Results
Randy Orton bt. Jason Jordan
No Way Jose bt. Jinder Mahal

Seth Rollins bt. Baron Corbin
Nia Jax bt. Sasha Banks
Drew McIntyre bt. Finn Balor

Bobby Lashley bt. Dean Ambrose
Shayna Baszler bt. [Local Talent] Lizzy Lovato
Braun Strowman & Rey Mysterio bt. The Authors of Pain (DQ)
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