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NEO Generational Title Tournament, Night Five
Friday, Week 1, March 2016
18 people in Saskatchewan


Jim Heatly vs. Lobo
Singles Match

In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Lobo defeated Jim Heatly in 7:39 by pinfall with a Wolf's Call.

Rating: E

Backstage Segment

Backstage, a video cameraman catches a heated argument between Lobo and Jim Heatly. The camera is too far away to hear anything, but it shows Lobo grabbing Jim by his shirt, forcing him against a wall. After a while, it seems like whatever Jim is saying is good enough for Lobo and he sets Jim down before walking away from a shaken Heatly.

Rating: E+

Chris King vs. Jon Diamani
Singles Match

In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Chris King defeated Jon Diamani in 10:29 by pinfall with The Crown of Saints.

Rating: E

Backstage Segment

Walking through the halls as he makes his way to the ring, Lincoln Nash is cutting a promo against his opponent, Ryan Strong, when he crosses the path of Jon Diamani. Lincoln takes a moment congratulate Jon on making it through the tournament and asks him how’s he is doing. Jon says he’s not 100%, but he’s close. Jon doesn’t blame his injury for his loss, saying that Chris just had his number and wishes Nash luck tonight.

Rating: D-

Lincoln Nash vs. Ryan Strong
Singles Match

In a decent match, Lincoln Nash drew with Ryan Strong in 12:05 following Jim Heatly running in and attack both Lincoln Nash and Ryan Strong as they were grappling outside the ring.

Rating: E+

Overall Rating: E+

Promotional Progress
Backstage: 57%
Overness (SK): +0.5% (4.5%)
Prestige: +0.2% (1.8%)
Prestige: +1.0% (9.0%)
Foolish Commentary: And I jinxed it. Lee showed up hungover again and I fined him...again. We now have a strong dislike. I’m still going to keep him around for the rest of the month, but it doesn’t look good for Lee in the long run. On the bright side, Chris King and Jon Diamani have great chemistry as opponents and Jon moved to the Saskatchewan after the show. I’m not paying his travel costs, so there is no real bonus that I’m going to be seeing right now. That said, I think that this does play some part in negotiations.

As far as the show, I’m once again happy with the result. The E+ show wouldn’t be the greatest outcome once we are in a regional battle, but that’s a far way away. Right now, I’m just worried about keeping our costs low, while maximizing my return in terms of in-game rewards as well as trying to entertain myself and the rest of you.

I’m not sure if the four way tie was something that people thought was going to happen at the beginning, but I was happy to see that Zergon thought it might have been a possibility. Due to the four way tie, “Adam Sullivan” has decided to have a championship chase for the title over the course of the next three shows. Chris, Lincoln, Lobo, and Ryan will face off in a four-way match on the next show. The loser of the match will be out of the chase and the remaining three will fight during the show after that under the same rules. The final two survivors will then face off for the title on the last show of March.

I made this choice for two reasons. From a kayfabe perspective, the choice is a bit controversial as the title could have easily just have been decided in a four corner survival. However, one could argue that it would be giving Lobo a reward for making a mockery of the main event (and to a lesser extent Ryan Strong). One could also argue to book two qualifiers to get down to two wrestlers, however you’d end up in a situation where one wrestler already beat another in singles competition.

From a meta perspective, I decided to do this as it doesn’t result in additional rematches (until the championship finals) and created what I think was a more interesting storyline. A four-way for the title might make more sense, but the build would have been similar to what already happened with Jon, Jim, and the wildcard qualifiers (e.g. tag team match with some kind of shenanigans). In addition, I wanted to bring Adam into the mix as a wrestler and him making a controversial decision is a sure fire way for that to happen.

NEO Generational Title Tournament, Night Six

NEO Championship Chase (Pick Winner and Loser)
Chris King vs. Lincoln Nash vs. Lobo vs. Ryan Strong

Singles Match
Adam Sullivan vs. Jim Heatly

2nd Chance Semi-Finals
Drew Martinez vs. Seung Zhi
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