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Originally Posted by MisterRomanini View Post
That's such an interesting way of building up a local company that I think I'll try it on my nesxt playthrough!

Also, who are the guys you think will carry the flag of the company for the forseeable future?
Please take the idea and run with it.

I know Iíve mentioned before that part of the reason why Iím writing this diary in the way I am is because I want to show one example (of many) to play this game. And that includes the feuds as well as the meta choices like not having announcers at the moment and using the least amount of workers that I can get away with.

As for who I think will carry NEO for the future, you are looking at them. While I have my eye out for new talent and would love to bring back some guys I used back in January (Iím looking at you Khrome), I chose this group of men for a reason. They are all talented individuals, are cost effective, and Iíve been able to write for them pretty easily (although I will admit that I donít think Iím doing Lincoln enough justice). With that said, donít be surprised if a couple of them pushed out of the main event scene around the time that NEO dives into the regional battle. They might have the talent to carry NEO, but to fight off GNW and CCW, we are going to need to eventually bring in some more popular wrestlers.

Before getting into the stat progression of the wrestlers, I thought it might be important to mention how I was able to measure their growth. TEW has the ability to export part of the saveís data into an Access database. This feature can be found on the bottom left side of the settings screen. After exporting the file, you could use Access to view the information, however I personally find it easier to import files into Excel and then use formulas like vlookup or index/match to make it easier for me to analyze the data. In addition, putting it into Excel allows me to compare two or more files at the same time, making it much easier to track changes over time. Iíve imported the file into Google Sheets to help make it easier for you to see what I mean. Note that I had to copy and paste some of the information as values due to the formulas not importing them correctly.

Now letís talk about the strides that Jim and the rest of the roster made. Focusing on Jim first, it looks like I made the correct decision about where to focus my points as stats like puroresu, chain wrestling, and aerial rose by around 3 points, while basics, psychology, and safety rose increased between 6 and 8 points over the course of the same time period. Jimís microphone and acting bumped up three points as well, however I could have gotten it up even higher if I made more of an effort to have Jim talk on each show. Finally, it looks like I was correct in that face and heel performance ratings increase over time as Jim jumped up from a 50 to a 70 in his ability to be a heel.

As far as the rest of the roster goes, there are a couple of standout changes:
  • Colt and Jon increased their face performance by 10 while Lobo got better as a heel.
  • Lobo got a bit better at aerial, Jon showed some improvement at grappling and striking, and Chris and Lincoln improved slightly across all three ďtop lineĒ areas.
  • In terms of performance skill, the younger wrestlers showed similar gains across the board as Jim, although not large. This is due to a combination of Jimís destiny stat and Jim starting out a lot worse in some stats. Ryan Strong also got a bit better in psychology and consistency, while Adam started to show his decline, dropping a couple of stats like athleticism and resilience.
  • The biggest winner in the entertainment stats is Adam Sullivan as he jumped 10 point in microphone, 9 in charisma, and 9 in acting. These gains make sense considering that he was in an angle one or more times each show. It also makes me think that I could have gotten away with giving Jim less starting charisma as it seems to grow just as well as the other two entertainment stats.
  • You might have noticed that Seung Zhi has seen a noticeable improvement in star quality, sex appeal (aka looks), and menace. Thatís due to him going from ďtonedĒ to ďmuscularĒ. Oddly enough it looks like itís just for show as his power stat actually dropped one.
  • Lee Harden improved his refereeing skills by 3. The game still hasnít spat out an cheap referee, so I guess this is good news.
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