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You know how I mentioned that I needed to book my show specifically on the first of Saturday to make sure that I could have left Lobo off the show without him being mad? Well, apparently TEW made me a liar as Lobo got a bladder laceration during one of The Club events and will be back mid-May. While this makes me changes my plans, I think I will still be able to do what I wanted with him once he comes back.

In addition, Ryan Strong will be touring with LETHAL starting next month. I know I said I wanted to have my guys get deals elsewhere, but LETHAL is a bit too dangerous my liking. Here’s to hoping Ryan doesn't injure himself while he’s getting smacked in the face with light tubes and chairs.

Finally, I checked our product and Adam Sullivan has been changing some things around. Here is where we are at:

Key: None
Heavy: Traditional, Realism
Medium: Mainstream
Low: Pure
Very Low: Comedy, Modern, Hardcore
The product isn't that different than before. We still need to have a story telling type match each show, but I don't need to have any storylines running. Based on Adam's background, I'm not sure why Traditional got brought down, but I'm not surprised based on my experiences with him as an owner. In any case, these changes won’t be altering my play style too much. I already have been prioritizing brawlers and mat based wrestlers before Adam started to mess with the product.

Overview April 2016

Promotional Progress
Overness (SK): +0.5% (6.5%)
Prestige: +0.2% (2.6%)
Prestige: +1.0% (13.0%)
Cash: +$215 (-$19,715)

Income Breakdown
Ticket Sales: $270
Sponsorships: $2,234
Merchandise: $488
Misc.: $1,198

Expenditures Breakdown
Workers: $2,360
Show Cost: $550
Marketing: $252
Merchandise: $170
Production: $240
Misc.: $392
Tax: $11

Current Estimated Finances
Sponsorships: $2,334
Marketing: $250
Administration (Misc.): $250
Legal (Misc.): $150
Production: $250
The big news here is that we are able to make a profit when running monthly shows. It's not much, but at the same time this is progress. There is a part of me that is worried that I won't make enough money this way to break even by next June, but I know I can always take some months off if I really think it's going to be an issue.

Canadian Overview

Economy: D (Rising)
Wrestling Industry: B (Rising)

20. Great North Wrestling
Highest Event Rating: D
Highest Match Rating: D+ (Sebastian St. James over Clement Lejosne)

28. Calgary Championship Wrestling
Highest Event Rating: D
Highest Match Rating: D+ (Porkchop Biscuit Jr. over Chris Raymond)

42. All Action Wrestling
Highest Event Rating: D-
Highest Match Rating: D (Schism over Aston Black)

46. Montreal Hardcore Revolution
Highest Event Rating: D+
Highest Match Rating: C (Sami Switchblade over Damien Shadows)

48. Western Canada Championship Wrestling
Highest Event Rating: C-
Highest Match Rating: C (Dwaine Kay over Carbon)

55. NEO Championship Wrestling
Highest Event Rating: E+
Highest Match Rating: E+ (Colt Kirchart & Jon Diamani over Seung Zhi & Ryan Strong)
The first thing I noticed is that the community size is down 2 percentage points from the starting 40%. This will lower the amount of fans that will be coming to our shows and will hinder our income in the coming years. The Industry is up to B, so maybe I will be able to make more than 5.0% a show, allowing me to run less shows to get to just under 11.0% by the end of the year. Only time will tell.

Wrestler Overness (Apr 1st -> May 1st)
Adam Sullivan: 15 -> 17
Chris King: 17 -> 17
Colt Kirchart: 10 -> 12
Jim Heatly: 9 -> 11
Jon Diamani: 17 -> 17
Lincoln Nash: 17 -> 17
Lobo: 17 -> 17
Ryan Strong: 18 -> 18
Like I said before, there is a lot less movement after hitting 17. I'm happy that Ryan didn't lose anything after his loss in the main event. Pro tip: the “keep strong” note is your friend. As an added bonus, Jim gains overness his losing effort to Chris King.

NEO Live! #2

NEO Generational Title Match
Colt Kirchart vs. Ryan Strong ©

#1 Contender's Match
Chris King vs. Jon Diamani vs. Lincoln Nash

Singles Match
Adam Sullivan vs. Squash

NEO Contract Match
Angelo Santana vs. Patrick H. Dempset
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