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NEO Live! #3
Monday, Week 2, June 2016
32 people in Saskatchewan


Hiryu vs. Lobo
Singles Match

In a decent match, Lobo defeated Hiryu in 10:15 by pinfall with a Wolf's Call.

Rating: D-

In-Ring Segment

After the match, Lobo continues the assault on Hiryu is in the ring, seemingly making up for lost time. Lee harden eventually pulls Lobo away, but Hiryu completely destroyed.

Rating: D+

Blue Man vs. Jim Heatly
Singles Match

In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but terrible wrestling, Jim Heatly defeated Blue Man in 7:53 by pinfall with a Lariat.

Rating: F+

Backstage Segment

Ryan Strong cut a promo hyping his match upcoming match with Jon Diamani. He tells Jon "a little secret". He's happy for him. He's happy that Jon is healthy. He's happy that he's on a winning streak. And he's happy that Jon got the call to work over in UPJ. Ryan says that Jon is a talented, young man deserving of these honors, but he's just not talented enough to take away the NEO Generational title.

Rating: E+

Chris King & Lincoln Nashvs. Patrick H. Dempset & Punk D
Tag Team Match

In a bout that had a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, King & Lincoln Nash defeated Patrick H. Dempset & Punk D in 12:44 when Chris King defeated Patrick H. Dempset by pinfall with The Crown of Saints.

Rating: E

Backstage Segment

Jon Diamani had an interview with Adam Sullivan hyping his upcoming singles match with Ryan Strong. Jon thanks Adam for making sure that he was able to work around Jon's schedule. Diamani says he's committed to keeping the party going with NEO, but that being able to work in UPJ has been his dream. But it's also a dream of his to be a champion and that's something he can accomplish tonight.

Rating: E+

Jon Diamani vs. Ryan Strong ©
NEO Generational Title Match

In a decent match, Ryan Strong defeated Jon Diamani in 22:06 by pinfall with a Strong Style Collision. Ryan Strong makes defence number 2 of his NEO Generational title.

Rating: E+
Overall Rating: E+

Promotional Progress
Backstage: 58%
Overness (SK): +0.5% (7.5%)
Prestige: +0.2% (3.0%)
Prestige: +1.0% (15.0%)
Foolish Commentary: Iím a little shocked that I didnít get a D- show tonight. With Lobo back and getting booked in a menace based angle, I figured that heíd be bringing multiple D level ratings to the show (and he did). Unfortunately, it looks like the title match didnít hit the mark quite the way I thought. Iím not really sure what the problem is right now as the talent is there, the gimmick ratings are above average are better and Iíve stopped getting warnings about Lee being a poor referee. Itís not that big of a deal though as once again we gain the full amount of promotional popularity with this show. At the same time, high match grades are one way to improve a wrestlerís popularity. If most of my roster isnít able to break into the D range, that means Iím going to have to bring in some wrestlers that can in the future.

In addition, guess who showed up to work hungover again? If you guessed Lee Harden, you were right. I fined him again and now he hates me. At this point I really donít care. My roster is filled with positive people, so locker room morale penalty isnít going to be a problem and heís on a three year contract, so itís not like his lack of wanting to re-sign with us is going to be a problem. That said, this solidifies that I will be replacing him with another, more sober ref down the line.

Finally, while Colt wasnít on the card, I did use him as a road agent for a match or two. I probably could have left him off completely, but decided not to risk the potential morale hit. Lee Hardenís issues I can handle. If the other wrestlers start to get annoyed, then the locker room could implode on itself since we are too poor to have any locker room leaders.
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