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Default Raw #1348: Raw After WrestleMania!

Live from Barclay Center, Brooklyn, New York!

Looking back at last night’s WrestleMania, stills were shown from the biggest matches of the event. Particular focus was placed Roman Reigns’ victory over John Cena in the Main Event, as well as the Championship victories for Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins. Talking about a changing of the guard in the WWE, the commentators put over the first person to appear on the show. Taking a microphone from ringside, Roman Reigns addressed the WWE Universe.
Roman Reigns talked about his victory at WrestleMania, before moving away from an “in character” promo. Reigns instead told the WWE Universe of a personal issue he had been dealing with, that would keep him away from the WWE for a indefinite amount of time. Reigns continued to talk as “Joe”, explaining his situation to the WWE Universe.
[Note: Didn’t know how to deal with Reigns’ real life situation, but had booked ahead in game. I made the decision to continue the booking until WrestleMania, before writing him out. This is just based on a personal feeling, but felt it needed an explanation. This is the last reference that will be made to the real life situation.]
When Roman Reigns left the ring, he was joined by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on the ramp, who hugged their Shield teammate.
WWE Raw - April 8th 2019 - Live on USA Network!

Returning from the first commercial break, Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young looked forward to the rest of the show, promoting a “historic” Main Event. Putting an “unprecedented” situation, the commentators revealed that the WWE Champion and the WWE Universal Champion would compete on the same side of a match for the first time ever. This was explained as being possible due to Dean Ambrose technically still being a Raw Superstar, despite winning the WWE Championship the previous night at WrestleMania. They would face the team of Elias and Jason Jordan.
The first NXT call-up of the Raw After WrestleMania, Kairi Sane made her entrance ahead of the first match of the evening. However, her scheduled match would never take place, as Shayna Baszler attacked her opponent (Dana Brooke) during her entrance.

Locking in a Rear Naked Choke on Sane’s scheduled opponent, Shayna Baszler made Dana Brooke pass out fairly quickly. The stern faced Shayna Baszler then turned her attention to the NXT call-up. Stomping to the ring, looking almost “naked” without the Raw Women’s Championship over her shoulder, Shayna Baszler snatched a microphone from ringside. Baszler said she didn’t care what the scheduled match was, because she wanted Kairi Sane… right now!

With the referee getting word from the back that Baszler’s demand had been approved, the first match of the evening took a surprising turn, with Kairi Sane’s debut taking on a more difficult form. When the match was underway, the commentators talked about the history of the two women, dating back to the final of the first Mae Young Classic. From the opening bell, this was a physical match, with Kairi Sane showing that her cute exterior housed a strong spirit.

Shayna Baszler had one thing on mind, having lost the Raw Women’s Championship last night, and took out her frustrations on Kairi Sane. This resulted in the match ending up on the outside. Shayna looked to set up the Steel Steps, after driving Sane’s spine into the ringpost. Sane fought back however, refusing to be put down on her debut. Looking to use the Steps against Shayna, Kairi climbed to the top rope, looking to hit her signature Elbow Drop to the former Raw Women’s Champion. Diving to outside, Kairi Sane crashed and burned, as Shayna Baszler moved out of the way. This caused Sane to land elbow first on the Steel Steps, handing control to “The Queen of Spades”.

With Kairi left prone on the ground, Shayna could have gone for the win, but didn’t. Instead, she lifted up the top set of steps, slamming them onto the shoulder of Kairi Sane. Sane rolled around in pain, as the referee called for the DQ.

Kairi Sane bt. Shayna Baszler (via DQ in 7:20)

Having left Kairi Sane down and out at ringside, Shayna Baszler returned to the ring, taking a microphone. She said that now wasn’t time to focus on newcomers, it was time to restore order on Raw. Baszler admitted that she tapped out at WrestleMania, but made it clear that she was front of the line, as Ronda Rousey’s first Raw Women’s Championship challenger!

Watching this in the back, Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle were shown in the office.
Stephanie McMahon spoke about the spontaneous nature of Raw, saying that the opener proved anything could happen. Well almost anything, as she added that there was no chance Kurt Angle would get his job as GM back. Angle told Stephanie that he still wanted to be involved, but was cut off by an angry Kevin Owens.
Owens demanded to know where Sami Zayn was, but was told that now wasn’t the right time. Kevin Owens told Stephanie McMahon that nothing would stop him from getting revenge on Sami Zayn tonight, promising to find the man who kicked him in the balls at WrestleMania.
Returning to ringside, the commentators discussed the shocking moment at WrestleMania, where Sami Zayn kicked Kevin Owens in the balls, before walking out on their WWE Tag Team Championships match. None of the three had any answer to explain the actions, but were sure Kevin Owens would be keen to find out later tonight.
Returning from the break, stills highlighted the women’s wrestling on display at WrestleMania. Competing in 5 matches (including two on the pre-show), the female roster members put on a great showing. This led into a pre-recorded promo from Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch, the new Tag Team Champions.
Becky Lynch led the promo, saying that they were done with being “patted on the head” and being told “well done for participating”. She explained that the time for “first evers” and “feel good moments” was over… and it was now time for them to do what they do best. Sasha Banks added that what they do best is win, and they do it better than anybody else. They’ve pushed women’s wrestling forward for the past 5 years, and it was time to see if the rest of the pack could keep up! The two were then promoted as appearing on tomorrow night’s Smackdown Live.

Placed on the show to put over the Women’s Tag Team Battle Royal victory of Ember Moon & Nia Jax at WrestleMania, this match was fairly one side, designed to highlight the teamwork of winning duo. As a result, Liv & Logan were limited to brief spells of offence, before an Eclipse to Sarah Logan left Liv Morgan to be hit with a Samoan Drop by Nia Jax.

Ember Moon & Nia Jax bt. Liv & Logan (via Pinfall in 5:02)

Another successful night, Ember Moon & Nia Jax stood tall in the ring. It appeared as though Ember Moon had been hurt during the match.

Coming back to another series of stills, a look back was taken at Kurt Angle’s victory last night, where he made his son Jason Jordan tap out to the Ankle Lock. The commentators discussed Kurt Angle’s future, before the former General Manager of Raw made his way to the ring.
Kurt Angle was in high spirits, playing to the WWE Universe, before discussing his team’s victory. Kurt was humble, putting over the three men who “carried him” through the night, and without whom he would have stood no chance. Bringing Finn Balor, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio out from the back, all four men looked delighted with their one sided victory over Elias, Jason Jordan and AOP the previous night.

This moment would eventually be interrupted, by the entrance of The Glorious Revival.

Despite being the more established trio, The Glorious Revival failed to get in a great deal of offence in the contest, with another match set out as a one-sided affair. Looking to create a feel-good atmosphere, the team who had worked with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania enjoyed large spells of dominance in the match. Going through their signature moves, the showcase put over their impressive victory at WrestleMania, and allowed the commentators to promote Elias & Jason Jordan’s return to the ring, where they will face the WWE and Universal Champions in the Main Event of Raw.

Isolating Robert Roode in the ring, Finn Balor, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio were able to each hit a signature move, with Rey Mysterio hitting a Splash to seal the deal.

Finn Balor, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio bt. The Glorious Revival (via Pinfall in 9:37)

Joined in the ring by Kurt Angle, the four man team celebrated in the ring. Having been successful for two nights in a row, the commentators suggested there was long-term potential in the group staying together. They had of course spoken to soon, as Randy Orton waited for Rey Mysterio to turn around.

Cutting celebrations short, Randy Orton hit Rey Mysterio with an RKO, dropping him to the mat. Finn Balor heard the noise, and looked over his shoulder. Seeing Rey on the ground, Finn asked Randy what had happened, only to be hit with an RKO of his own. With Balor and Mysterio down in the ring, Randy Orton turned his attention towards Kurt Angle. However, instead of hurting the former General Manager, Randy Orton left the ring, leaving Angle to check on his WrestleMania partners.

WWE Raw - April 8th 2019 - Live on USA Network!

Reacting to the actions of Randy Orton, the commentators were shocked by what they had just seen. Turning his back on his WrestleMania teammates, Randy Orton had turned a feel good moment sour. Moving on, the commentators spoke about more of Orton’s former teammates, Dave Batista and Triple H, who went one on one at WrestleMania. Introducing still from that match, the commentators put over the dominant victory of Dave Batista, describing it as “humbling defeat” for Triple H. Returning from the series of stills from that match, the music of Batista hit. Making his way to the ring, Batista looked to be in high spirits.
Addressing the WWE Universe, Batista put over how great it was to return to WrestleMania last night, saying that it could not have gone any better for him. Not only did he beat Triple H, he proved to the world that he still had it.

Continuing, Batista said that when he stood in the ring at WrestleMania, having his arm raised by the referee, it felt like the perfect moment to ride off into the sunset. If Batista had been asked 24 hours ago, he’d have told the WWE Universe that beating Triple H was his final match in the WWE. However, when Batista woke up this morning, he surprised himself. Because rather than looking back on what he’d already achieved, Dave was desperate for more. In fact, one thing had been on his mind all day… the Universal Championship!

The commentators were delighted to hear that Batista wasn’t ready to hang his boots up, and speculated on a match between him and Seth Rollins for the Universal title. Before Batista could go any further, the music of Triple H hit. The WWE executive looked to be feeling the effects of the “humbling defeat”, and slowly made his way to the ring.
Batista rolled his eyes, expecting excuses from Triple H, but this wasn’t the case. When Triple H entered the ring, he spoke about losing to “the better man”, and generally accepted what had happened. HHH added that he’d been hearing one thing all day, and that is that Batista “humbled” him at WrestleMania. Triple H said that Michael Cole might just be right. In fact, Triple H was sure of it, telling Batista that he respects what he did to him last night, admitting it was what he deserved.

Batista was understandably tentative, but Triple H continued, with no hidden agenda becoming apparent. Triple H closed by saying that he hears that Batista has a lot left in the tank, and he believes it.

”When I look at you, Dave, I don’t see somebody who is ready to retire…

… I see the next WWE Universal Champion!”

Triple H then extended his arm to Batista, having seemingly seen the error of his ways. Batista hesitated, but eventually brought the story full circle, accepting Triple H’s handshake. HHH then bowed out of the ring, allowing Dave to pose to the WWE Universe before himself leaving up the ramp.
Heading into the break, Drake Maverick was seen in the back, talking to somebody who could not be seen.
Drake Maverick continued to talk to the person off-screen, but his words were not audible. Eventually, Drake Maverick stopped talking, and another new member of the Raw roster stepped out of the shadows...

With Bennett stood in the ring when the show returned from the break, Lars Sullivan’s was given a full entrance, complete with lighting and camera work that made him look like a huge monster. When the match began, Lars Sullivan lived up to this billing, throwing his much smaller opponent around the ring. Anthony Bennett got zero offence in during the match, and was used as a ragdoll for Sullivan to throw around. Eventually, Sullivan felt he had victimised his opponent enough, and locked in a Bear Hug which caused him to pass out.

Lars Sullivan bt. Anthony Bennett

Throwing his opponent to the ground, Lars Sullivan stood tall in the ring, after an impressive debut. The commentators put over the “freakish strength” of Sullivan, saying that he had put the Raw roster on note.

Lars Sullivan then left the ring, with an interviewer stood by, looking to get a comment from the vicious debutant. Asking Lars how he felt about his debut match, the interviewed was unable to get an answer. This wasn’t because Sullivan refused to comment, but instead because when he grabbed the microphone out of her hand, the strength of his grasp caused it to be crushed. Destroying the WWE logo on the front of the microphone, as well it’s inner workings, Lars Sullivan dropped the microphone on the ground, and headed to the back.

Heading straight back over to Stephanie McMahon’s office, the Raw Commissioner was seen speaking with Drake Maverick.
Creditting Maverick with bringing Lars to Raw, Stephanie McMahon praised his eye for talent, suggesting that he could become a permanent fixture in a talent spotting capacity. Drake Maverick was delighted by this, and added that there was somebody else who he thought she would be delighted to meet. Stephanie was open to this, and Drake called someone in from outside the office.
Approaching Stephanie McMahon with an arrogant smirk, the newcomer introduced himself as EC3. The two shook hands, before EC3 told the Raw Commissioner, “Stephanie… we need to talk business.” Stephanie smiled at the well-dressed newcomer, impressed with his confidence. Turning to Drake Maverick, she suggest that he gave them a little private time, so they could “talk business”.
Heading away from the office, Ronda Rousey was seen walking through the back. The commentators said that after the break, the new Raw Women’s Champion would address the WWE Universe…
Returning from the break, Kevin Owens was once again shown stomping through the back. Looking to speak to Stephanie McMahon, Owens was stopped outside the door by Drake Maverick.
Kevin Owens told Drake to move, but he wouldn't. Maverick explained that the door was locked, but he understood why Kevin wanted to see her. Drake asked one thing of Owens, saying that if he stayed in the back until after Sami Zayn’s match later in the evening, then he could do whatever he wanted when it was over. Owens said he didn’t know why he was agreeing, but promised that as soon as Sami’s match was over, he’d be going to the ring to kick his ass!
Back at ringside, it was time for the entrance of Ronda Rousey. Having won the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, she was understandably in a great mood.
Ronda Rousey put over how difficult the match last night was, but didn’t want to dwell too much on Shayna Baszler. As far as Ronda Rousey was concerned, she’d done what she set out to do, and she was proud to be the Raw Women’s Champion. Ronda Rousey thanked the WWE Universe who had supported her, as well as various other people who have helped her during her career. Particular credit was given to Natalya, who she called “the best training partner I could have hoped for”. While Ronda seemed to have more to say, the music of Natalya hit. Coming down to the ring, Natalya had a huge smile on her face.
When in the ring, Natalya accepted the thank you, saying that it was her honour to help prepare Ronda for the biggest match of her career. Natalya then congratulated Ronda Rousey on “stopping the unstoppable” by beating Shayna Baszler, adding that she would make a great Raw Women’s Champion. Natalya then hugged Ronda Rousey, who continued to speak.

As Ronda began to talk about future plans, and what she intended to achieve as Champion, Natalya once again interjected. Natalya said that speaking of future challengers, and since she helped Rousey reach the level required to beat Shayna, she thought it might be a good idea that she got the first Raw Women’s Championship match. Natalya continued to smile at Ronda Rousey, who had been taken off course. However, Rousey liked the idea, accepting the challenge and extending a hand to Natalya. The New Number One Contender went a step further, once again hugging “The Baddest Woman on The Planet”.
Heading into another commercial break, the commentators talked about the future Raw Women’s Championship match that had just been made, before showing stills of Sami Zayn’s betrayal of Kevin Owens at WrestleMania. Kicking his tag team partner in the balls, Zayn has yet to give an explanation for his actions. With Sami Zayn in action next, the commentators were sure that the two men would come face to face during the evening.
Returning to the back, Natalya & Ronda Rousey were shown in the interview area.
As they began speaking about the match that they had agreed on for a future date, the former Raw Women’s Champion confronted them.
Shayna Baszler was furious to have heard about the match being made, saying that she is owed her rematch. Baszler said that nobody was getting a shot at Ronda before her!

Natalya stepped up to Baszler, and Shayna looked ready to drop her right there. Before anything could happen, Ronda Rousey came between them. She had an idea of her own, suggesting that Natalya and Shayna Baszler go one on one to open next week’s show, with the winner facing her in the Main Event. Rousey said that nobody knew where anybody would end up after the Superstar Shake-Up, and next week was the perfect time to settle this. With neither contender fully satisfied, both women agreed to the match.

The usually overly animated Sami Zayn made his way to the ring in an unusual manner before his match, completely ignoring the WWE Universe as he headed down the ramp. Walking to the ring with his head down, it was clear Zayn wasn’t ready to face up to what he did to his best friend at WrestleMania!

When the match got underway, Chad Gable fought hard, and gave Sami Zayn a few scares during the contest. However, a more hard-hitting style from Sami Zayn, which included some disrespectful slaps and “face wash” type moves, saw him through to victory. Finishing the match off with a brutal Helluva Kick in the corner, Sami Zayn picked up a victory. During the match, Kevin Owens had been shown in the back, waiting for the moment the match ended.

Sami Zayn bt. Chad Gable

As he had promised, Kevin Owens made his way down the ramp, making a beeline for Sami Zayn before the victor’s music had even began to play.
Sami Zayn was expecting this of course, and as soon as Kevin Owens entered the ring, he left. Zayn looked to back up the ramp, but Chad Gable wasn’t about to let that happen. Having been disrespected during the match, Gable grabbed the back of Zayn’s head and threw him back into the ring. Owens now simply had to pick his spot, as Zayn scrambled towards the corner of the ring. Propping himself up on the bottom turnbuckle, Sami Zayn begged for mercy. Michael Cole said that he didn’t think Kevin Owens would forget about last night so easily.

However, before Kevin Owens had decided what he was going to do to Sami Zayn, the lights went out. When the lights came up, nothing had changed from Kevin Owens’ perspective. However, there was now somebody stood behind him in the ring.
Kevin Owens sensed someone behind him, and turned straight into a Codebreaker from Chris Jericho!

The commentators were in complete shock at seeing Chris Jericho back in a WWE ring, but Graves did mention that he had unfinished business with Kevin Owens. Returning to his feet with a huge smile on his face, it was clear that Sami Zayn was in on the set up. Unlike Zayn, there was no smile on the sinister looking Chris Jericho’s face, as he looked down on the man who he had just dropped in the ring.

Sami Zayn joined Kevin Owens on the mat, laying a series of brutal punches into the forehead of his former best friend. Having remained completely still following the Codebreaker, Chris Jericho eventually joined in, laying boots into Owens as Zayn returned to his feet. The two men continued to lay boots into Kevin Owens, until Jericho instructed Zayn to bring him back to his feet. Jericho then dragged Owens towards the corner, and ordered Zayn to hit the Helluva Kick. Sami Zayn enjoyed an emphatic run up, before hitting Owens with a huge boot to the face. Jericho then left Owens to slump to the floor, as the new alliance left the ring and headed up the ramp.

Ending the second hour of Raw, the commentators showed concern for Kevin Owens, suggesting that things were only going to get worse for him, from this point onwards.

WWE Raw - April 8th 2019 - Live on USA Network!

Starting off the final hour of Raw, the commentators introduced the footage of what had just happened before the break. With Kevin Owens seemingly ready to get his hands on Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho returned to the WWE, taking Owens out. Zayn & Jericho then laid into Kevin Owens, leaving him down and out in the middle of the ring!
Heading over to the back, Elias & Jason Jordan were seen strategising ahead of the Main Event. The Authors of Pain were stood in the background of the locker room, while Elias and Jordan planned for their match with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the Main Event.
Coming back to ringside, the commentators put over the Main Event, before John Cena made his way down to the ring.
Having been beaten by Roman Reigns the previous evening, John Cena put over “The Big Dog”, calling him one of the toughest opponent he ever had to face. Cena said that with last night’s defeat, he was ready to hold his hands up and walk away, knowing the WWE was in safe hands. However, situations change, and with Roman Reigns’ announcement earlier in the evening, John Cena promised that he would stick around in the WWE for a while longer. As John Cena looked forward to what may be in his future, now that he was no longer stepping aside, he was cut off by the sound of some unfamiliar music.
As The Velveteen Dream made his elaborate entrance, John Cena watched with a confused look on his face. Once Velveteen Dream entered the ring, he took a microphone. When the lights came back up, it was shown that Dream was wearing a John Cena t-shirt, albeit one that had been custom designed to fit with his style. Dream ripped the shirt off once in the ring.

”John Cena… we meet again!”

Having interacted with John Cena at Smackdown 1000, The Velveteen Dream told John Cena that he should have listened to what he said back then. Dream said that John Cena doesn’t need to stick around, because there is a new star on Monday Night Raw. Dream said that his star will shine brighter than anybody else’s in the WWE, and for that reason John Cena should step aside. Taking this in, Cena had nothing to stay, instead indicating to Dream that the floor was his. With John Cena now stood to the side, Dream continued:

”There was The Ultimate Warrior… there was The Undertaker… there was The Rock...

Now… there’s The DREAM!”

Dream then dropped the microphone, posing in the ring, before heading back up the ramp. As John Cena tried to process what had just happened, the commentators did too, with Michael Cole calling him a “wack job”.
Back from another break, Alexa Bliss and Ruby Riott were shown in the locker room. Having teamed at WrestleMania, it appeared the two were ready to go their own separate ways.
Over the week they had teamed together, it was clear the two Superstars had grown to respect each other, despite being from different background. As Ruby Riott went to leave, Alexa thanked her for “the gift”. Ruby Riott was confused, so Alexa Bliss pulled a package out of her bag. Ruby Riott still knew nothing about the gift, which caused even more confusion. As Riott left the locker room, Alexa Bliss looked at the package, now unsure of who had left it for her.

Having been eliminated from the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal by Apollo at WrestleMania, Bobby Lashley looked for revenge. While the athletic Apollo managed to get some offence in, Lashley was too focussed to let the match slip. Letting out his frustrations on Crews, Lashley picked up a convincing victory, hitting his opponent with a Spear to seal the victory.

Bobby Lashley bt. Apollo Crews

Having reconvened in the office, the Raw Commissioner was once again speaking to Drake Maverick.
Stephanie was impressed with EC3, and praised Drake Maverick for setting up a meeting between the two of them. McMahon said that Drake’s contribution to Raw wasn’t going unnoticed, especially with her on the lookout for a new General Manager. Drake was pleased to hear this, and told Stephanie McMahon he had some suggestions for next week’s show too. Showing Stephanie a notepad, Drake’s ideas once again impressed the Raw Commissioner, who said that he was doing a great job.
Following a look back at the opening segment of the show, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were interviewed in the back. Looking ahead to a historic Raw Main Event, the two Champions said that their thoughts were with Roman Reigns. They were ready to go all out, and do Reigns proud in the Main Event.

Before the match, Elias & Jason Jordan performed a goofy song together, designed to appeal to the post-WrestleMania audience. Mocking their opponents first, Elias & Jordan then turned on the WWE Universe, who they claimed wanted to make the show about themselves. By the end of the night, Elias & Jordan promised that it would be all about them.

Once the match got underway, it was clear that Elias and Jason Jordan would have to get serious, if they wanted any chance of beating the WWE’s two top Champions. The commentators put over the unique situation, explaining that as Dean Ambrose is still technically a Raw Superstar, the match was possible. The time was also used to promote next week’s Superstar Shake-Up, with Smackdown Live likely working on a deal to bring Dean to the blue brand full time.

Despite the best efforts of Elias and Jason Jordan, it was clear that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were a large step above them, and in firm control, the former Shield members were clearly enjoying themselves. Hitting Elias and Jason Jordan with each other’s finishers, before working together to offset the involvement of Akam & Rezar, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were in their element. Finishing off the match, Dean Ambrose hit Jason Jordan with a Dirty Deeds, which was followed by a Curb Stomp.

Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins bt. Elias & Jason Jordan.

Picking up a fairly straight forward victory, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins celebrated in the ring, raising their Championships high in the air. The first time the WWE Champion and WWE Universal Champion had teamed together, the pair looked to create a feel good ending to the Raw After WrestleMania. This looked likely to be the case, until Drew McIntyre’s music hit.
Believed to have been at home resting up, the appearance of Drew McIntyre was a surprise to Seth Rollins, and the commentators. Ignoring Dean Ambrose as he entered the ring, Drew McIntyre turned his attention to Seth Rollins, who he went nose to nose with. Smirking back at the man he defeated at WrestleMania, Seth Rollins raised his Championship in the air.

With Drew McIntyre making it clear that he wanted his rematch, Raw looked set to end with Champion and Challenger going nose to nose. However, there was one more twist, as the music of Braun Strowman hit.
Also having been through an extremely physical contest, where he defeated Brock Lesnar inside Hell in a Cell, Braun Strowman made his way down to the ring. Pulling Drew McIntyre out of the way, Braun Strowman went face to face with Seth Rollins, saying that he wanted to be given the rematch that Drew would never give him. What followed was a tit for tat between Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre, who pushed and jostled, both feeling they deserved a shot at Seth Rollins’ Universal title.

Having stood watching this for a while, Dean Ambrose shook his head at Braun and Drew, tapping Rollins on the arm and suggesting they left the ring. Continuing to bicker and argue, Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre didn’t even notice them leaving. By the time they did, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were stood at the top of the ramp, and closed the Raw After WrestleMania by raising their Championship titles high in the air!

Quick Results
Kairi Sane bt. Shayna Baszler (DQ)
Ember Moon & Nia Jax bt. Liv & Logan
Finn Balor, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio bt. The Glorious Revival

Lars Sullivan bt. [Local Talent] Anthony Bennett
Sami Zayn bt. Chad Gable

Bobby Lashley bt. Apollo Crews
Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins bt. Elias & Jason Jordan
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