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Default Smackdown Live: Smackdown After WrestleMania!

Live from Barclay Center, Brooklyn, New York!

Smackdown Live opened with a look back at the events of WrestleMania, with stills showing the various matches that the blue brand presented. Out of that, the commentators introduced the always action packed Smackdown After WrestleMania, opening with the entrance of Daniel Bryan.
Having made his way to the ring, Daniel Bryan spoke humbley about his defeat to AJ Styles at WrestleMania, putting over his opponent. Bryan invited Styles out to the ring, and “The Phenomenal One” obliged.
Daniel offered AJ a handshake, before telling him that he was the better man at WrestleMania. Bryan said that last night was a setback for his WWE Championship ambitions, but promised that he wouldn’t let a setback stop him from fighting. Bryan then left the ring, telling Styles that the floor was his.

AJ Styles was respectful towards Bryan, initiating a second handshake as he left the ring. Styles then turned his attention to his “dream match” victory, saying that he was proud to have won the match that was dubbed as a clash between the two best in-ring performers of their generation. AJ Styles then looked to talk about his own WWE Championship ambitions, and Dean Ambrose’s victory over Samoa Joe. However, before he could get to the point, the lights went out.
The lights remained down for a while, with the commentators wondering what on earth was going on. When the lights came back up, AJ Styles was no longer alone in the ring, with Aleister Black stood right in front of him.
Before AJ Styles had chance to react, Aleister hit him with a Black Mass, knocking him out cold in the ring. The commentators put over the return, with Aleister Black having been out injured for several months. Corey Graves said that Black meant business, going after Smackdown’s franchise player.

Aleister wasn’t done there however, lifting AJ Styles up by placing his foot under the chin of “The Phenomenal One”. Black then hit a second Black Mass to Styles, causing his eyes to roll back in his head. The returning Superstar continued to circle, and picked his final spot, locking a Stretch Muffler on AJ Styles. Black refused to release the hold, as Styles’ body dangled lifelessly. When he did let go, AJ slumped to the mat, with Black standing over him, a cold and emotionless expression etched on his face.
Returning from the break, the commentators put over the shocking opening segment of Smackdown, with Aleister Black making an impactful return to the show. Having missed WrestleMania, Black would surely have a lot to prove. He wasn’t the only one of course, with the Smackdown After WrestleMania always promising to be full of shocks and surprises, as WWE hits the reset button after the biggest show of the year!
The next segment played into that, as the commentators introduced a new tag team to Smackdown Live, leading into footage of them arriving at the building earlier today. Graves said that he saw these two men before the show, and he could already tell they were going to get on his nerves…
Introduced as The Street Profits, the two men were shown arriving at the building, where members of the WWE Universe were queuing outside. Creating a party like atmosphere, it was clear that Smackdown Live’s newest tag team were ready to have fun, having joined the blue brand!

During the match, the commentators put over last night’s match between Shinsuke Nakamura and The Undertaker, which completely broke down. With Sanity getting involved, before Kane joined his brother in the ring, the commentators suggested than Nakamura blew a “golden opportunity” to face The Undertaker one on one. Nakamura was more focussed in this match, beating Kane in a fairly short match.

Picking up the victory with a Kinshasa, Nakamura got back some credibility, following his quick defeat to The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Shinsuke Nakamura bt. Kane

Following the match, Shinsuke Nakamura took a microphone. Having shown a vicious and sadistic side of himself over the last year, it was a different Nakamura who addressed the WWE Universe. Taking his United States Championship from around his waist, Nakamura said “thank you”, before laying the United States Championship down in the middle of the ring.
Shinsuke Nakamura then bowed to the WWE Universe, before leaving his title in the ring, and heading up the ramp. The commentators speculated on what this meant for Shinsuke Nakamura’s future, with “The Artist” giving little away as he went to the back.

Returning from the break, the commentators spoke about the stills from WrestleMania that had just been shown, as well as the events of the show so far. During this time, the show’s Main Event was also announced, an 8 Man Tag Team match, with Dean Ambrose, Rusev & The Usos going up against Samoa Joe, The Miz & The Bar.
Having become Women’s Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks made their way down to the ring, ready to address the WWE Universe.
The duo who have dubbed themselves “The Revolution” addressed their team name, saying that they represent everything that was good about the changing landscape of Women’s Wrestling in the WWE. The fact that the “Women’s Evolution” gave spotlight to some of the pathetic, talentless hacks that it did was simply a side effect of that change. But tonight, they were there to make a statement.

Becky Lynch said that for too long, their “division” got caught up in buzzwords, and taglines and “first evers”. But with them representing this roster as Champions, that was going to change.

““Women’s Wrestling isn’t a freakin’ division… we are not a sideshow!”

Sasha Banks expanded, saying that the female Superstars shouldn’t be placed in a single box. There is a men’s roster and a women’s roster, and in the women’s roster, Becky & Sasha are “Main Event players”. That means that what they have to say holds weight, and when they speak, the rest of that locker room listens. Becky added that The Revolution were the leaders of that locker room, and what happens on Raw and Smackdown, runs through them. Hearing this, Naomi & Kaitlyn made their way out, looking to speak to the Tag Team Champions.
Sensing opportunity, Naomi & Kaitlyn suggested that Becky & Sasha kick off this new leaf in the right way, challenging them to a Tag Team Championships match… right now!

Sasha turned to Becky, who made it clear that she was more than up for the challenge. Becky Lynch called for a referee, as the show went to another break.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Match

Returning from the break, it was confirmed that Paige had sanctioned the Women’s Tag Team Championship match, which was quickly underway. Given time to put on a display of all four competitors abilities, the match was put over as the first in a new era of Women’s Wrestling. While the Women’s Evolution was put over, the commentators said that it was time to put the transition period behind them, moving forward with the strongest women’s roster of all time.

The match highlighted various styles, but it was the current Champions who came out on top. Locking in a Banks Statement in the middle of the ring, Sasha was able to make Kaitlyn tap out to the hold.

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks (c) bt. Kaitlyn & Naomi

Standing tall to end the first hour of Smackdown Live, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks stood tall with the WWE Tag Team Championships high in the air.

WWE Smackdown Live - April 9th 2019 - Live on USA Network!

Returning for the second hour of Smackdown Live, the WWE Universe were treated to an unannounced surprise appearance from the WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. The previous evening at WrestleMania, his daughter Charlotte Flair competed in 2 out of 3 falls match against Asuka, losing her Women’s Championship.
Ric Flair briefly spoke about his daughter, saying that she was resting up, and nursing a number of injuries, following her match with Asuka at WrestleMania. That wasn’t why Ric Flair had been brought out however, as he revealed the reason he had come out to the ring. Ric Flair then introduced the team who he called “The Future of the WWE”... Undisputed!

Introduced to the WWE Universe as a trio, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong were Undisputed, going up against Eric Young’s Sanity. Young’s group were brought down to earth at WrestleMania, and suffered a similar fate against the debuting trio. Put over heavily on commentary, Undisputed lived up to their pre-match billing, displaying a crowd-friendly and entertaining style, as they scored an impressive victory. The finish came when Adam Cole hit Alexander Wolfe with a Superkick.

Undisputed bt. Sanity

Following the match, Cole, Fish and Strong stood tall, celebrating a successful debut on Smackdown Live. As the trio posed in the ring, Corey Graves put over “the undisputed future of the WWE!”

With a successful debut in the bag, talk turned to next week’s Superstar Shake-Up, with the commentators wondering who from the red brand would be joining Smackdown Live, and who from Raw would be coming to Tuesday nights! Moving on from that, Rusev was interviewed in the back, with his wife Lana stood by his side. The interview was cut off by The Miz, who told Rusev that he’d better hope that The Miz doesn’t end up on Raw next week, otherwise Smackdown Live would rot.
Coming to Smackdown Live…

NXT Superstar: Dakota Kai!

Returning from the commercial break, more stills were shown, this time promoting the match between Asuka & Charlotte Flair. An intense 2 out of 3 falls, which once again “raised the bar” of Women’s Wrestling in the WWE, resulted in both Superstars leaving the show with niggling injuries. New Champion Asuka, and her defeated opponent Charlotte Flair, would both appear on Smackdown Live next week, addressing their incredible WrestleMania match.
Sending over to the back, WWE cameras had been able to corner Aleister Black, who they found isolated in a dark area of the arena.
Asked to explain his actions, where he attacked AJ Styles in the opening segment of the show, the returning Superstar simply snarled at the interviewer. Black then looked off camera, as another man walked into the shot.

“My name is Paul Heyman....

Allow me to introduce MY CLIENT… Aleister Black!”

Black then stood up, and walked away. Behind him, Paul Heyman followed his new client, leaving with a smirk towards the camera, as he adjusted his tie.

A Main Event match designed to send the WWE Universe home happy, following an action packed WrestleMania week, the rivalries within the match carried the story, with the Ambrose/Joe and Rusev/Miz issues still raging on. The Usos and The Bar also have a lot of history, and this resulted in the impressive exchanges the Smackdown Tag Team division has been built on. Eventually the match broke down, with a succession of signatures moves ending as The Miz creeped up on the new WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose.

Miz looked to hit a Skull Crushing Finale, but Ambrose escaped. Hitting Miz with a kick to the gut, Ambrose dropped his opponent with a Dirty Deeds. With the ring now clear, Ambrose was able to secure the victory.

Dean Ambrose, Rusev & The Usos bt. Samoa Joe, The Bar & The Miz

Standing tall in victory, Dean Ambrose was joined in the ring by Rusev & The Usos, who were also on the winning side in the Main Event. The WWE Champion was front and center, as the four crowd favourites celebrated a win that book marked a successful week for all concerned. The commentary team then signed off to end the WrestleMania festivities, promoting the fact that the reset button will be hit next week, as Raw and Smackdown Live present… The Superstar Shake-Up 2019!
Quick Results
Shinsuke Nakamura bt. Kane
Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks (c) bt. Kaitlyn & Naomi [Women’s Tag Team Championships]

Undisputed bt. Sanity
Dean Ambrose, Rusev & The Usos bt. Samoa Joe, The Bar & The Miz
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