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"Ladies and gentlemen -- thank you for coming early tonight to witness history as we officially launch the Rocky Mountain Wrestling Hall of Fame. Since January of 2016, we have been providing the very best in wrestling action to this region and as an organization we felt it was time to grant some of our wrestlers immortality in our Hall of Fall. I will be hosting our journey through tonight's inductees...."

Marjorie Oxford steps back from the podium she's at as the original Rocky Mountain Wrestling logo flashes across a television set up on the corner of the small stage she is using for this event.

She steps back up to the microphone.

"Our first inductee tonight was the original face of the company. He was the very first Rocky Mountain Wrestling Champion -- and had a tragic car accident not cut his life short, who knows what he would have achieved. I am of course talking about Jebediah."

An image of Jebediah flashes onto the screen.

"Jebediah won the battle royal for name the initial champion. He conducted himself with grace and dignity his entire time here in Rocky Mountain Wrestling and he is sorely missed by all. We here at Rocky Mountain Wrestling are incredibly proud to make him the first inductee into the Hall of Fame."

The fans in attendance for the event begin to applaud. There's a small Jebediah chant. There are probably six hundred people here for the induction ceremony. A lot of them have been coming to Rocky Mountain Wrestling shows since the first show -- The Climb. Many of them saw Jebediah pin Steve Flash in the main event of The Climb. They saw him defeat Hardcore Killah at the first ever No Law or Order event. He was in the main event of the first ever Wrestling Summit. He was a fitting first entrant.

"Our second entrants into the Rocky Mountain Wrestling Hall of Fame were the first ever Rocky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Champions. They held the titles on two occasions. For our first two years they were staples in the title picture. I am of course talking about Ace Youngblood and Max Mayhem -- the Aces of Mayhem.

A video package of Ace and Max's best moments shows on the screen. Their feud with The Boys from the Yukon. Their feud with The Hazard Gang. The package ends and Ace and Max are on the screen. Each is holding a plaque cementing their place in the Hall of Fame.

Ace, "Thank you. This means a lot to us. We are proud of the time we spent in Rocky Mountain Wrestling. Proud of what we achieved. Proud to say we helped build this awesome company -- and we are incredibly proud to be in the initial class of the Rocky Mountain Wrestling Hall of Fame."

Max, "Yes. Thank you. I never thought I'd be a Hall of Famer anywhere. I'd like to thank Robert Oxford for the opportunity and I'd like to thank you fans for believing in Ace and I during our time there. I will never forget it. Thank you."

There is applause again as the video ends and Marjorie steps back up.

"Our third induction -- and fourth person -- to enter the Rocky Mountain Wrestling Hall of Fame -- is a former Rocky Mountain Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. He is a former two-time COTT World Heavyweight Champion -- and he holds the record for most successful title defenses in the COTT with twenty-one defenses across his two reigns. He is the Pride of the Apache Nation. He is Running Wolf."

A package of Running Wolf's best moments plays. His war with Marshall Dillon. His matches with Primus Allen. Each time he won the COTT World Heavyweight Title. His win of the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship at the second anniversary show. The package ends with a picture of Running Wolf holding the plaque and giving a big thumbs up. His contract with Total Championship Wrestling meant he couldn't give an interview for this event.

Marjorie steps back up. "Thank you very much for coming. Fire on the Mountain 3 will be coming to you in just a short while."

Before she can back off, a voice from off stage cuts her off.

"Wait a **** minute."

Fans heads turn towards the voice. Marjorie looks down the aisle. Standing there is the reigning Rocky Mountain Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. He's flanked by the six foot eight, three hundred seventy-six pound Jeffrey Aroma. Riley is holding a microphone.

Riley, "There is no way we are done. There's no way a Hall of Fame induction is happening and we aren't inducting the greatest wrestler in Rocky Mountain Wrestling history."

Marjorie looks around as Riley starts to approach. "Well... The Hall of Fame is supposed to be for people who are no longer wrestling for Rocky Mountain Wrestling..."

Riley, "I don't care what it's supposed to be for. I'm the most decorated wrestler in Rocky Mountain Wrestling history. Two times I have been Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Champion. I've been Rocky Mountain Tag Team Champion. I've won Gold Rush. I've won the Oxford Invitational. I've been the COTT World Heavyweight Champion. I am the Cornerstone of Rocky Mountain Wrestling and I DEMAND to be inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Marjorie looks at him confused, "But I can't just..."

Riley waves a hand through the air to silence her and he climbs onto the podium and looks out onto the crowd. He holds a hand out and Jeffrey Aroma places a plaque in his hand. "Our last inductee tonight is the most important one."

Marjorie tries to step forward but Aroma holds out a massive hand.

Riley, "It is, of course, The Cornerstone. I've been here since day one and I'm still here. I'm the only one who has never left. The only one who has been here since that very first show without ever leaving. My pedigree has been well documented. My accomplishments are well known and tonight I take my rightful place in the Hall of Fame -- and there's not a person who can stop me. You're all welcome."

Riley holds his plaque up high before motioning at Aroma with his head. The two men walk off and Marjorie is just left there by herself. She takes a deep breath.

Marjorie, "Uh.. If you all want to take your seats... We're going to open the doors for everyone else and get the show started... We'll get confirmation on whether or not Riley's going to be allowed to force his way into the Hall of Fame or not."
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