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Night One:

The citizens of Centralia dispersed from the town square, many with plans for the night. One in particular was just looking for a place to belong.


They knew exactly what they needed to do. It was a risk but the reward would be well worth it. They thought.


He searched and searched but just couldn’t find some like-minded people.


The driver drove up to the building, confidently knowing he’d be there. Knowing he’d be alone. He stepped inside and was immediately greeted.

“Hey, how can I help you.”

The gun was raised in an instant.

“Nothing personal Sheriff, I always liked you. You’re just going to be in the way.”


The man sat in his car, watching, waiting. There it is.
Nothing he didn’t expect. He started the car and casually drove off.


The news about the loss of the Sheriff spread quickly throughout the town.

This particular person was sitting at the diner when he heard the news.

Immediately he dropped some bills on the counter and left, his eyes in a rage as he walked out the door.

They were all going to pay for what just happened.......

Theoutlaw321 is dead he was: Sheriff Allanson, Centralia Aligned Good Cop

It is now DAY PHASE TWO. With 30 players remaining, it's 16 to lynch.

You have until 2:00 PM EST (7:00 PM GMT) on Wednesday, January 9th to reach a majority vote. If no majority has been reached at that time, a No Lynch will be declared.

As always, if you see a mistake point it out.
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