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Night Two

Centralia was busy after the lynch of the school bully. Many having decided to congregate around the same location on this night.


Again they wandered about town looking for others that thought like they did


He was out for revenge; they should not have done what they did. He’d make them pay.

He spotted the first victim tailing another. A shifty looking individual, nobody would miss him.

He crept behind the other man watching him slink about unnoticed by the person he was following. He was good at what he did, he’d give him that.

Too bad the attacker was better. He quietly snuck behind the other man and gave a soft whistle.

The victim turned and was struck in the face before he knew what was happening. Swiftly the attacker wrapped the cord around the victim’s neck and began to pull. He took much delight as his victim slowly gave up the struggle and faded away.


This person knew what they had to do and was ready to take action.

As they stepped out the door they were greeted by a familiar face.

“Oh, Hi! Do you have time to talk?”


He heard a commotion in the bushes near him but he paid it no mind. He was here for one purpose and was focused as he watched the other man from his car.

Seemed harmless enough but he had a job to do nonetheless. He exited the vehicle and purposefully walked down the sidewalk. As he passed the target he made sure to “accidently” bump into the other man.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir. I didn’t see you there.”

“No Problem, don’t….” was all the target managed to say before the muzzle flashed.


They were convinced, there was more they could be doing with their life. It was time for a change.


He was was startled by the sounds of gunshot. It was close by, around the corner maybe.

He was lost in the thought, considering if he should go check on the shots he heard.

He didn’t feel the cord wrap around his neck.

Before he knew it, he was struggling, gasping for breath, as he felt the cord digging into his flesh. He never even glimpsed his attacker before he was gone.

Teh Showtime is dead. He was Owen Meeks, Centralia Aligned Pickpocket

Emark is dead. He was Doctor Graham, Centralia Aligned Primary Care Physician

Jaded is dead. He was Walter Scott, Centralia Aligned Neighborhood Watchman

It is now DAY PHASE Three. With 26 players remaining, it's 14 to lynch.

You have until 8:00 PM EST on Friday, January 11 (1:00 AM GMT Saturday, January 12) to reach a majority vote. If no majority has been reached at that time, a No Lynch will be declared.

As always, if you see a mistake point it out.
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