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Day Three

The night had resulted in quite a bit of death, which left Centralia on edge.

Scared the town deliberated before attention again turned to a rather confusing individual.

Perhaps she was too much of a distraction, or maybe Centralia just didnít like their younger citizens.

In any event, it was her time to go.

Bluestar has been lynched. He was Mabel Carrington, Centralia Aligned Chatty Teenager

Remorseful, everyone began to make their way back to their homes to prepare for the coming night. One man in particular was on his way when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Before he could react the wet cloth covered his face. He fought valiantly but it was only a matter of time before he passed out.

His attacker dragged him off; for what purposes? Only time would tell.

It is now Night Three.

You have until 7:30 PM EST Saturday, January 12th (12:30 AM GMT Sunday, January 13th) to submit your PMís to Imarevenant.
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