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Night Three

Another day in Centralia and yet another teenager left hanging. The situation was getting desperate in Centralia. Action would need to be taken to change their fortunes. Many would set out to to do just that while more continued to plot the destruction of the town.


He sat in his chair reviewing his plans, knowing things were headed in the right direction. Still there was a thought, no, more than a thought.

He sensed it.

He would need to watch his back and take care of this situation.


The driver slowly pulled up to the large house, surprised that his assignment would be located here. He walked up to the door and was startled as another man stepped out of the shadows.

“Stop right there! My employer isn’t expecting anyone tonight.”

The driver smiled recognizing the man standing before him.

“I bet they weren’t. But I’m not here for them.”

The shots would startle the occupant in the house, but it was far too late to provide any help.


Why was it so hard to find others that wanted the same thing they did. The search continued throughout this night and yet again there would be no success.


As the night wore on and day came closer one man slowly woke. His head in a fog; what had happened? He found his way out of the building, and slowly made his way back to the town square where he began to tell others what happened to him.

One would overhear these stories and become angered. Memories from long ago flooding his mind.

Fooinc is dead. He was William Forbes, Centralia Aligned Secret Bodyguard

It is now DAY PHASE FOUR. With 24 players remaining, it's 13 to lynch.

You have until 7:30 PM EST on Monday, January 14 (12:30 AM GMT Tuesday, January 15) to reach a majority vote. If no majority has been reached at that time, a No Lynch will be declared.

As always, if you see a mistake point it out.
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