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Night 5

He walked up to the bar two of his associates already in conversation. What could they be talking about he smirked to himself. It didn’t matter, this would be settled tonight.

He grabbed a drink and turned his attention to the woman already standing there.

“You shouldn’t be here looking like that, get home.”

About to protest the woman thought better of it and walked out of the establishment, leaving the other two to talk amongst themselves.

“Don’t you have an assignment?”

Reluctantly the bigger man acquiesced.

“Yes boss, consider it done.”


He watched the woman exit the building.

He had been watching her for days and knew her patterns. This was going to be all too easy. A fitting welcome home.


He didn’t like it but he had an order and it would need to be carried through. Still he felt something was wrong, he should be protecting her.

Lost in thought he lost track of the person he was following.

Where the hell could he have went. He searched around the building he was just standing near and peered in the windows. Nothing.

“Damnit” the boss wasn’t going to like this.


She just got out of the shower after a long day of work. Tired all she wanted was to climb into bed. She opened the door and let out a high pitched scream.

“Oh my god. When did you get back?!”

“A few days now. I’ve missed you.”

“Me too, but you can’t just up and leave and expect things to be the same when you get back.”

They both let the statement hang there, until finally moving on.

“Beside, I hope you aren’t back to your old tricks, I don’t want you getting into trouble.”

The man smirked; “Judging by the look of your face I’m not the only one whose in trouble. So who exactly is in need of my attention?”

“Please, don’t get involved, things are getting…..”

Without warning the front door exploded as an older, well known gentleman kicked it in. Along with two of his cohorts they broke up the reunion.

“Well, looky here, looks like she’s got company.”

With unexpected quickness the cohorts pounced on the man beating him down. Unable to fight them off, the man was stuck on the ground while the other two held him down.

The older gentleman grabbed a handful of the woman’s hair, and threw her down to the ground beside her visitor.

“You know I was going to make this quick, because I do like you; but with your little friend here I think we’ll let him watch you suffer.”

With that the older gentleman pulled out the pistol, shooting the woman in the gut. Crouching down he got within inches of her visitors face, whispering.

“I should just kill you right now but it’ll be more fun to keep you alive, knowing I’ve taken everything from you.”

The visitor was about to speak when the butt of the pistol struck his temple, leaving him unconscious.


He woke in the blood soaked room, the person he loved most already dead beside him. Slowly he crawled to her, and cradled her in his arms.

A lot more people were about to die.

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