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Show Rating: 88

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend

We kicked off the show by being introduced to the NEWEST member of the NOTBPW Announce Team: 'The Saviour of Wrestling', Jonathan Faust!! The 34 year old Brit strolled out to ringside, strolling along some awe-inspiring entrance music... Faust took his seat with Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend, and said that it was an honour to join them calling North of the Border Pro Wrestling: Championship Wrestling!! He said he was taking some time off from competing, but that he'd be back in the ring 'one day'... For now though, his first match behind the desk saw him call the action of one of his former colleagues in 21CW... 'Awesome' Wade Orson!!

Last week, Wade Orson defeated John Maverick in a singles match, but Orson's rival POISON arrived on the scene and delivered his 'Green Mist' to Orson... However, Orson ducked, and the mist went into Maverick's eyes... Maverick's tag team partner Julian Watson blamed Orson for Maverick being temporarily blinded... So Watson has vowed revenge, and he's facing Orson in our opening contest...

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] Julian Watson w/ John Maverick

Wade Orson and Julian Watson showed great chemistry in this match, and kicked the show off well. John Maverick did some good work at ringside too, showing his anger towards Orson for, in his words, 'causing' the Green Mist to go in his face last week! Watson attempted to capitalise on every time Orson was distracted by Maverick, but in the end he got too cocky. He knocked Orson down but stood too close to his fallen opponent, and Orson kipped up to hit the 'Bounce Back' and get the win!

Winner: 'Awesome' Wade Orson
Rating: 70
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip-Up DDT)

Backstage, the group known as 'The Animals' were sat talking about this past Saturday at October Obliteration... The group had mixed success, with Cameron Vessey and Christian Price defeating Trent Shaffer and Thrill Seeker to retain their NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... However their 'leader' Edd Stone lost his match inside a steel cage to Aaron Andrews... But the group assured everyone watching and listening, that their 'beef' with Aaron Andrews was FAR from over...!! 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews will be back on NOTBPW Television next week, and 'The Animals' will be waiting for him...

Backstage, Ricky DeColt bumped into his opponents from this past Saturday's October Obliteration event: Gino Montero and Luis Montero Jr... Ricky said he enjoyed their tag team match (also involving Ricky's brother Steve DeColt) at the show, and said he'd be watching the Mexican brothers closely in the coming weeks... Gino Montero said Ricky can watch his match right now, as he takes on the veteran NOTBPW technician: Harrison Hash next... At the end of the segment, the announce team spoke about the impending return of one Alex DeColt!!
Peter Michaels: “We're gonna get our NOTBPW General Manager back on the show a little later on gentlemen... and boy has HE had a rough couple of weeks?!”
Jonathan Faust: “Watching from the outside as I have been, it seems Alex DeColt has had a pleasant two weeks to me... He's found out he now has a SON... who is a wrestler... He's seen NOTBPW grow and grow, with an amazing October Obliteration pay-per-view... and now his TV show has the voice of an angel hosting it alongside you two chumps...!”
Peter Michaels: “Chumps?! Listen Faust, I've been doing this job longer than you've been alive kid okay... All I know for sure is that Alex is BACK, and he's gonna have a LOT on his plate... A LOT to deal with...”

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] Gino Montero w/ Luis Montero Jr.

Harrison Hash and Gino Montero both put in some stellar work here, and the match really could have gone either way. You know what you're going to get with the 42 year old Hash, and he set about trying to out-wrestle his young opponent. But Gino Montero is crafty and very agile, so he landed on his feet for most suplex attempts from Hash, including a German Suplex late on. Gino flipped all the way over and landed brilliantly, before delivering a devastating flying roundhouse kick to the side of Hash's face. He then quickly followed it up with his unstoppable 'Destiny Explosion' finisher, and picked up a huge victory!

Winner: Gino Montero w/ Luis Montero Jr.
Rating: 64
Finish: 'Destiny Explosion' (Canadian Destroyer)

Backstage, 'Mainstream' James Hernandez was shown watching the in-ring action unfold, as Gino Montero had his hand raised in victory... Interviewer Katie Cameron walked up to Hernandez, and asked him about his difficult loss in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at October Obliteration this past Saturday... Hernandez responded by saying that he's the BEST wrestler in NOBPW, and that his opponent from October Obliteration, Sonny Wildside, is the ONLY man who can beat him... He claimed that Sonny got lucky once again, but in fairness to the 'Man Without Fear', he employed a good strategy out there...

James Hernandez: “But listen, Katie... It's one thing to SAY you're the best... It's another to PROVE it... so next week, I'm going to take on the older one of those two Mexican brothers... Luis is it...?! And I'm going to prove my worth around here...”

The crowd gave NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt a HUGE ovation when his music hit next... He's been away for a few weeks dealing with 'personal' issues, including the reveal that the young wrestler known only as 'Logan' is his, and Romy DaLay's, son!! Alex and Romy conceived the youngster when they were just 18 years old, and Dan DaLay has been keeping Alex's secret for him all this time... But as the announce team eluded to earlier on, Alex had a lot to deal with tonight... He began by welcoming Jonathan Faust to the announce team, and said that he hoped that Faust's 16 years as an in-ring competitor in the United Kingdom will give a different viewpoint to Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend...

Alex DeColt: “But I've got a LOT of business to attend to... Firstly, 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh interfered in the Main Event of October Obliteration, and arguably cost Angry Gilmore the NOTBPW Canadian Title... This is unacceptable, and Cavanagh will be punished accordingly... Then there's the man known as POISON... He has a lot to answer for too... Showing up after Steve (DeColt)'s match and taunting him with some letters...?! I don't get what's going on with him right now... But there were some GREAT performances at October Obliteration... The Montero Brothers deserve some credit... and then there's Trent Shaffer, and Thrill Seeker... They JUST came up short in their Tag Team Title shot, and I think they deserve another opportunity... So tonight... Shaffer and Seeker will be... OPPONENTS!!”

Alex DeColt said that Trent Shaffer and Thrill Seeker will go 1 on 1 for only the second time in their careers here tonight, and the winner will earn a shot at the NOTBPW Television Title at Anarchy – the next NOTBPW Pay-Per-View!! Furthermore... he said that four tag teams will compete in the next contest, with the winners earning a NOTBPW Tag Team Title shot at Anarchy!! Next, it was on to personal matters... According to Alex, the man currently known only as 'Logan' will henceforth be called: 'Logan DeColt'... he is Alex's SON... and so next week, he's going to get an opportunity in a singles match... Before Alex could finish his train of thought though, Angry Gilmore's music hit...

Angry Gilmore came stomping out to the ring, and grabbed a microphone from a ringside tech... He paced around the ring, and surrounded Alex DeColt... before getting in the NOTBPW General Manager's face!! Alex backed off a little, and allowed Gilmore to be... well... 'Angry'... The fan favourite said that it's all very well Alex saying that 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh would be 'punished accordingly' for interfering in his Main Event clash with Gargantuan at October Obliteration... but what is Alex actually going to DO about it!? Alex said that all will be revealed, NEXT WEEK, on NOTBPW Television... and he sloped out of the ring, leaving Gilmore furious!!

Number One Contenders ELIMINATION Match

Bad Reputation [vs] The American Blondes [vs] The Ring Generals [vs] Mayhem

This Elimination Match had a few twists and turns, and unbelievably the undefeated Mayhem were the first team out! Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant got themselves disqualified by going after Bad Reputation with steel chairs, causing Dan DaLay and Derek Frost to be badly hurt. It wasn't long before the experienced The Natural was taking full advantage of DaLay and Frost's fate, and he soon pinned Frost following a 'Nature Calls' piledriver. The American Blondes and The Ring Generals then fought 2 on 2, and it was a classic encounter! Solomon Gold was unfortunately the weak link though, tiring towards the end of the match, and costing his team the victory. He walked onto a 'Waldorf Salad Toss' from 'Deadly' Dean Waldorf, and was put away while 'Marvellous' Marv Statler took care of The Natural at ringside!

Winners: The Ring Generals
Rating: 84
Finish: 'Waldorf Salad Toss' (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

So The Ring Generals will be heading to Anarchy to face Primed For Progress (Cameron Vessey and Christian Price) for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... But once the ring was cleared, 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt headed out to a thunderous ovation... He didn't waste much time in calling out the man who showed up during his match at October Obliteration: POISON... and POISON didn't waste much time in coming out onto the stage... Steve asked the veteran what his sign was all about, which had just two letters on it: 'R' and 'H'... POISON slowly drew the microphone to his lips, but then pulled it away again... He seemed conflicted about whether to answer the question or not... Some think the 'R' could have something to do with Steve's brother Ricky DeColt... Perhaps the 'H' refers to Hernandez, as in James Hernandez...

All POISON did to answer the question, was to create yet more questions!! He went back through the curtain, and then appeared again with two more letters... this time 'Y' and 'N' !! The announce team thought it meant 'YES or NO'... but they couldn't be sure... Steve looked as perplexed as anyone, and he just seemed to allow it to happen... He shook his head in bemusement, and then decided to leave the ring and walk to the back... This prompted POISON to turn tail and run back through the curtain, and Steve stopped as if POISON might come back through again... He didn't, and the segment ended there... No answers, just more questions... Can anyone solve POISON's riddle?!

Number One Contenders Match

'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer [vs] 'High Energy' Thrill Seeker

Friends before this match began, but it's arguable whether they'll be friends after it. Trent Shaffer and Thrill Seeker beat lumps out of each other, and potentially took years off of each other's careers. Shaffer in particular was brutal in his attacks, using knee strikes and flying kicks to keep Seeker on the back foot. For the finish, Shaffer was attempting a Boston Crab, but Seeker managed to wriggle out of the hold. As he escaped though, he gave both of his arms up to Shaffer, who extended them, and delivered his devastating 'Heart Burn' Chest Stomp finishing move!

Winner: 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer
Rating: 82
Finish: 'Heart Burn' (Chest Stomp)

'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer will now fight 'No Fear' Sonny Wildside at Anarchy, for Wildside's NOTBPW Television Title... Right after the match, we took a commercial break though, and when we came back we had 'Shooter' Sean Deeley pacing back and forth in the ring... The leader of the group known as 'The Shooters' was furious with one of its members: Ernest Youngman... Deeley called 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' an ungrateful punk with NO respect, who should come to the ring and apologise to him... OR... FIGHT him!! And it didn't take long for Youngman to answer the demand...

Ernest Youngman was shocked by what he was hearing... He said that ever since he joined up with Sean Deeley, and his friends The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler), Deeley has treated him like dirt... So he's not sure why Deeley is so angry at him for quitting the group... Youngman said he never got the feeling that Deeley even LIKED him... let alone respected him... So the question needs to be asked: why should Youngman respect Deeley?! Youngman then began to stroll slowly to the ring with his microphone...

Ernest Youngman: “You said you want an apology... or a fight... Well... I can assure you 'Shooter'... An apology will NEVER happen!! However... A fight might... But if there's one thing I DID pick up from you... It's to avoid fighting people as much as you possibly can!! So tonight, you won't be fighting me... You'll be fighting THIS man!!”

'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn w/ Ernest Youngman [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley

Donte Dunn was accompanied to the ring by Ernest Youngman here, as he 'avoided' Sean Deeley. This is the kind of tactic Deeley has used in the past himself, to avoid the likes of Aaron Andrews and Sonny Wildside. What Youngman cleverly did though, was distract Deeley ONLY at the crucial moment. Deeley looked in control, and was in the process of putting Dunn away when Youngman hopped onto the apron and began shouting at Deeley! As the 'Shooter' turned to face his opponent though, Dunn was mid-swing with his 'Sunny Daze' finisher, and he caught Deeley on the chin!! Dunn fell into the cover and somehow, some way, picked up a massive victory!

Winner: 'The Barbadian Barbarian' Donte Dunn
Rating: 75
Finish: 'Sunny Daze' (Spinning Back Fist)

'No Fear' Sonny Wildside [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

We went straight into the action with our Main Event next, and an interesting clash between Sonny Wildside and Jack DeColt. Both men don't mind getting a little bit 'wild' in the ring, and flying at their opponents with fists and kicks in order to gain an advantage. Sonny Wildside lived up to his moniker: 'The Man Without Fear' by not backing down against the vastly more experienced and dangerous Jack DeColt. But late on, he'll wish he did. The DeColt brother delivered a vicious lariat to take Wildside off his feet. In truth it almost beheaded the 22 year old, who will have his upcoming NOTBPW Television Title defence against Trent Shaffer in the back of his mind. Although as Jonathan Faust pointed out, currently his NOSE is in the back of his mind following the lariat from Jack DeColt! It wasn't long before Wildside, after ducking another lariat attempt, walked on to the 'End Of Day's, and nobody kicks out of that move!

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 89
Finish: 'End Of Days' (Baron Corbin's finisher)

Following the excellent Main Event contest, we learned that next week, NOTBPW Canadian Champion Gargantuan will return LIVE to NOTBPW Championship Wrestling... NOTBPW General Manager will announce the challenger for Gargantuan's Title, and for his undefeated streak, next week on the show... He'll also deal with the Angry Gilmore/Danny Cavanagh situation... and hopefully we'll see a clearer picture of what is happening with his son: The man we must all now refer to as 'Logan DeColt'... All this and more, on next week's edition of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling!!

Wade Orson [def.] Julian Watson
Gino Montero [def.] Harrison Hash
The Ring Generals [def.] Bad Reputation, The American Blondes and Mayhem
Trent Shaffer [def.] Thrill Seeker
Donte Dunn [def.] Sean Deeley
Jack DeColt [def.] Sonny Wildside

So GDS Board Member King Bison made all the full-body renders for this diary, and I owe him a lot... He recently (in November 2018, which is when I'm writing this) released his new cverse add-on, the Titan Wrestling Factory Graduates... and I decided to download it, and add the workers into my database via the editor... And I'm going to use this section to let you guys know who has been signed by companies in my universe... the first man to be offered a contract, was Ragnarok !! The Icelandic 29 year old has wound up at RIPW, on a developmental deal...

But in waaaay bigger news (no offence)... the NUMBER ONE wrestler in the world last year Sammy Bach's contract came up recently... I chose not negotiate with him, due to a prediction prize winner saying I shouldn't... Despite his 98 Star Quality, he's 39 years old, and at his stage of his career, he's not someone I can pin my Main Event hopes on beyond the next 2-3 years unfortunately... Instead, I watched on as he turned down contract offers from TCW, who he was working for... The SWF... and SOTBPW... before accepting an offer to 'jump ship' and join USPW...!! He's been TCW World Heavyweight Champion since May of this year (five months), and he'll have to drop the Title before he moves on...

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