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Night Nine

Centralia was in mourning, many deciding to go home and rest after such an impactful loss.

However, two individuals would find themselves on a most inevitable collision course.


He could see the end nearing closer soon the town would be in utter ruin. He knew just how to set that in motion now. But first a quick stop.

It was far too easy, far too routine now. Slip into the house, deftly sneak up behind the next victim, then let the cord do the work.

This one at least gave a fight.

Now it was time to end this.


Back at the same establishment as the night before he found it easy to move about without being seen.

He had been waiting for this for the past few nights, this man had taken everything. Slowly he closed up behind the older gentlemen, his heart racing with anticipation.

This would feel so good.

About to strike he suddenly felt the pistol barrel pressed against the side of his head.

The older gentleman smiled.

Well, Quincy. We’ve been expecting you.

Before he could respond the butt of the pistol came down, knocking him out once again.


James Branson and the driver pulled Quincy from the trunk of the car. They had to get rid of him but James wanted to take his time with this one.

Since his brother’s death, James had closed down the mines. He’d wait to take over this town and then he would start stripping it of the 8 miles worth of coal that lay beneath.

Now empty this would be the perfect place to dispatch of this particularly troublesome individual.

He motioned his driver to leave them. He wanted to do this alone.

Quincy had already begun to come to when James turned back to him. A few swift kicks to the gut and Quincy was down again. Foot by foot, inch by inch, James continued to punish Quincy with kicks and strikes as they slowly made their way toward the mines entrance.

Finally they reached the elevator and headed down. James grabbed an oil lantern, pulled out his pistol and began taunting the battered and bruised man before him.

Were you looking for revenge Quincy? For her? Did you think you’d get married, start a family? The black sheep and local stripper, going to start a happy life together.

Or is this about your brother?

Sorry, it had to be done. We had big plans.

If it’s any consolation, my associate said he showed no fear when the gun was pointed his way.

As they decended the taunting further enraged Quincy, he hated the man before him, for all he had taken. He knew he’d have to act as soon as they reached bottom, he had one chance and steadied himself to act right away.

They hit bottom and Quincy sprang forward with a quickness James had no way of anticipating. Still, he got the shot off, hitting Quincy on the left side of his abdomen.

The momentum he had built drove Quincy forward and he was able to tackle James to the ground. The skirmish set the oil lamp flying crashing against the open coal veins.

Slowly, they began to smolder as the two men wrestled just feet away.

James tried to strike the man in his injured torso but still Quincy was unrelenting. Fueled by anger and mourning Quincy ignored the pain and gained control of the sitation.

James tried to fight back, but even in his injured state Quincy was stronger than the older man. Eventually, James found himself flat on his stomach and then the cord tightened around his neck.

James would die watching the coal he’d destroyed everything for, begin to ignite.


The elevator rose back to ground level encompassed by smoke as it came to a stop. Injured, Quincy limped off the rickety contraption, dropping the cord on the ground as he exited.

Still angry, but resigned. He was done with this town.

Gonvick is Dead. He was Lily Green, Centralia Aligned Citizen

Memory of Talon is Dead. He was James L Branson, Branson Enterprises Aligned Opportunistic Land Grabber

Opulent has fled. He was Quincy Roger Allanson, Individual Aligned Centralia Strangler

It is now Day Ten. With 5 players remaining, it's 3 to lynch.

You have until 6:30 PM EST (11:30 PM GMT) on Sunday, January 27 to reach a majority vote. If no majority has been reached at that time, a No Lynch will be declared.

As always, if you see a mistake point it out.

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