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Day Three

Once again, the crew and passengers of the UNH Clarke gathered in the mess hall to debate the killings that had been happening aboard. While the past day had been some discussion about multiple directions, on this day, one drew the focus. He protested and lamented his position, but still their eye was upon him. Finally a majority was reached, and the man was summarily ejected out the airlock.

The Archer is dead. He was Crew Aligned Crewman.

The Archer - 10 (The Two, moon_lit_tears, Too Sweet Spartan, I effin rule, Teh_Showtime, lukess11, Michgcs, Eternal Phoenix, BHK1978, Leion )

djthefunkchris - 1 (djthefunkchris)

No Vote - 9 ( bak42, Bluestar, Destiny, Eliphas, Emark, I effin rule, Imarevenant, Opulent, Teh_Showtime, The Archer, Zergon, )

It is now Night Phase Three. Please send all PMs to Rayelek and Derek B by 9:00 GMT (4:00 EST) on Sunday, April 14.

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