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Night Three

The crowd disperses from the mess hall, disappointed to see a loyal crew member be the first they successfully tried. Some returned to their cabins, while others were more active throughout the night.


A young girl takes the knife she had borrowed and sneaks up behind the crew member. He suspects nothing as he goes about his duties. One cut across his neck and she slips back into the halls among the others.


A gruff, older man talks with other members of the crew. As they talk, a woman passes by. She attempts to drop something in his pocket, but gets bumped by a stranger and her item falls to the floor, swiftly crushed under a boot.

"So sorry, that was an accident. I didn't mean to break it."

His focus broken from the conversation, the gruff man turns to the woman, who apologizes quietly and walks off. A young man approaches the group, hesitates, and then keeps walking. A passenger, dressed to the nines, stands at a corner, observing the scene.


The beleaguered gentleman sits in a chair in his quarters. A knock on the door distracts him from his thoughts. He rises slowly and opens it, only to see a towering man seemingly block all light from the hallway.

"Nothing personal, sir. Orders are orders."

The gentleman attempts to shut the door in a hurry, but the brute grasps the door with one hand, and with the other, fires a single shot. The gentleman collapses to the ground, and the towering man lets the door swing closed.

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