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Announce Team:

Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend

We kicked off the final February edition of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, with the announce team talking about the big hole that sits next to them... Peter Michaels and Tom Townsend said that since Michaels arrived, the pair have had a number of different partners at the desk... Ricky Dale Johnson came and went... Jonathan Faust came and went... and James Hernandez has made some appearances at the desk lately... But coming soon, Michaels and Townsend said they would soon be joined by a NEW fellow announcer... This time, NOTBPW management are going with an ACTUAL announcer... a 'non-wrestler'... to make it a professional working environment... The new guy or girl will arrive after Clash Classic!! But we kicked off the in-ring action with World's Most Wanted taking on The Mavericks again!!

World's Most Wanted (Jacob Jett & Thrill Seeker) [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

A short match, but a very good one. The Mavericks dominated proceedings early on, choosing to isolate and control Thrill Seeker. The pace of the match was slow to begin with, with Seeker unable to create enough space to get up a head of steam. Eventually though, he and Julian Watson collided in a brilliantly timed double clothesline. Both men were hurt from the collision, and they crawled to their corners and in came Jacob Jett!! 'The Amazing' Jett did well to dodge and duck John Maverick's attacks, and ended up hitting some nice dropkicks and used the ropes to his advantage. For the finish, he found himself on the top rope, and hit his 'Jett Take Off' finisher on Maverick!

Winners: World's Most Wanted (Jacob Jett & Thrill Seeker)
Finish: 'Jett Take Off' (Double Stomp)

World's Most Wanted will fight Primed For Progress at Clash Classic, with the winners becoming the Number One Contenders for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... Speaking of the Titles, the Champions Mayhem will be here LIVE later tonight... But first, the NOTBPW Television Champion Sayeed Ali was stood with his group: The Coast To Coast Connection (Ross Henry and Lenny Brown), and the NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt... Ali was asking if Alex had gotten his memo, about how Ernest Youngman and Wade Orson BOTH deserve Television Title shots... Ali's way of causing a rift between the two fan favourites... But the former Champion Sonny Wildside walked into the room...

Sonny Wildside: “Anyone with a 'Mind' like Alex DeColt can see right through your plan Sayeed... You want Ernest Youngman and Wade Orson to fight each other... and a Triple Threat Match will do that... There's also No Disqualifications in a Triple Threat... So it's OBVIOUS why you want one...”

Sonny Wildside suggested that Sayeed Ali could get his 'boys' involved if there are no rules... Making it essentially a 3 on 2 situation, with the 2 both wanting to pin the Champion...!! Wildside then said that he NEVER had his Television Title re-match, after losing the Title to Ali at Big City Brawl... So... Why doesn't Alex DeColt make it a Fatal Four Way... At least that way, if Ross Henry and Lenny Brown get involved, it'll be a fair fight...!! 'The Mind' thought about it for a moment, and then said he admires Wildside's 'gusto', and 'No Fear' attitude... Therefore... At Clash Classic, it WILL be a Fatal Four Way Match... Sayeed Ali will defend his NOTBPW Television Title against Ernest Youngman, Wade Orson AND the former Champion: Sonny Wildside!! Ali was absolutely furious!!

Having just witnessed Alex DeColt do his actual job, and make a very good match for Clash Classic, Dan DaLay headed to the ring... 'The Iron Fist' joined Katie Cameron to be interviewed about Alex FIRING his tag team partner Derek Frost... DaLay said that Alex just throws his weight around, and nobody tells him: 'NO!'... But... DaLay said that Steve DeColt is coming back soon... and when he does, DaLay believes that HE will be the man to stand up to Alex... DaLay began to leave the ring, as the music of NOTBPW Canadian Champion Gargantuan hit... and 'The Monster' headed out to the ring...

Gargantuan and Dan DaLay passed each other on the ramp... DaLay looked like a beaten man... and Gargantuan called James Hernandez out!! 'Mr. Main Event' Hernandez attacked Gargantuan last week, and with less than two weeks to go until their Canadian Title re-match at Clash Classic, 'The Monster' wanted revenge... However, 'The Mind' Alex DeColt soon came through the curtain, and joined Dan DaLay... stopping 'The Iron Fist' from leaving... Alex told Gargantuan that to his knowledge, James Hernandez was NOT here tonight... However... Gargantuan can have a match right now... against... Dan DaLay!!

'The Iron Fist' Dan DaLay [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

Gargantuan made short work of big Dan DaLay in this one. As previously mentioned, The 42 year old 'Iron Fist' looks a beaten man, and looks like he's accepted that he's not long for this place after seeing his tag team partner Derek Frost get fired for the second time. He succumbed to the power and anger of Gargantuan in the end, being beaten by a 'Chokeslam'.

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Finish: 'Chokeslam'

After the match, the man we all thought was NOT here tonight: James Hernandez arrived through the crowd!! 'Mr. Main Event' slid in behind Gargantuan, and clocked him low with a chop block!! 'Mainstream' Hernandez then hit the ropes and delivered a brutal lariat, that sent the kneeling 'Monster' backwards awkwardly!! The big man landed with his previously chopped knee in a painful position, and Hernandez went straight on the attack!! Like a shark sensing blood in the water, Hernandez went right after the knee, and 'The Monster' was in trouble... Then, just like last week, Hernandez ended it by smacking Gargantuan in the face with the NOTBPW Canadian Championship Belt!!

Up next in the ring, the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions: Mayhem arrived... The dark and mysterious duo of Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant held their Titles in their mouths to begin with, as the crowd began a deafening chant which included a lot of foot stomping... Blackfriar did most of the talking, and he said that Mayhem were sick of being 'overlooked'... The team barely had any opportunities on pay-per-view in 2017, but now they're the NOTBPW Tag Team Champions... and yet STILL they don't have a pay-per-view match at Clash Classic...

Aldous Blackfriar: “World's Most Wanted and Primed For Progress think they're better than us... and they have a match... but neither of them are NOTBPW Tag Team Champions... WE are... and WE want challengers to step up... So if ANY tag team want a shot at THESE... Then come out here now, and make the challenge!!”

It seemed as though Mayhem were directly responding to World's Most Wanted, who said a lot of the same things to Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant last week... It worked though... because The Natural and Solomon Gold – known collectively as The American Blondes, headed onto the stage... The crowd also chanted for the Blondes, as they strolled to the ring... and The Natural did the talking... He said that it's about time that 'The Blondes' got an opportunity too... and he can think of not better match... Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant... Defending against The Natural... but before he could say Solomon Gold, this man arrived:

The Natural's former(?) tag team partner in the CanAm Blondes: Owen Love also arrived... 'Dr. Love' interrupted The Natural, but didn't even seem to notice he'd done it... He said that it IS about time that the 'Blondes' got an opportunity... The 'Blondes', to him meant the CanAm Blondes... Former FOUR-TIME NOTBPW Tag Team Champions... Former THREE-TIME Ed Henson Memorial Tag Team Cup Winners... Owen Love said it would be his honour to return to the side of The Natural to fight for the Titles again... Natural didn't know what to say... He was clearly shocked by Love's arrival... but he didn't stop him... Mayhem accepted the challenge, and poor Solomon Gold looked extremely disappointed...

The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler) [vs] Jack DeColt & Logan DeColt

Logan DeColt was scared of the ability of The Ring Generals here, and he kept tagging out! As soon as Dean Waldorf or Marv Statler began throwing him around, he scampered across to his corner, and brought 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt into the fight! A much more difficult man to move around, the veteran Jack DeColt did a lot of damage to the fan favourites. But Logan was the difference in the end. He used a thumb to Marv Statler's eye after getting Dean Waldorf riled up and into the ring illegally. Then he kicked Waldorf off the apron, as Jack DeColt hit his 'End Of Days' finisher on Statler!

Winners: Jack DeColt & Logan DeColt
Finish: 'End Of Days' (Baron Corbin's finisher)

Backstage, Timothy Weightman was stood with NOTBPW All Action Champion Erik Strong 'Though'... Strong is yet to make a defence of his Championship... and he told Weightman that he'll be in NON-Title action next week... However, 'The Shooting Star' is looking forward to what will be his FIRST Championship Defence... at the DeColt Wrestle Festival weekend, in around four weeks!! But Strong doesn't want it to be just any Championship Defence... Strong is looking for a BIG match... A night to remember... and potentially, the biggest match of his career...

Erik Strong 'Though': “It'll be my crowning moment... I've already beaten 19 other men at Big City Brawl... and I won the All Action Title... But at the DeColt Wrestle Festival, I want to take the next step to greatness...!!”

Backstage, all members of the group known as 'The Animals' except for their 'leader' Edd Stone... It seemed like 'The Living Legend' Bryan Vessey was trying to gain favour with his Nephew Cameron Vessey... Cameron's tag team partner Christian Price... and 'The Enforcer' Tim Westybrook... Bryan Vessey said that Edd Stone's actions last week were not great, and perhaps the 31 year old shouldn't be their leader... Last week in the Main Event, Edd Stone ran away from Tom Gilmore, and then tapped out instantly to Gilmore's 'Anger Management' Arm Bar... As the second youngest member of 'The Animals', Edd doesn't exactly set an example...

At that point, Edd Stone stormed into the room, and said he'd heard everything Bryan Vessey had said... Bryan Vessey told Edd to calm down, because all Bryan wants is for the group to be successful... Sometimes in this situation, the leader of the group needs to change... To freshen things up... Edd said that he bets Bryan Vessey thinks that he's the man to step up and take Edd's place, and Bryan didn't deny it... Edd Stone then shoved the veteran backwards, sparking intervention from Cameron Vessey, Christian Price and Tim Westybrook, who held the warring pair apart... Edd then stormed off, as Bryan tried to explain that he only wants to help Edd develop into a great man...!!

Mark 'The Anvil' Griffin [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Akima Brave made it four wins from four matches since Big City Brawl, where he, along with his opponent Mark Griffin were in the Battle Royale for the All Action Championship. Tonight, Brave didn't waste time. He went right after Griffin, and slammed into him at every opportunity. It was a fairly even match in the end, but Griffin's mistake was attempting a headbutt on the hard-skulled Samoan Brave! In the end, Brave was able to put Griffin away with the 'Samoan Suplex'!

Winner: 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave
Finish: 'Samoan Suplex' (Jackhammer)

We got a promo for 'Country Strong' KC Glenn next... For weeks we've heard that the young American will be debuting with NOTBPW 'soon'... but tonight, we learned that 'soon' meant in two weeks!! The announce team got excited about Glenn's arrival... The 26 year old was the final man eliminated by Erik Strong 'Though' when Strong captured the NOTBPW All Action Title in a 20 man over the top rope battle royale... Popular opinion is that Glenn will be gunning for Strong when he debuts with the Canadian company... in just two weeks!!

In a room lit by a number of candles, 'The Riddler' POISON was pacing back and forth as the camera closed in on him... POISON told the camera that a long... dark... shadow, will fall across NOTBPW... The shadow will leave 'House DeColt' in ruins... At Clash Classic, Ricky (DeColt) will fall... Gino Montero will be carried away... Dan DaLay will continue to slip further into retirement... and more importantly, Steve DeColt will be finished!! There will be NO ONE to save the 'relics' of this once great company... and the company will land in the hands of POISON... Alex DeColt... Jack and Logan... and the long... dark... shadow... POISON then raised his hands, and the door to the room slammed, blowing out all of the candles... POISON then brought light back into the room, and revealed two letters painted on the wall behind him...

M and E

The letters spelled the word: 'ME'... However, having already revealed the letters 'O' and 'E' last week, the word POISON is trying to reveal could be anything at this stage... For now, we'll all have to wait to find out more, possibly next week... Possibly at Clash Classic... Later tonight, we're going to hear from 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt... The youngest of the four DeColt Brothers will be here to talk about the impending return to full health of his brother Steve DeColt... Ricky and Gino Montero will battle Jack and Logan DeColt at Clash Classic... While Steve will battle POISON 1 on 1 again... for the first time in over four months!!

'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer [vs] El Fuego

Trent Shaffer and El Fuego fought hard here, and told a great story. Fuego has never won a big match since debuting on the NOTBPW roster, and a win over a former NOTBPW Canadian Champion would have been a heck of a scalp. 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer was patient out there. He bided his time, and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. When El Fuego came off the top rope, Trent hit a brilliant two-handed chest chop, and the masked Mexican star was sent backwards into the turnbuckle, and he hit his back hard! Shaffer then pulled Fuego in, and hit a belly to belly suplex. He went for the pin, but Fuego kicked out! Shaffer kept hold of both of Fuego's arms, and then stomped on his chest to win the match with his 'Heart Burn' finisher!

Winner: 'Cut Throat' Trent Shaffer
Finish: 'Heart Burn' (Chest Stomp)

'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt headed to the ring next... ahead of his Main Event clash... The youngest DeColt Brother had a lot to say about Alex, Jack and Logan DeColt... But he said he'd save it for AFTER Clash Classic... Because for now, and for Clash Classic, the most important thing is that 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt is coming BACK to NOTBPW!! For months, 'The Riddler' POISON has been controlling Steve DeColt, using a green dust he blew in Steve's face a number of times... Now, at Clash Classic... Steve DeColt will battle POISON 1 on 1... Ricky dubbed Steve's return to full health: 'The Return of the King'...!! And this comment brought Ricky's opponent out...

'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust headed onto the stage with his staff... He pointed it at Ricky DeColt, and then was handed a microphone... As he slowly walked to the ring, Faust claimed that NOTBPW doesn't need the 'King' to return... NOTBPW doesn't need any help... because it's just fine... And that's because, in January 2018, the 'Saviour of Wrestling' returned to the ring, and saved the company... Faust beat the smiling, laughing, fun-loving 'moron' Donte Dunn, and will beat him again at Clash Classic... As for tonight, Faust is going to out-perform Ricky DeColt, and beat him too!!

'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt [vs] 'The Saviour of Wrestling' Jonathan Faust

Not the best Main Event in recent memory, in fact it was the lowest rated in February 2018, but that's not really a problem, as the overall show rating was excellent thanks to Ricky DeColt and Jonathan Faust's pre-match promo together. Ricky battled hard but he was no match for Faust's skills early on. The 'Saviour of Wrestling' used palm strikes to Ricky's chest, shouting that he was drawing out Ricky's sins with every slap of his palm! Late on, after a lot of back and forth offence, Faust attempted 'The Rod' (running knee) in the corner,! Ricky moved, and Faust clattered into the turnbuckle, and was sent crashing to the floor on the outside! This brought Donte Dunn out to the ring. 'The Barbadian Barbarian' threatened to attack Faust, but let him climb back into the ring. Faust got back in before Ricky was up on his feet, but as Faust approached 'The Young Gun', he shoved Faust back, and once the space was created, unleashed with his 'DeColt .45' Super Kick!

Winner: 'The Young Gun' Ricky DeColt
Finish: 'DeColt .45' Super Kick

World's Most Wanted [def.] The Mavericks
Gargantuan [def.] Dan DaLay
Jack DeColt & Logan DeColt [def.] The Ring Generals
Akima Brave [def.] Mark Griffin
Trent Shaffer [def.] El Fuego
Ricky DeColt [def.] Jonathan Faust

SWF and USPW continue to put on amazing shows, but there's no real news this week...

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