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TNA Impact! - 04/02/2005
Soundstage 21, Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida: 1,400
Show Rating: C+

  • America's Most Wanted defeated Michael Shane and Kazarian (5:39) via pinfall when Chris Harris pinned Kazarian after a Death Sentence. During the match, it was announced that due to "circumstances beyond TNA's control", Scott Hall would not be appearing at Against All Odds, nor would he take part in the tag team match tonight. Kevin Nash will reveal Scott Hall's replacement for both later tonight D+

  • Kip Gunn made his way out to the ring and wanted to address a couple of "misconceptions" around his loyalties. He explained that he always picks the winning side, that was why he joined D-Generation X back in 1998 and why he joined the Kings of Wrestling now. He addressed BG James' comments last week and said as far as he is concerned they are still brothers and always will be, telling James that he has no beef with him and gives him his word that he won't lay a finger on him because of it. Ron Killings interrupted Gunn, saying everything he just said sounded real nice but all he cares about is what happened last week when Gunn stuck his nose in his match last week and for that he wants Gunn's ass next week! Gunn told Killings that he tried to replace him five years ago and has been trying to do so ever since and accepted the challenge C-

  • Shane Douglas introduced Dustin Rhodes and asked him about what happened last week with Abyss. Dustin said he had never seen rage like he did with Abyss and said he has no idea why Abyss has targetted him but he isn't going to back down from a fight, claiming fighting a true monster like Abyss might be the biggest, most dangerous and possibly the last fight of his career but he's going to give it his all and wants Abyss at Against All Odds, but not in just any match, he wants him in Abyss' playground, he wants a Monster's Ball match! C-

  • Elix Skipper defeated The Amazing Red (6:35) via pinfall after a top rope hurricanrana D+

  • He did exactly what he said he was going to do last week, Elix Skipper showed everyone what he is made of. However he wasn't content to just show everyone as he wanted to tell everyone as well. This however brought out Chris Sabin, who told Skipper that nobody wanted to hear him "go on and on", praising him for the risks he took at Turning Point while also pointing out the fact that his team lost the match. Skipper accused Sabin of trying to "get the rub" from being in the ring with him, so Sabin laughed it off and challenged Skipper to face him at Against All Odds, suggesting that maybe the powers that be might decide the winner of the match deserves an X Division title match D

  • Christopher Daniels defeated Shark Boy (4:19) via pinfall after the Angel's Wings. Daniels grinned on his way down to the ring as replays were shown of him laying out AJ Styles last week [b][C-/B]

  • With Erik Watts scheduled to face Diamond Dallas Page later tonight, Raven was building him up, reminding him what DDP did to him and how much it cost him. Watts was listening but then turned to Raven and brought up DDP's words about "owning his own problems", but Raven turned that around by telling Watts that the offenders, the abusers are the ones who say that. Raven told Watts to take his revenge tonight and it will end his suffering C

  • Jeff Hardy was in the office of Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes and the two were deep in discussion when Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore stormed in to complain about Petey's match last week and demanded a rematch. Jeff got in Petey's face about interrupted him and the two bickered for a minute before Dusty stepped in between them and told Petey that he knows full well that AJ won the match fair and square before recognising that neither man has a match at Against All Odds, therefore he announced it would be Jeff Hardy vs. Petey Williams, saying to Jeff that he hasn't forgotten what they talked about before telling them both to impress because they'll need to crown a new number one contender for the X Division title soon C

  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Erik Watts (6:05) via pinfall after a Diamond Cutter D+

  • Raven was furious and immediately hit the ring and attacked the victorious Diamond Dallas Page, beating him down before kicking him out of the ring. He then helped the defeated Erik Watts to his feet before kicking him in the gut and delivering a vile Evenflow DDT! Raven posed over the body of Watts before getting in his face and telling him that he "disappointed" him D+

  • It was time for the main event and time to reveal who Kevin Nash's mystery partner would be. Nash walked out alone before turning back, pointed to the stage and introduced Sean Waltman, Syxx-Pac! D

  • Kevin Nash and Syxx-Pac defeated Konnan and Ron Killings (5:50) via pinfall after Kip Gunn attacked Ron Killings with a lead pipe, allowing Syxx to deliver the Syxx-Factor C

  • There was a commotion in the backstage area and when the cameras arrived they found Monty Brown laid out on the concrete floor with the shattered remnants of a guitar lying around his head and the NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett standing over him. Jarrett yelled to Brown that the title belongs to him and there was no way Brown would ever, ever get another shot at it C-
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