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TNA Impact! - 11/02/2005
Soundstage 21, Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida: 1,400
Show Rating: C+

  • Monty Brown kicked off the show, not in the best of moods but also with no visual indicator of his guitar assault from Jeff Jarrett, however Mike Tenay and Don West filled in the fans who missed Impact last week. Brown paced the ring before saying he had changed his mind because last week he said he didn't care about the eight-man tag at Against All Odds because now he's looking forward to it because he wants to get his hands on Jarrett "anyway, anyhow" before telling Jarrett to watch out because he was coming for him tonight as Brown tossed the microphone aside and stormed to the back C

  • Lance Hoyt defeated Eric Young, Kazarian and James Storm (5:55) via pinfall after a Texas Tower Bomb to Kazarian following a distraction outside the ring. Each man's respective partner was at ringside but it was Traci Brooks "distraction flirting" with Eric Young that caught Kazarian off guard as he stopped to "watch the show", only for Lance Hoyt to come out of nowhere and take him down for the win D

  • In the office of the Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes was his son Dustin, and DoA was trying to convince Dustin to reconsider his challenge to Abyss for the Monster's Ball match, telling him that he wasn't here in November at Victory Road where the first one took place. Dusty said it was one of the most brutal matches he's ever seen and implored him to reconsider. Dustin asked if he would make this request to anyone else and before he could answer told that of course he wouldn't. Dustin told his father that he knows what he is doing, he's been crazy before and he'll get crazy again this Sunday before telling his father to book the match, to which Dusty replied that he would before wishing him luck tonight C

  • The Kings of Wrestling were taking things pretty easy when Shane Douglas knocked on the door and entered. Douglas wanted to get some words from Jarrett regarding what "The Alpha Male" had said earlier tonight, but they were seemingly none the wiser so Douglas explained which got Jarrett's back up as he demanded to know what security were doing about it. Douglas replied that that wasn't any of his business and suggested that maybe he should watch out before leaving them to it. Jarrett stuck his head out of the locker room and yelled for security C

  • AJ Styles defeated Lex Lovett (3:59) via pinfall after the Styles Clash C-

  • AJ Styles then requested the microphone and told Christopher Daniels that what he did to him two weeks ago makes no difference to what will happen this Sunday at Against All Odds because he will become the four-time TNA X Division champion. As Styles was talking, the reigning champion ran in through the crowd and attacked him from behind! Daniels had the element of surprise in his favour and after knocking Styles down went for the X Division title again, only this time Styles was able to avoid the blow, hit a Pele kick and picked up the title himself as Daniels rolled out of the ring. Daniels was fuming and demanded his belt back, a request AJ Styles was happy to oblige as he tossed it over to him before clearly telling Daniels to "keep it warm for me" D

  • Jeff Hardy defeated Johnny Devine (3:37) via pinfall after a Swanton Bomb. Scott D'Amore and Petey Williams accompanied Devine to ringside and Williams joined commentary and told Mike Tenay and Don West that Jeff was ground breaking "four years ago" and said that he has surpased anything that Jeff has ever done already C-

  • In the back, Jeff Jarrett had finally found security and were giving them very clear instructions not to let anyone down the corridor leading to the Kings of Wrestling's locker room. Back in the actual locker room, Kip Gunn was getting ready for his big main event against Ron Killings as Kevin Nash and Syxx-Pac grilled him about his relationship to BG James. Gunn said he has no problem kicking Monty Brown, Konnan or Killing's ass but BG was right last week, they are brothers so he won't lay a finger on him but business is business and he won't stand in their way this Sunday C-

  • Diamond Dallas Page and Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven and Abyss ended in a double count-out (6:37) when all four brawled outside the ring and into the crowd C

  • The sound of the bell didn't signify an end to hostilities as Raven and Diamond Dallas Page continued their brawl into the crowd while Abyss and Dustin Rhodes continued going around the ringside area and towards the back. The cameras were able to follow them backstage where Rhodes was able to grab a hold of a steel chair and wrap it around the skull of Abyss before tossing him into a small room and then proceeded to knock over a drinks machine and place it in front of the door, locking Abyss in! Rhodes yelled to Abyss that an extra 24-hours locked away wouldn't do him any harm! C

  • Kip Gunn, Kevin Nash and Syxx-Pac left the Kings of Wrestling locker room and headed to the ring. However they didn't seem to notice that the two security guards and Jeff Jarrett had ordered to watch the door were laid out in a heap either side of it! D+

  • Kip Gunn defeated Ron Killings (7:05) via pinfall after a Fameasser following a low blow. BG James got involved in the match when Kip Gunn brought out a lead pipe and pleaded with his "brother" and former partner not to use it. James seemed to get through to him but then left himself susceptible to an attack by Kevin Nash, prompting a big brawl between the 3 Live Kru and the Kings of Wrestling and in the confusion Gunn was able to take advantage C+

  • Jeff Jarrett grabbed his NWA World Heavyweight title and was about ready to head to the ring when he stepped out of the locker room and saw the security guards laid out. He then looked around and spotted the man who wants his title about five metres away with a terrifying smile on his face. Jarrett turned and ran towards the parking lot as Monty Brown gave chase and Impact went off the air C+

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