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– Lloyd Banks – VS – Seeker –

The opening match, as both Seeker and Lloyd come out to the crowd of 94 people. Although the heel Seeker seemed like the firm favourite in the crowd as both men made their way out to the ring. Seeker and Lloyd Banks put on a decent opening match up with the match being open in terms of the offence at least in the beginning.

Though it didn't matter how lucky Lloyd may have been during his win last month, it never seemed like he was in the same league as Seeker who began to gain the upper hand and delivered a Snap Neckbreaker he has named “Deliverance”.

Winner: Seeker


– Seeker –
As Lloyd roles out of the ring, Seeker calls for a microphone and snatches it from the stage hand. He stands in the middle of the ring and looks out over the small crowd of people.

Seeker: “You people are here, you have come here to see me, just as you all did last week. You are all my followers. So you people deserve to know, why have I come to this place? You see I have been chosen by The Great One. He has shined his light upon me and he has given a goal. He has given me a target to seek.

Seeker: "Now I know what you are all thinking. “Who is The Great One? Who is the target you must seek? Why was I the one who was chosen?” Well these questions will be answered in due time.

Seeker: “For now all you need to know is that my target is weak, my target is a loser. My target is a man who will push his limits, and someday he will fly close to the sun. However he will not achieve what he is capable of. That is until I bring him into the light. Until I elevate him into the glow of The Great One.”


– The Australian Peoples Party – VS – The Horror Show –

Another solid match that saw the debut of two tag-teams for SSW. The Australian Peoples Party and The Horror Show. All four men complimented one another with some decent brawling ability. Matt Stoppard really shined during the early stages of the match, but the much more experienced pair took control of what was a rather lengthy tag-team fight.

Late in the match Stoppard was able to pull off the blind tag to Kerr, as The Horror Show hit the Slash and Burn on Kerr. Nightmare Stalker went for the cover. Bradley Regan was forced to stop the pin and tried to explain the tag between The Australian Peoples Party to the two face paint clad fighters. The confusion and distraction was enough for Stoppard to send Nightmare Slasher flying through the ropes and into the metal fence barricade. With his partner out of the fight Stalker swung wildly at Stoppard. However the attempt was futile as Stoppard was able to gain the upper hand and eventually hit the Split-Leg Corkscrew against Nightmare Stalker for the win.

Winner: The Australian Peoples Party


– Hardcore Henderson with Gareth Case & Dutch DeRue – VS – White Wasp –

Hardcore Henderson makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Dutch DeRue and Gareth Case following him down and into the ring. During the entrance video plays of last months attack of Henderson and Case dismantling Quicksilver after the match. The group make it to the ring and all three men sort of revel in watching the attack from last month.

White Wasp makes his way out draped in the white cape and with a smirk on his face even though it appears he is definitely against the odds when he takes on 130kg monster Henderson. Who is also accompanied by his manager and tag-team partner. White Wasp takes his time pandering to the crowd as he works his way down to the ring.

Once he gets in between the ropes White Wasp goes straight on the offence and attempts to employee a fast paced assault in a similar fashion to Quicksilver last month. It doesn't last long as DeRue distracts White Wasp allowing Henderson to grab hold of him. Henderson spends some time just tossing the much smaller man around the ring and into turnbuckles. Until Henderson delivers an almost decapitating Lariat to Wasp to pick up the win.

Winner: Hardcore Henderson


– The Void – Pete Moriarty –

Pete Moriarty is walking around backstage and actually exits a building to find The Void just sort of walking around aimlessly in the car park of Bondi Beach Bar & Grill as Pete approaches him.

Pete Moriarty: “Listen I am not here to talk about last month, at the end of the day you got the three count. Ropes or no ropes, but I just wanted to inform you that next month we will need a decisive winner for the SSW World Championship, we need to have a Champion declared. So next month your match will be an Aussie Rules Match. Meaning there is no count-out, no disqualification. The only way to win is Pinfall or Submission. Understand?”

The Void hasn’t stopped pacing around Pete who was forced to turn around just so he could address the dishevelled wrestler.

The Void: “I won last month, that’s what I did. I did that, it is what I will do next month. Do you know what that means? That means I will have that title around my waist. It doesn’t matter who wins tonight, it doesn’t matter if you are a milkman or if you are a fireman. Just like it didn't matter if you were a possum. It doesn’t matter if the rules change, it doesn’t matter if there are Australian Rules. I am going to win Peter, I am going to be your champion.”

– Molokai Milk – VS – Trey Tallman –

Milk seemed to be enjoying being back in Australia and in the beach side town of Bondi as he made his way out to cheers from the audience. Certainly after his stint with RAW it was a special occasion seeing him return back to not only Australia but up close with the audience like this. Certainly a reason why a few extra fans showed up tonight.

Meanwhile “Ice T” Trey Tallman lived up to his name and with a very serious demeanour and acted cool as “Ice”. The reaction for the local firefighter wasn’t nearly as loud, but he didn’t care he was getting in the ring to fight, to win the fight and to make a challenge for the SSW World Championship. This was his opportunity.

The match itself was pretty evenly paced without being too incredibly special. Molokai Milk impressed against his opponent and once securely gaining the upper hand would pander to the crowd a little to get them involved. That is when Tallman would get a chance to turn things back into his favour and show off some of his nasty strikes and a surprising snap suplex against Molokai Milk. Trey actually performed better than expected against Milk, but the writing was on the wall since the match was booked. Molokai Milk was able to hit the Hawaiian Hammer (Discus Elbow) to seal the win.

Winner: Molokai Milk

– Craig Stuart – Ollie Freedman – Scott Hickey –

Craig Stuart: "There we have it folks, this now confirms our Main Event next month, and it is for the Sunny Shore Wrestling World Championship and we will see Molokai Milk face off against The Void."

Ollie Freedman: "Not only that, it will be an Aussie Rules match meaning that we will not leave, until one man walks out with the Championship."

Scott Hickey: "That is right, and it will be The Void. He was much more impressive in his match, and like he said. No Milkman can beat The Void. So go on back to Hawaii."

Ollie Freedman: "You're an idiot Hickey."

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