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– White Wasp – Matt Stoppard– Pete Moriarty –

White Wasp and Matt Stoppard were running the ropes just to help Wasp shake off his concussion and make sure he was alright after last month’s event. Pete entered the gym and watched off to the side as the pair began winding down.

White Wasp: “Hey Pete, just wanted to talk to you about Henderson. Look I get why he is here, he is massive and he is frightening. But seriously, the guy is dead weight in the ring. You saw last month I had to carry him, and I get that he owes Barry a favour but I don’t want to have to be carrying the guy in the ring. “

Matt Stoppard: "Yeah, and he isn't exactly the safest guy to work with either. Plus I mean, he is a loose cannon. I think it would be better if you could cut him loose."

Pete Moriarty: Look guys, I get the concern and sure he didn't impress last week but I am trying to find a fit for him here, after all as you said he is a friend of Barry's.

– Whirlwind Lee Wilkes– Pete Moriarty –

Backstage before the show Whirlwind finds Pete out the back talking to a couple of the stagehands about how the ring should be set up. Wilkes abruptly interrupts them.

Whirlwind Lee Wilkes: “Pete, I have been signed for 3 months… This is the third show, and I am the only guy on the roster yet to debut and I looked at the card for tonight’s show and I am not there. Man what is going on? I hate travelling out here on the off chance that I will be on the card.”

Pete Moriarty: “Look, I just don’t have anything for you yet. I am just waiting for the right time, we both know you are talented, so I don’t want it to be a waste.”

Whirlwind Lee Wilkes: “A waste? It is a waste sitting me on the bench and me not seeing fans or crowds. I mean, this is my career. I deserve to be out there.”

Pete Moriarty:
“Look, Lee give me a few months to work something out for you. You don't have to come out to the shows until I call you and when I call you it will be for your debut match which you will be winning.”
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