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Originally Posted by miz468 View Post
So you guys are booking GEW, you have to decide who's winning the Majestic Melee (Royal Rumble) in month one. Chris Millennium is the heel champion who, by storyline, would be defending his title against Jimmy Hustle at the Majestic Melee PPV. Also, Dylan Jude has the Astronomical Advantage briefcase. So, who wins the Majestic Melee, and who does he challenge at Global Showcase in March? Where does Dylan Jude fit in?

Top Candidates:

- Damon Diggs: Probably who Larry McMasters wants to win.

- Jimmy Hustle: Lose the title match, come back and win the MM later?

- Chris Millennium: Same as Hustle.

- Colton Riddle: Have him turn on Millennium leading up to the match. Maybe at a "Bash Of Brotherhood?"

- SoulTaker: Taker vs. Hustle for the strap in the main event? Smark drool.
It has to be Jude cashing in to win the title and Xander Sorenson winning the Melee to set up a match with his old partner for me. Sorenson has everything needed in terms of performance skills/look/charisma and winning the Melee to take on his old partner can instantly elevate him into the Main Event where he probably belongs. Will just take a bit of work on the shows in the weeks before to get his pop up.

I'd have Jude cash in during a Hustle/Millennium clash at the Melee to ruin that match so I could drag that one out until Global Showcase too.

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