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Originally Posted by WillyWillyWilly View Post
That belt looks great. The side plates looks like middle fingers.
Thanks, that was not my intention but I am all for more middle fingers

Originally Posted by Pteroid View Post
Megaweight Ninja has D+'s across his gimmick skills
Yeah, I was struggling with that. All in all I think D+ is way too high for a guy with that skill set. (In all seriousness, must have forgotten about ninja yeti. I'll fix that in the next release)

Originally Posted by Pteroid View Post
Decided to give AACW a go and this was my first result:

I think I may need to really throw my stars out hard on this...
I think you did a pretty darn good job there. AACW is supposed to be the more difficult company to book.

Just out of curiosity, how many backstage incidents did you have?

Lmao at that Supreme Warlord promo!

Originally Posted by miz468 View Post
Really like this. Thank you. It'll come in handy when I run AOA. I'm booking week 3's Mayhem for GEW right now. Having fun so far. I'm running an 8-man tournament for the European strap right now because I had to suspend Phonte Patterson. Still kinda unsure how I'm gonna book the PPV but the card is pretty much set.
Glad you like it! Man I hate Phonte got suispended, but I love a good excuse to run a tournament. Let me know how the ppv goes, I'm anxious to see who is going to Wrestlm...errr, I mean Global Showcase.
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