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Originally Posted by Hashasheen View Post
Do it. Not only because it's the ethical and humane thing to do, but also because you never know how the reign will turn out or change your opinion on him. He may very well become a megastar for you personally and someone you value even more going forward.

Besides, having 4 pillars is so 1990s AJPW. You clearly should be going for five pillars, including two guys who can form a tag team pillar if needed. In your case you can send Kazuchika Okada and Shinsuke Nakamura to dominate the heavyweight tag division for CHAOS, leaving Goto, Tanahashi and Styles at the singles scene with a few rotating guys.
The thing with Okada is he isn't in CHAOS yet. Goto is. Which sort of makes Goto & Nakamura more likely. The reasoning here is because I can't really have Okada take over Nakamura's spot as leader, since Naka isn't leaving. I mean it could play out differently, but yeah. Maybe I'll have Okada joining CHAOS and Goto, who might be a big player, form his own faction, since right now Okada and Goto have been feuding a bit over the course of 2 years.

Originally Posted by Derek B View Post
Just put Goto's entrance music on a loop for a few hours and tell yourself... isn't this how all shows should end?

But for serious, Goto is one of my favourites in real life. He's a strong worker, with a good look, some great history and probably my favourite music at the moment. When it hits, I know good things are going to happen. And every time a tournament rolls around, I find myself trying to book stories in my head for how Goto will finally get the big win he deserves. Imagine him as NJPW's Kofi Kingston... and book him at least as strongly as that.
Oh I know, Goto is one of my favorites too! His new physique is so impressive and that theme song is easily one of the best of all time! You guys convinced him. I'll give Goto a crack at the big one.
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