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Originally Posted by BHK1978 View Post
That is exactly what it was. That killed the show dead in the water. Once they did that I knew it would probably not be long for this earth.

And yeah I love Breaking Bad, it has one of the best cast on television today in my opinion. Who would have thought that the Dentist on Seinfeld/Malcolm's dad would be so great in a drama? And John Carlo Esposito is great on there as well, which is funny because I did not like his character on Homicide.
Yeah. This season of BB has been the best thus far. Everyone seems to be "breaking bad" this season - Skylar and Hank at least. I love the relationship between Walt and Gus. Overall just a bad ass show that nobody seems to know about. I ask a friend of mine, "ever seen Breaking Bad?" - "what the hell is that?" - "just the coolest show on TV today."

How could I forget about Dexter... that has gotta be one of the best shows going today as well. Most of these shows I have to catch online because I either don't get the channel or forget it's on. I don't watch TV every day but I do have about 5 shows that I like to stay up to date with.

I really like Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN. Sometimes when I have nothing important to do in the morning I watch that from 6am to 10am while working on PCs. They cover everything that's happening in sports to the point where I don't need to watch SportsCenter for anything.
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