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As I said in the previous comic book thread, I'm somewhat new to comic books but I've soaked up so much information (especially as of late) that I feel like I know about them quite well.

Two weeks ago I got Captain America #1, X-Men: Schism #1 and #2. This week I ordered Captain America #2, X-Men: Schism #3, Daredevil #1 and #2 and the Amazing Spider-Man #666 and #667. I'll probably receive them next wednesday since 3 of them aren't released until next wednesday. Add those to my Walking Dead Book 1 and my collection is finally getting underway.

As for Miles Morales, I'm very interested in seeing what Brian Michael Bendis can deliver. I'm not sure if it's the race of Miles Morales/Spider-Man that's causing controversy or the fact that Peter Parker was killed off. Bold move. I can easily accept a black/hispanic mixed Spider-Man but I have yet to see how good the character is. I've heard many good things about Brian Michael Bendis, but I haven't read any of his work, YET. I've been wanting to get the Ultimate Spider-Man collection, but collecting all the trade paperbacks could be costly.

As for the rest of the Ultimate Universe, not sure I'm all that interested, as most of my focus has been on the original Marvel Universe. Makes me sad though when people claim the Ultimate Universe "doesn't matter". I just see it as place where different creative writers have a place where they can tell THEIR stories without worrying about all the continuity of the Marvel Universe. I'm going to keep an eye on the Ultimate X-Men as well since I'm an X-Men fan. Not sure if my opinion means much since I haven't even read anything form the Ultimate Universe yet, but I just thought I'd share.
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