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CWA Championship Wrestling

Attendance: 2,943
TV Rating: 0.20 (38,690 viewers)
Show Rating:

Phil Hickerson d Bobby Fulton
Ricky Gibson d Ken Wayne

Lance Russell and Dave Brown Run Down Card For Today’s show
“Hello again everybody. Lance Russell here with Dave Brown right along ringside with another exciting day of championship wrestling.” “I tell you, Lance, we certainly do have an exciting day. We have the last 2 quarterfinal matches in our Television Title tournament. The Fabulous One, Jackie Fargo is here today, and he’s in a very sour mood.” “Yes, Dave, we’ll be showing some of the video of his NWA World Heavyweight match that will explain just why he’s rightfully in that mood. The NEW tag team champions will be here. And Jerry Jarrett has a BIG announcement for the King. Stay tuned for all that more, right after this.”

Ricky Morton d Barry Horowitz

An exciting squash match between two athletic youngsters. Lance & Dave hype up the Fargo video and interview.

Highlight Video of the NWA World Heavyweight Match; Jackie Fargo brings out brother Don. Says if The Valiants want a war, well, they’ve got one, pally! Valiants come out to argue & brawl ensues.

“Jackie, I know you’re upset, but let’s show the fans at home the video of your match against Harley Race last Monday night.” The end of the match is shown as there are a few near falls between both men. Race ducks causing Fargo to hit referee Jerry Calhoun. Out from the crowd comes Johnny Valiant who nails Fargo with brass knuckles causing the loss. “I’d asked my long-time partner to be there as I went for the top title in the world one last time. After what you did, pally, I asked him to team with me for one last run as The Fabulous Fargos. The best tag team in the world.” “And I said YES!!! You want to attack him and steal the World title from his grasp? You’re going to pay!”

Jimmy and Johnny Valiant come out. “You’re the greatest tag team of all time? Oh, buddy, we sold out everywhere we went in the 1970s when you were already washed up. If you want a fight, we’ll give you a fight. Then, the two of you can go off to the retirement home and wheel around the nursing home because you won’t be walking out of the arena after we’re done with you.” And they jump the Fargos, but they’re ready for it. Both sides are giving it as good as they get as Lance is pleading for them to save it for tomorrow night. “We’ll get this all sorted out and be right back.”

TV Title Tournament 3rd Quarterfinal
Koko Ware d Troy Graham

Honestly, this match disappointed a lot. Troy toyed with Koko most of the match not taking him seriously. When Koko got fed up with it, he put on some electric moves leading Troy to start trying to cheat. Koko ducked a loaded punch and nailed a quick roll-up to advance to the Semi-Finals tomorrow night!

The Gibsons Celebrate Tag Title Win; The Bicentennial Kings Jump Them Challenge Them Tomorrow Night

Lance steps around the desk, “Now, it is time to introduce you to the NEW Southern Tag Team Champions, The Gibson Brothers!” All the girls in the crowd go wild. Robert and Ricky Gibson come out. “Thank you, Lance and all these fans. Winning these titles is sweet, but doing it with my brother makes it even sweeter.” “Yes it is Robert, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We’re going to be fighting champions because we know there aren’t any teams here that can compete with us.”
Out come Condrey and Hickerson, the Bicentennial Kings, as they jump the Gibsons. They try to fight back, but they’re giving up a lot of size. Tojo grabs the mic from Lance “You fighting champions? You face us tomorrow night. Lose titles to the Kings. Silly little kids.”

Ken Lucas d Buddy Wayne

This wasn’t a squash, but it certainly was a showcase match for Lucas. Lance and Dave highlight his part in the war between Lawler and Jarrett which is coming up next!

Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett Argue about NWA World Title shot; Jarrett challenges Lawler to tag match with Hart as his partner with the winner getting the title shot in 8 days. Introduces Dundee as his partner.

“Okay, Jerry Jarrett. You asked for this time and for Lawler and Hart to come out here. What’s going on?” “Well Lance, my phone has been ringing off the hook all week because these two won’t leave me alone. Lawler deserves a World title shot. Why are you screwing Lawler out of the title shot? I’m not screwing anyone out of anything. I make the matches based on who should be on the card. You don’t have the Southern Heavyweight Title. Your manager works really hard at helping Jimmy Valiant get a shot at that title, but not you, Lawler.”
Lawler is laughing at him. “Jimmy and I know what you’re trying to do, and we wouldn’t need to be calling you if you’d just talk to us. You’ve decided to hate me. You’re doing everything you can to keep me off the top of the card. You say you want what’s best for business. Well, the King is best for business. You know it. These idiot fans out here know it. Even banana nose (Lance) here knows it.”
“How about you prove you’re the best? I’ve got a match contract right here. A tag match between you and Jimmy Hart and myself and Bill Dundee. The man who gets the pinfall victory faces Harley Race two Monday’s from now at the Mid-South Coliseum.” “You and that vanilla midget against me? I’ll take both of you out easily.” “Maybe your manager wants that shot or gives it to Jimmy Valiant,” Jarrett smirks and walks off leaving Lawler glaring at a protesting Hart who swears he’d never do any such thing.

TV Title Tournament 4th Quarterfinal
Bill Ash d Jack Armstrong

Two newcomers to the territory put on a pretty decent match. Ash outwrestled the bigger, stronger Armstrong impressing both Lance and Dave. The semis are set now with Eaton vs Sonny King and Koko vs Ash. Both matches are set for tomorrow night.

The Valiants and Jimmy Hart Rant About The Fabulous Fargos

The Valiants and Hart stop by to pester Lance and Dave before their main event match. “Oh, Daddy. The Boogie Woogie man himself is going to be the Southern Heavyweight Champion after Monday night. You, two old geezers, can’t hang with the two of us. I mean look at us. You two look like you belong in the crowd with the rest of these hicks. We’re the finest in the world straight from New York City.” “You’re right Jimmy. We’ll leave the two of you just healthy enough to make it to Monday night so your loser brother can watch you be stretchered out never to be seen again.” Hart just cackles in the background.

The Valiants d Curt Henning & Joey Rossi w/Jackie Fargo on commentary

This wasn’t the main event I wanted it to be. Johnny Valiant has evidently been skipping cardio as he was gassed at the end of the 16-minute match mod error as he has 29 stamina; fixed going forward. Curt looked good in his debut in CWA which is all that truly mattered. Well, that and Fargo got a couple of zings in on commentary.

House Shows

Monday Nights in Memphis--79/B
Harley Race comes out and insults Memphis and having to come here and wrestle an old fossil like Jackie Fargo. Fargo argues with him.
Ricky Morton & Terry Taylor d The Nightmares
Jimmy Hart Introduces His New Signings--The Blonde Bombers!
The Blonde Bombers d Jack Armstrong & Joey Rossi
Jerry Jarrett threatens the entire First Family with suspensions if any of them interfere in the NWA World Title Match
Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant d Bobby Fulton & Tuffy Taylor
Dutch Mantell & Bill Dundee d Gary Royal & Barry Horowitz
Robert Gibson Introduces His Brother Ricky; Rip Into The Assassins
The Gibson Brothers d The Assassins to win the CWA Southern Tag Team Titles
Harley Race d Jackie Fargo to retain the NWA World Title via interference from Johnny Valiant
Don Fargo joins Jackie and Jimmy joins Johnny Valiant for an epic post-match brawl

Tuesday Nights in Louisville, KY--72/B-
Jimmy Hart is joined by The Valiant Brothers as they celebrate out-smarting Jarrett and keeping the World title off of Jackie Fargo
The Valiants d Bobby Fulton & Tuffy Taylor
The Fargos & Bill Dundee declare they're gunning for The First Family no matter how many members they get!
Don Fargo & Bill Dundee d Buddy Wayne & Eddie Sullivan
Bobby Eaton & Koko Ware d Gary Royal & Barry Horowitz
Jimmy Hart hypes the main event CWA Southern Heavyweight Title match between Paul Ellering & Jackie Fargo
Assassin #1 d Scott McGhee
The Gibsons celebrate their tag title wins say they're putting them on the line against anyone in the back!
The Gibsons d Sonny King & Steve Regal via DQ as Assassins attack to retain the CWA Southern Tag Team Titles
Epic Brawl between The Gibsons and The Assassins
Jackie Fargo d Paul Ellering via DQ from both Valiants to retain the CWA Southern Heavyweight Title
Don Fargo & Bill Dundee save Jackie Fargo from The Valiants & Lawler
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