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Championship Wrestling from Florida

Sundayday Week 2 January 1980
Attendance: 6,243
TV Rating: 8.41 (1,599,790 viewers)
Show Rating: 64

Gordon Solie opens the show and tells the fans that wrestling royalty is in the studio today, because National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion will be in the first match.

***NWA World Heavyweight Championship***

NWA World’s Champion Harley Race vs “Golden Boy” Chic Donovan
Donovan is certainly no slouch in the ring but he is not match for the brawn and experience of Harley Race. Race puts Donovan away after a suplex, knee drop, then top rope head butt.
Winner: Harley Race

Solie: Well there he is the double tough Harley Race picking up another victory.
Race: Mr. Solie you know when the NWA Office told me I was coming to Florida for the week I got a little nervous. Ernie Ladd is here, former champ Jack Brisco is here, Manny Fernandez is here, Eddie Graham, the list goes on and on. Then this morning I’m at my motel and a fan comes up to me and says “Good luck facing the dream on Tuesday”. One year ago! Dusty Rhodes made the biggest mistake of his life, he beat me in Tampa Florida for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title. I ended up beating Rhodes 5 days later and regaining what is rightfully mine, but I never forgot the fact that he beat me in Tampa. Tuesday night I face Dusty Rhodes in Tampa for the first time since that dreary night in 1979…. If you are watching this right now I want you to read my lips…. I will embarrass Dusty Rhodes Tuesday night in Tampa. I will come more mentally and physically prepared than I have ever in my career. So Dusty, if you’re listening, you better have your boots laced up real tight, because I have something you want from me, and I have something I want to prove to you.”

Manny Fernandez vs Bryan St. John
Both of these men have great mat skills but it’s the brawling of the raging bull that end up giving him the duke. He puts St. John away with the flying burrito.
Winner: Manny Fernandez

Manny Fernandez walks over to Gordon Solie and gives a promo on having to beat good wrestlers to get a shot when the NWA World title comes into town, and Kox better quit getting in his business because he needed that win. Tells Kox to keep his eyes peeled.

Big Cat Ernie Ladd comes out and starts complaining to Gordon Solie again that a battle royal is pot luck and doesn't show true talent. Eddie Graham is walking out for his scheduled interview but Ladd won't quit complaining. Graham interrupts him, starts argument as we’re going to a commercial break.

Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Magic Dragon & Bugsy McGraw
The unusual pairing of the Magic Dragon with Bugsy McGraw causes a lot of mistakes between the two partners with Hiro Matsuda and Oliver Humperdink even arguing at ringside because of it. The Briscos are a well oiled machine and make no mistakes. Jack Brisco picks up the duke with a sunset flip over Magic Dragon.
Winners: Brisco Brothers

The Brisco Brothers give an interview talking about Hiro Matsuda’s real men and that being the reason they probably faced Magic Dragon today, they will soon have to face a new team in wrestling, the debuting Haku and a former Florida wrestler in Don Muraco for the vacant NWA United States Tag Team Titles.

Stan Lane vs Jimmy Garvin
In a match between two evenly matched opponents it seems neither man can keep control for long before one has a counter and takes over. These men have been wrestling each other all over and know each other well. It ends up being a 10 minute draw. Garvin goes to shake Lanes hand but he walks away angry.

Gordon Solie: “Ladies and gentlemen let us know go and look at the highlights between Dusty Rhodes and Leroy Brown for the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title Match.” Leroy Brown has had Dusty beaten down for the last several minutes and seems to really be on top of his game. Brown shoots Rhodes off of the ropes and goes for a back elbow but Rhodes ducks, Rhodes comes back off of the ropes and gets leveled with a clothesline by Brown! Brown picks up Rhodes and tosses him to the outside on the floor. Rhodes is down on the concrete floor covered in popcorn and spilled coke. Brown gets down onto the floor and picks up Rhodes and then drives him skull first into the ring post!! Rhodes goes down hard! The count is climbing past 5 and the champion gets back into the ring. Brown starts taunting the crowd with his back turned to Rhodes. Brown starts counting with the ref still with his back turned. Rhodes starts climbing back up the apron but keeps climbing up to the top rope!!! Brown is still taunting the crowd but when the ref’s count stops he turns around and is met by a flying crossbody!!

*Pin Fall*




Solie: And that’s how it went down in Tampa, now coming out, the new champion, DustyRhodes!

Dusty Rhodes gives a promo as new champ, he’s talking about how he could not have done it without his fans.

Harley Race comes out and throws water in rhodes face and slaps him!!!
Rhodes goes after Race but gets held back!! Race says Rhodes beat him last year for the title and it was a fluke, it's not happening again.

***NWA Brass Knuckles Title Match***

Killer Karl Kox (champion) vs Barry Windham
Kox is beating on Whindamn and using his rule breaking tactics and experience to man handle the young rookie. Kox has Windham in a chinlock when Manny Fernandez comes out and distracts him! Windham goes for a reverse takedown cradle but he only gets a two count. Solie makes the remark that Manny was trying to give Kox a taste of his own medicine. Kox goes after Fernandez and chases him around the ring!!! Manny crawls into the ring and starts running to the other side. Fernandez ducks and here comes Windham flying at Kox!! He caught him flesh with a crossbody!!

*Pin Fall*




The ref is yelling at Fernandez ejecting him from ringside while Kox is pulling a foreign object out of his trunks!! Windham goes to pick up Kox but gets nailed by a stiff right hand from Kox!!!

*Pin Fall*




Winner: Killer Karl Kox

Past weeks House Show Results
Week 2 House Show
***NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship***
Dusty Rhodes vs Leroy Brown - top rope crossbody
post match brawl
Eddie Graham vs Ernie Ladd - double dq
Manny F, Briscos def. KKK St. John & Magic Dragon
Bugsy McGraw def Skip Young
Magic Dragon w Hiro Matsuda def Dory Dixon
Bryan St. John def. by Barry Windham

This Week's upcoming Tuesday Night House Show
***NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match***
Harley Race (Champion) vs "American Dream” Dusty Rhodes (Challenger)
***NWA United States Tag Team Title Match***
Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Haku & Don Muraco with Hiro Matsuda
Ernie Ladd vs Eddie Graham
***NWA Brass Knuckles Match***
Manny Fernandez vs Killer Karl Kox
Leroy Brown vs Barry Windham
Stane Lane vs Jimmy Garvin
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