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World Class Championship Wrestling

Tuesday, Week 3, January 1980, at the Dallas Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas
4,500 fans in attendance (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 4.94 (938,990 viewers)
Show Rating: Too many matches & Too Few Angles

The Show begins with Bill Mercer and Cowboy Bob Ellis in the studio welcoming us to the show, and announce that "tonight we have the first 2 qualifiers in the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament, later tonight the second qualifying match will be Gino Hernandez facing up against Les Thorton, but before we can see that match, we will have our opener of the evening in the first qualifying match "Gentleman" Chris Adams facing up against Villano III, so let's stop wasting time and go directly to the ring".


"Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Villano III

In a pretty even match, "Gentleman" Chris Adams defeated Villano III by pinfall in 8 minutes, after Chris Adams hits a Superkick on Villano III.

NWA Big Time Television Championship Match

w/ VS

Killer Tim Brooks (c) w/Gary Hart vs. Hector Guerrero

In total domination, Killer Tim Brooks defeated Hector Guerrero in 6 Minutes by Pinfall after Killer Tim Brooks hits an Elbow Smash on Hector Guerrero, to retain the NWA Big Time Television Championship.

After the Match when Guerrero is lying on the ring Hart commands Brooks and Brody to attack him punishing Guerrero even more, and after a few minutes of toying with him Brooks throws him over the top rope before looking at the hard cam and screaming clearly who is next, while holding the Television Title close to his face.

After the beatdown, Brody goes out of the ring and steals the microphone from the ring announcer and gives it to Gary Hart, who seems more angry than usual, he begins introducing himself as usual before going on a rant that he should have seen this coming, the Fritz Von Erich is so blind as commisioner that he would go against the wishes of his son of facing Bruiser Brody, even when Brody is ready to put his American Title on the line, but Fritz Von Erich, doesn’t want to see his Yellow Rose mauled into dust by Brody, so instead of giving the fans the match that they deserve in the Main Event, David Von Erich vs Bruiser Brody for the NWA American Heavyweight Chmapionship, in the funeral the Brody would force David to live, he has underwater changed the main event of the New Year’s Star Wars into a 6 man tag team match, hoping no one was going to notice until the day of the show, exploiting the confidence of the fans with the Card is subject to change in the posters, but he didn’t take into account, Mr Gary Hart, so the Main Event is a sea of Nepotism, because he has changed the match to Kerry, Kevin and David, The Von Erichs vs NWA American Heavyweight Champion Bruiser Brody, NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion Mark Lewin, and a partner of Gary Hart and J.J Dillon choosing, Hart says he is sure Fritz has done this to put 2 other opponents so that David may win without having to pin or submit Brody, or maybe he hoped he and Dillon wouldn’t be able to agree on a third Tag Partner and his sons would have a handicap match in their favor, "but things aren’t going to be so easy Fritz, you forget that Dillon and I share a common goal, to destroy you and your offspring, that’s why, admittedly after a little bribe, Dillon agreed that I should choose the 3rd man in our squad, so I’m not giving you any advantage, I’m not going to reveal the 3rd man until that night. Now, who has the advantage, Fritz, I will give you a hint, Me, its always Me!" as he ends he begins to laugh in an evil way, after the promo Killer Tim Brooks goes to the back, and Dillon comes out with Lewin and The Spoiler for the next match.

w/ & VS

Bruiser Brody, Mark Lewin and The Spoiler vs. Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico and El Halcon

In a one-sided beat down Bruiser Brody, Mark Lewin and The Spoiler defeated Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico, and El Halcon by submission in 10 minutes, after El Sicodelico tapped out from a Bear Hug.


Gino Hernandez vs. Les Thorton

In a pretty even match Gino Hernandez defeated Les Thorton by pinfall in 12 minutes after Gino Hernandez hit a Suplex followed up by a Diving Back Elbow Drop.


David and Kerry Von Erich vs. The Midnight Express (Randy Rose and Norvell Austin)

In a pretty even match, David and Kerry Von Erich defeated The Midnight Express by submission in 14 minutes, after David Von Erich locked in the Iron Claw on Randy Rose.

After the match, the camera sends us to backstage to the interview set, where J.J. Dillon is standing being flanked by Texas Heavyweight Champion Mark Lewin and The Spoiler, he begins talking about how good his clients are in the ring and they have shown it in tag and singles matches, stating that Mark Lewin is a fighting Champion and that the only reason they have seen defeat is the fault of those dirty Von Erichs, and their nepotist ways, that have cost his clients their rightful wins. So if Fritz Von Erich is still going to screw the whole roster in favor of his sons, J.J. Dillon will have to take matters into his own hands, as he has done, because he has brought a third client into his Dream Team, one of the biggest wrestling stars in the Carolinas makes his way to Texas to help him keep the Von Erichs at bay and dominate all divisions in WCCW, and his name is Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Valentine appears and says he will show Kevin Von Erich why they call him the hammer in tonight’s main event and will make him not want to mess with the Texas Championship. The segment ends as Valentine makes his way to the ring along with J.J Dillon, and Lewin and The Spoiler stay back as Lewin protects his title.

VS w/

Kevin Von Erich vs. Greg Valentine w/JJ Dillon

In a pretty even match, Kevin Von Erich defeated Greg Valentine by Disqualification by Manager Interference in 18 minutes, after J.J Dillon hit Kevin Von Erich with a steel chair in plain sight of referee David Manning.
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