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"So, anything from Kickstarter?"

"Very little interest so far, but our next shows matches has been announced"

All in all, I didn't expect a big response right away and although this was a long shot in every stretch of the word, it might help us survive the first few months.

"I never expected this, you know?"

I know that was coming. He expected that 10k would be enough to get us going but these days, you need to be paying good money to workers to get them interested in working for you. That's the way the industry has gone.

"I know that, neither did I. If this is our last show, what of it? We've had fun right?"

"We have"

Lifting spirits was never my cup of tea to be honest, but hey I wasn't going to leave my boss mope around and think about what could have been.

"So, what's next?"

"Basically, we wait."

Supe didn't seem too impressed with that answer but that's the only answer I could give. I could try my best to stretch out a few more shows out of the money we had, but that'd be maybe one or two shows at the most. Without the fans help we were done. That's when Supe said something that surprised me.

"We got a decent reply from the first show, despite you trying to sabotage it..."

I don't think I had ever been apart an a silence this awkward ever. He knew what I did, he knew I ramped everything up to 11. I was sweating now, it's one thing to defy your boss behind your back, it's another thing when they notice.

"I'd think we'd better run with that, don't you?"

He... wanted to change the product?

"I think that's the best way to make money, we may have found a niche and if we can survive in these early tough months, we could be very profitable down the line"

He was right, this change was for the best.

"uh, yeah, sure."

"The fans want Lucha, let's give them Lucha, agreed?"


Oh, they want Lucha, huh? Don't you worry, I'll give them Lucha. I'll show them the best damn Lucha they've seen, as long as we survive long enough...
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