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Predictions Scores

Now the predictions score. What the score below indicates is the score you got, multiplied by the amount of shows you predicted on. Your donation would also be added to this but seems the first show had no donations, they are zero so I didn't add them.

Kijar 3 x 1 = 3
bonnie 2 x 1 = 2
XMultiGames 2 x 1 = 2
Briskout 1 x 1 = 1


Okay, now the money. Down below is what each of you have in your bank. All of you will start with $10,000. Any additions/subtractions will be made in this section. All of you have been included, if you'd prefer to be left out of this please indicate this in your predictions. Any new predictors that start on this show will start with $7,500, just to give the people who were here first more money as they were here first. Please make sure that you know that if you are a new predictor you start with $7,500 not $10,000.. For more info on the Kickstarter Challenge, please see the Kickstarter post.

Kijar $10,000
bonnie $10,000
XMultiGames $10,000
Briskout $10,000

EDIT: Something I forgot to add to the main kickstarter post but added just there. If your budget hits zero, you will be disqualified from the prediction contest for the rest of the year. You can start again once the new year hits

Show Predictions

Kanzen: Happy Luchantimes Day

Will you be taking part in the Kickstarter challenge? Yes/No

Atlantis Jr v El Bandido Picaro
El Aguila Amarilla v Mascara Roja Jr.
Screamer v Sunburst

Please specify what donation, if any, you are making to Kanzen here:

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