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Got through Survivor Series 95. Who will survive? Hakushi won an auto-booked preshow battle royal. Funnily enough, I tried to put Hakushi over in the match, but folks started to complain. I got what I wanted.

Ahmed Johnson leads his team - the EAT REEFS - over the Classic Connection. It comes down to Ahmed and Goldust, but Goldust gets himself counted out to end the match. That feud is being saved for later. Ahmed gets a measure of revenge on Bob Backland, and is headed for the IC belt.

Bret Hart and Taker survivor to lead the Sharpshooters to victory against the Royal Army. Taker scares Lawler right into the waiting hands of Bret, who makes him tap to the Sharpshooter. Bret is down with Lawler and is gunning for the WWF Championship, and Lawler will blame Taker for his loss - for better or for worse.

Piper leads us to December's IYH - a number one contender's match to determine who Diesel will face at the Rumble. Diesel has been disappointing so far. His matches aren't meeting the PPV providers, and my, standards, and he keeps moving between being an ok figurehead and unimpactful ace. He's getting ready to drop the belt, his figurehead position, and maybe (probably) turn heel.

The Corporation wins over The Bad Guys, with HHH finally getting a dirty pin over Razor. Sid also survived with HHH. Razor will head for the number one contender's match, but HHH is in limbo. Sid will probably turn face eventually.

Main Event sees the Baddest Brothers defeated Camp Cornette. Lead up to this match saw Corny introduce Vader to his Camp and the world, as he destroyed the babyface team. They luck out during the match though, as Vader gets DQed. HBK and Diesel clean house to end the match on a high note.

Backstage, most people are turning against Bam Bam (thanks Kliq), but Bam Bam is turning people against HHH in revenge. Bam Bam got re-signed to a PPA contract, so he's easy to cut and will job to Goldust next show. As soon as I need to drop Diesel from his figurehead spot or turn him heel, Bam Bam will be shown the door in hopes of pleasing Nash.
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